How many 5G mobile phones are there this year? Aesthetics of Science and Technology

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How many 5G mobile phones are there this year? Aesthetics of Science and Technology

2019-04-01 11:24:15 213 ℃

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Yesterday, Shanghai took the lead in launching a 5G trial, and the topic of 5G has increased again. I believe that everyone is also interested in using 5G mobile phones this year. Let's see how many 5G mobile phones are available this year.

Today, Huawei Yu Chengdong revealed in an interview that MateX, Huawei's 5G folding screen mobile phone, will be on the market in June this year.

Huawei MateX appeared on MWC in February this year. It is equipped with Kylin 980 processor, 8GB+512GB storage combination, 4500mAh large battery and supports super fast charging of 55W Huawei. Post-set 40 million pixels + 16 million pixels + 8 million pixels + Huawei ToF Four Photographs.

In the unfolded state, the screen is 8 inches with 2480*2200 pixel resolution; in the folded state, the main screen is 6.6 inches, 2480*1148 pixel resolution, the secondary screen is 6.38 inches, and 2480*892 pixel resolution. Samsung, as the leader of Android, has also released two 5G mobile phones this year, one of which is the hot-selling version of S105G, and the other is the fold-down screen phone Galaxy Fold 5G, which was very popular at the press conference.

p>Samsung S105G is equivalent to the enhanced version of S10+. Samsung's S105G version is equipped with Luan 855, four horizontal cameras and a new 3D ToF. The front side is a 6.7-inch hyperbolic screen. Although the upper right corner is also double-shot, unlike the S10Plus version, RGB depth of field is changed to 3D ToF depth of field. The built-in 4500mAh battery supports up to 25W fast charging. According to Korean media reports, the S105G version will be first sold in Korea on April 5.

Another 5G mobile phone of Samsung is the 5G version of Galaxy Fold. In terms of configuration, Samsung Galaxy Fold is equipped with the Miaolong 855 processor and 12GB memory plus 512GB storage. Built-in 4800 mA capacity battery, support QC2.0 wired fast charging and wireless charging. In the folding state, the front is a small 4.6-inch screen with a SuperAMOLED panel with a resolution of 1680 *720 (21:9) and a 7.3-inch seamless large screen with a resolution of 2048 *1536 (4.2:3). In addition, it is reported that the mobile phone will be sold in the UK on April 26.

Millet also announced its 5G mobile phone-Millet MIX 35G version on MWC2019 in February this year.

, ZTE also announced a 5G mobile phone, Axon10 Pro 5G.

Axon 10 Pro 5 G Mulong 855 chip, AI acceleration system operation, external X505G baseband, network downlink peak speed of 2 Gbps, built-in 4000 mAh battery. A 6.47-inch AMOLED flexible screen is used to support fingerprint and facial unlocking under the screen. Rear camera: 48 million + 20 million + 8 million pixels camera. However, the exact time of sale was not officially announced.

On March 21, OPPO announced that its first 5G smartphone passed the 5GCE test. As early as MWC2019, OPPO also showed the first 5G mobile phone, but did not disclose more details. However, on MWC2019, OPPO announced that it would launch the OPPO5G mobile phone in the first half of 2019. Half of the first half of the year has passed. The mobile phone promised by OPPO should be coming soon.

and OPPO-rival vivo did not release 5G mobile phones at the beginning of this year, but as early as last year vivo announced that it had initially completed the development of software and hardware for commercial 5G smartphones through its flagship product vivoNEX mobile phone, including architecture planning, motherboard stacking, radio frequency and antenna design and optimization of battery space, and so on. It has also reached a commercial level in size and appearance.

vivo also emphasizes that their 5G mobile phones are about to enter the stage of testing and debugging network devices, and they are expected to take the lead in introducing commercial 5G mobile phones globally. It seems that the major manufacturers are competing for the first brand to launch 5G mobile phones.

October 2018, one plus CEO Liu Zuohu launched the world's first Twitter under 5G network. Next, the one-plus 5G mobile phone also appeared on MWC2019. However, the airplane is equipped with a secret case, only the screen can be seen, and no more relevant information has been released by the authorities. One plus said it would launch 5G mobile phones in Europe in the second quarter of this year; as for the domestic market, one plus has announced a 5G strategic cooperation with China Unicom, which is not too far away.

is also on MWC, and Nubia has also announced its own 5G mobile phone, Nubian mini5G. It is equipped with Myulong 855, a front 8 megapixel camera and a rear 48 megapixel camera. It is equipped with 6GB + 64GB memory combination. Appearance design is equipped with a 5.7-inch full screen, no Liu Hai screen, the back of the fuselage is made of glass, and fingerprint identification is posterior.

Nubian mini5G has been officially tested by Unicom and has now been delivered to China Unicom. This year, the first 5G terminal equipment will be launched.

At present, major manufacturers are developing 5G mobile phones this year, competing for the first place to sell 5G mobile phones. The known mobile phones are probably only a small part of the 5G mobile phones coming out this year. Do you feel expectant?