The eSIM service finally arrived, but I didn't realize it was all routines.

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The eSIM service finally arrived, but I didn't realize it was all routines.

2019-04-01 11:24:32 251 ℃

The day before yesterday, China Unicom opened a nationwide eSIM wearable mobile number service, and those smart watches that have been disabled for many years can finally be dug out.

eSIM, what exactly is it? And listener brother to introduce you.

When you get a new phone, the routine operation before starting is always the same.

eSIM is very different from the nano-SIM we use now, mainly because you no longer need the slot , of course, it's more than that.

The rightmost one is eSIM

eSIM's e is not our intuitive abbreviation of "e lectronic electronic". This e is "built-in embedded". The programmable SIM card chip is built into the motherboard of the mobile phone, and the operator's information is rewritten by software.

A good Hong Kong version of the iPhone XS, eSIM card function has been idle for nearly half a year, and will grow hairs.

However, there is no use for what he wants to use. Just before the Spring Festival, he took advantage of the opportunity to wipe his hands crazily, and launched a Pixel 3 to try out the legendary Google Fi service.

Google Fi is a virtual operator provided by Google. Like previous millet mobile, they cooperate with local operators to provide exclusive mobile network services. After

successfully registered the service on Google Fi website, the page will remind you that Pixel series models support SIM-free setup and can be activated through the network without mailing the entity SIM card. After downloading and setting up Google Fi software on your mobile phone, you can activate your eSIM service directly according to the tutorial.

but beyond 15GB, there will be a certain speed limit, but still no charge. According to the body feeling of the airplane, this "speed limit" has little effect and no charge for international roaming.

calls and short messages in China are realized through domestic operators'lines.

More conscientiously, every main account of Google Fi can bind nine data cards, except that the data card can not make phone calls, other functions are the same

set of eSIM, ten times as happy, besides the eight younger brothers, drool has flowed to the ground.

On the contrary, eSIM of the three giants of domestic operators, the "No. 1 dual terminal" of mobile and telecommunications is still stubbornly piloting.

not only binds the main number of the mobile phone, but also only a limited number of cities can open services.

Unicom calls for the independent number eSIM service, and has the billing mode of the last century: 10 yuan per month 500 M + 60 minutes call / 20 yuan 1 G + 150 minutes call.

Excuse me? The most uncomfortable thing is that these eSIM services, mobile phones are not available, please, 9102, developed functions do not need to waste much!