After the exclusive revelation: the scenery no longer lost Xiamen, leaving behind a pile of bad debts

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After the exclusive revelation: the scenery no longer lost Xiamen, leaving behind a pile of bad debts

2019-04-01 11:24:26 200 ℃

Taihai. com, March 31 (Strait Reporter Zhu Huang/Wen Chen Qiaosi/Tu) did not return the deposit of Xiaohuang car, which was finally rejected by consumers and administrative departments in the market. According to the assessment results of the share of Internet bicycle rental operators in Xiamen in the first half of 2019, Xiamen became the first city in China to "delist" Xiaohuang bicycles. In December 2016, Xiamen became the first city of ofo to directly open up city operation. For a moment, the scenery was limitless. Who would have thought that it would lose Maicheng in less than three years? How many bicycles did Xiaohuang put into Xiamen? How much profit do they make in Xiamen? What do Xiamen suppliers think of them? The reporter conducted an exclusive investigation yesterday. Miss Li, a resident of Xiamen, found herself ranked more than 9 million on the deposit refund of the ofo yellow car. More than one hundred deposits could not be returned. She had consulted a lawyer who told her that she had to go to Beijing to sue. "You'll have to ride, as if you were forced to trade." Ms. Li, who works in the software park, said that most of the people around her are almost in this mentality. But it's not so easy to get the deposit back. The rate of car damage is too high. "For example, it takes about 10 minutes on average to find a car that is not damaged near the software park. At this time, the nearest neighbor has come home. Miss Li said with emotion.

Why did the bad yellow car not be repaired and recycled? "During the peak period of Xiamen market, a single company of ours will dispatch nearly 80 vehicles a day to provide transportation maintenance. But nowadays almost no one wants to take their list. The operation and maintenance of Xiaohuang cars in Xiamen are almost paralysed. Mr. Huang, Xiamen Operations and Maintenance Supplier of ofo, said. As an operation and maintenance supplier, Mr. Huang once undertook nearly 70% of the operation volume of Xiaohuang car Xiamen market. Their job is to pick up the damaged vehicles and send them to repair every day. Then scattered vehicles are put into standard parking spaces designated by law enforcement departments.

Mr. Huang and ofo Xiaohuang have been working together since September 2017, and the payment is made once every 15 days according to the contract. Since 2018, however, the time for checkout has changed into a monthly one, and soon it has been delayed into a two-month one, and soon it has become a three-month one. At the peak, Xiaohuang was in arrears with Mr. Huang for nearly 2 million yuan. "The leverage ratio is too high, our small and medium-sized enterprises are equal to being sucked out of blood by the Yellow cart." Mr. Huang said angrily. Mr. Huang is not the only one who is unlucky. According to incomplete statistics, Xiamen suppliers who provide vehicle maintenance services for Xiaohuang cars are in arrears of nearly 1 million yuan. Another operation and maintenance supplier, who succeeded Mr. Huang, was in arrears of nearly 4 million yuan.

"The business development of Xiaohuang Car in Xiamen market condenses the sweat and blood of our suppliers. At present, there is no supplier to provide operation and maintenance services, resulting in a serious impact on the appearance of the city. Xiamen suppliers said in despair.

has set a national record in Xiamen for paralysis of operation and maintenance, but still has earnings

as the first-line transportation and maintenance supplier of yellow cars, grasping the first-hand data of Xiamen market delivery. "Xiamen city is an island. Few cars can ride outside the island. It is the ideal market for Xiaohuang bicycles. Xiamen is the first city in the whole country in terms of vehicle delivery volume and return on revenue. Xiamen suppliers said. "They fake data and lie to the authorities!" At the end of 2017, the sales volume of Xiaohuang cars in Xiamen market was close to 300,000. It slowly dropped to 150,000 vehicles. Later, the data of vehicle delivery far exceeded the data they reported to the competent authorities. Xiaohuang car has created a miracle of national record in Xiamen market. "Xiamen has a yellow bicycle. Within one day, the highest cycling rate is 395. A single car earns 395 yuan a day for their company. Suppliers say Xiaohuang bikes ride around 200,000 times a day at the peak of the Xiamen market. "After deducting all operating costs, Xiaohuang's net profit in Xiamen ranges from 3 million to 4 million yuan a month." Why are suppliers in arrears with such high profits in Xiamen market? "Xiamen Branch does not have independent financial rights. High returns in Xiamen cannot fill the black hole in the national market. An employee who has resigned from Xiaohuangche Xiamen Branch said.

But even if the operation and maintenance are paralyzed, it will not affect Xiaohuang car to make money in Xiamen market. "There is still a profit of between 30,000 and 50,000 yuan a month." Suppliers revealed.