Is the iPhone XR really bad?

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Is the iPhone XR really bad?

2019-04-01 11:24:18 379 ℃

This week Energy Jun will continue to collect questions from listeners, and will give you a representative one-time answer!

Is the signal of the iPhone XS very bad? Telecom cards and Unicom are used. Can I buy the American version? I don't care about double cards. If the signal is bad, buy xr? Does the XR screen feel very granular? In X XR XS entanglement. Another 64 G is not enough. I have enough Android 64. Will Apple not be enough? Thank you.

With the price reduction of the iPhone XR, Ren Mengyan who bought the original price XR has cried and fainted in the toilet countless times.

If you want to use it for a long time, 64GB is not enough. The 128G of XR is just right.

Answer the signal question first. We all know that because of the collision with Qualcomm, the Intel base band is used in the iPhone XS, and the Intel with a strong CPU is built on the base band, which is not as good as Qualcomm. As a result, people often reflect that other cell phone signals are full. In the same place, my cell phone only has two or three signals!

But the actual test found that under the same signal performance, sometimes the speed of XS is faster than X! But compared with Samsung Note9, which uses Qualcomm baseband, it's still hoisted...

Aware that Apple has upgraded its iOS 12 system to improve the baseband performance of the XS series, it is only the difference of transmission speed at present, and it will not essentially affect your use experience. Nor should it be the reason why you buy XS.

As for XR, the signal strength is better than XS series, because only two antennas are used, and Intel base bands are different from XS. So if you are particularly worried about signals, you may consider XR because of the loss of 100 million business signals.

XS signal performance, tragic...

8 Plus with Qualcomm baseband is better than that with


As for the XR screen you are worried about, it's not a problem at all. It's also the retina screen. There can't be any particles (please don't have any particles in the 1000 yuan machine now). It's just that the resolution is not 1080 enough to turn on HD video on your mobile phone, but let's... It is believed that 99% of people can't see if the screen is 1080 or not.

And the only main camera in XR is the same as the main camera in XS series, so there is not much difference in daily shooting, but because there is no long-focus lens, the effect of portrait shooting is immediately worse.

XR still ranks 11th with one camera, which shows its power. At the present price, if you don't care about portraits, X series OLED screen, XR slightly thicker, and the border is thicker, you can consider buying XR!

If you like to take photos and save videos, it must be 128GB. If you don't save things, 64GB can be used.

said so, what hesitates?

But why not wait for the new iPhone to come out in September? At this time, the iPhone, compared with the P30 and S10 series, only iOS system can be boastful... In addition, if the American version is not locked, of course, you can buy it for use! ___________