Nokia 9 PureView Assessment: Five Pictures Lost?

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Nokia 9 PureView Assessment: Five Pictures Lost?

2019-04-01 11:24:23 126 ℃

Hearing the familiar melody above, Jiguojun believes that many post-90s students have spent their time with Nokia. As a former leader of the mobile phone industry, Nokia has occupied the first place in the mobile phone market for 15 consecutive years since 1996. However, with the strong rise of Apple and Android phones, Nokia has also fallen to the bottom of the trough or even shut down its mobile phone business for a time.

Fortunately, Nokia was sold to HMD in 2016, and the mobile phone business returned formally. Nokia's mobile phone broke through millions of reservations, sold instantly, and the second-hand market price soared... Many new models have also been well received, and on the recent MWC 2019, Nokia finally offered its strongest photo phone ever: Nokia 9 PureView. As the first five-camera mobile phone on the market and the first five-camera array with Zeiss optical certification, how did it experience? How strong can it be? Jiguojun will take you to experience one by one in this issue. < p >< section > < section > < section > < section > < section > < section > < section > < section > < section > < section > < section > < section > < section > < section > < section > < section > < section > < section > < p > < strong > intensive phobia patients looked at the appearance of running < / strong > < / P > < / section > < / section > < / section > < / section > < / section > < / section > < section > < section > < p > Let's start with the appearance design of Noa 9 View Nokia 9 PureView is one of the most unique features in today's mobile phone market. It has five cameras and three cameras on the back. Nokia 9 PureView has four cameras on top of the sky. Nokia 9 PureView can be inverted and five cameras can be directly manipulated. No matter what the senses look like, it looks like two words, rich!

is just money, dense phobia patients can't bear to see it. A colleague of Jiguojun looked at the mobile phone and felt terrified. Everything looked like he had never seen the world.

Look at the front of the mobile phone. Compared with the unique back, the front panel of Nokia 9 PureView looks a little flat. In this era of "full screen", Nokia 9 PureView still stubbornly chooses 18:9 screen. To be honest, now many people are used to full screen mobile phones and use the traditional proportion of mobile screen. Act, I'm not used to it all of a sudden. It takes some time to get used to it.

Screen size is 5.99 inch, using a pOLED panel with resolution of 2880*1440 and four corners of the display area are rounded. Nokia 9 PureView integrates fingerprint recognition under the screen and supports HDR 10 content display. Aluminum alloy frame and back glass are closely connected, slippery transition, and there is no sense of cut in hand. The weight of the fuselage is < strong > 172g and provides < strong > IP67 dust proof and waterproof. According to the traditional logo with NOKIA on the forehead, how about taking pictures of the mobile phone with the addition of belief ~

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< p> Since it is the first five-camera mobile phone in the world, what is the actual shooting? First of all, look at its book parameters. Nokia 9 PureView has five cameras, all of which are < strong > 1200 10,000-pixel sensors (1.25um). When users take photos, all five cameras focus on each other, totaling 60 million pixels at the same time, and < strong > finally synthesizes a high-quality 12 million-pixel photo, and all five cameras are matched with f/182 aperture. Each lens is equipped with < strong > IMX 386 sensors, including two color lenses, three black-and-white lenses, three black-and-white lenses responsible for obtaining more information, improving the quality of the picture, five cameras can focus and image at the same time, improving the speed and accuracy of focusing.

According to the official statement, Nokia 9 PureView photography has four main highlights. Firstly, every photo taken has an extraordinary high dynamic range; secondly, it can provide excellent depth of field and adjust focus after shooting; thirdly, it supports native black-and-white photography; fourthly, it supports shooting and editing < strong > RAW DNG Photos on mobile phones.

are all listed below. What makes Chicago wonder is that this phone has neither long focal length nor wide angle, let alone the popular ToF ~can it really teach better than the flagship mobile phone on the market?

Say no fake handle, look at the sample directly:

In good daytime light conditions, Nokia 9 PureView sample has accurate color reduction, excellent white balance performance, and the details of the stamen and the branches and leaves of weeping willow can be completely restored to the naked eye. But in the distant house saturation is too high, compared with the surrounding larger, easy to create a sense of splitting the picture.

Look at the night scene again, the overall picture performance is good, but I do not know whether it is due to the software algorithm, the picture looks quite different between light and shade. The brightly lit high-rise seems to give people the illusion of not turning on the lights, while the darkness conceals all the details. The people and cars in the camera are shrouded by the night. And the whole picture looks grey. At the same time, the automatic improvement of ISO results in more noise points, more smearing sensation in the dark, too large contrast between highlights and shadows, and obvious influence on the clarity of the sample. <












< p > front < strong > 2000 10,000 pixel lens, self-timer up ~anyway, if the chick does not let me hair. Generally speaking, Nokia 9 PureView performs well and has a very rich playing style. It has the main functions of square, panoramic, black and white, portrait mode, profession, camera, video, slow motion and delay photography, but it still lags behind the first-tier flagship mobile phones.

9102. What kind of experience is it to use 845

< section> to talk about configuration again? Nokia View 9 carries a high-quality product. Long845 processor, built-in < strong > 6GB memory and < strong > 128GB storage. The standard 3320 mAh battery supports fast charging and < strong > Qi wireless charging.

in 9102 as a flagship model using 845 processor, it is a bit of a mistake, but to be honest, the mobile phone has a clear sense of overperformance, 845 can also meet most of the daily use scenarios. 6GB LPDDR4X RAM, application start-up speed is faster, multi-application running more smoothly; built-in 128GB UFS 2.1 ROM, whether it is stored files, or connected to the computer for transmission, are very fast and stable.

Or as usual: Run a score and let the data speak! The total running score was < strong > 247348 after the rabbit test. There is absolutely no problem with the daily use of this scoring level.

Especially the Android 9.0 system carried by Nokia, it is not exaggerated to say that this is the most approaching Android mobile phone currently used by Jigojun, no one, no advertising, no messy recommendation and recommendation, and it is very smooth to use.

But make a little suggestion. Some parts don't look perfect. Obsessive-compulsive disorder may be mad to see. For example, tools, such as a collection of applications, the icon display is incomplete and looks a little rude.

In terms of game performance, Nokia 9 PureView has built-in game assistant functions, which can manage notification management of third-party APP, call management, performance optimization of automatic background cleaning and shielding automatic brightness adjustment, suspension ball in game mode, shielding fingerprint sliding view notification and shielding navigation bar gesture, etc.

But in terms of actual performance, I don't know whether it is an engineering machine or not. When Jiguojun is playing the King's Glory, the frame rate of the game is always only about 30 frames. During the whole game, the mobile phone fever is more serious, even the phenomenon of carton occurs, while the performance of chicken is still acceptable, but the same problem still exists.

Look at Nokia's off-screen fingerprint performance again. As Nokia's first off-screen fingerprint mobile phone, the fingerprint input speed is good, it can be generated only by pressing about 10 times, and it is relatively convenient to use.

When unlocking, the user's finger can easily unlock by simply pressing the fingerprint on the screen to recognize the animation. Unlocking speed is also faster, of course, there is still a gap with the traditional fingerprint unlocking speed.

Puyu, although good, still needs to be carved

Overall, NoViewa 9 Purki is an unearthed jade. First Five Photographs, Nokia's First Offscreen Fingerprint, Pure System... It has boldness and alternatives that competitors don't have;

The same, 18:9 screen, no headphone holes, slightly off-team configuration... It also has more disadvantages than its competitors;

It is love, warmth, hope, and Nokia's "April day". People who love it can't let go and those who hate it sniff at it. What do you think of it?