Wechat 7.0.4 internal beta version big update! Floating bottle entrance offline, new functions emerge in the interface of small program

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Wechat 7.0.4 internal beta version big update! Floating bottle entrance offline, new functions emerge in the interface of small program

2019-04-01 11:24:30 729 ℃

At the end of March,

, Wechat finally released a new internal test version. The new version has been updated in video dynamics, small programs, float bottles and so on. Next, we'll take stock of the new features of Weixin 7.0.4 for Android beta. There must be many of them that you haven't found yet. Let's take a look at them.
Video dynamic support for music search < br > < / section > < section > < section > Video dynamic support for music search < br > < / section > < section > Video dynamic support for music search is the only update option that has been actively informed in the updates of Weixin 7.0.4 for Android beta version. When
sends out "Video Dynamic", you can search a song as background music.
In the past, users could only choose one of the ten music recommended by the system as a score after shooting "Video Dynamic". Although many users have given more praise to the "Video Dynamics" music push algorithm, it is still a pain for many users to be unable to choose their own music.
_left is the official version of Weixin 7.0.3, right is Weixin 7.0.4 for Android internal version
This online search function of "Video Dynamic" can help you solve this problem. Search can choose your favorite background music.
Bottle entrance offline
After user complaints and media reports, we found that users still use the functions of the bottle to publish pornographic content or pornographic advertisements. To this end, the Wechat team carried out a special cleaning, and will temporarily offline Wechat bottles and QQ mailbox bottles related services.
Since Wechat announced the temporary offline of drifting bottles on December 11, users can not find bottles in the entrance of drifting bottles. In Weixin 7.0.4 for Android beta version, the drifting bottle entry is officially offline. < section > < section > belongs to the Internet product in memory, maybe another one.
Take a look at the newly added Personal Center
and in the "Selection", the search symbol in the upper right corner becomes the symbol representing the user.
The original search page consists of three parts: personal center, feature column and intra-circle selection. Clicking on the user symbols in the beta version, you can only see the personal center page, which consists of three parts: my watching, interactive messages, and searching for the articles I'm reading. It is worth mentioning that the key in the upper right corner of the personal center can choose which friends are "watching" and which "watching" content does not want to be seen by TA.
Users have experimentally tested and looked at the possible slippery operation when "do not look at XX's recommendation", which can be remedied in the beta version. It has been some days since
all "good-looking" changed from "looking"
to "looking" in the lower right corner of Wechat Public Document, but clicking on the top right corner of the article to see the content of the page is still "good-looking". In the new version of
, the problem of the inconsistency of "watching" has also been solved. Click on the top right corner, and "good-looking" becomes "looking".
left is the official screenshot of Weixin 7.0.3, right is Weixin 7.0.4 for Android internal screenshot
automatic screenshot of Weixin article complaints
In Weixin public number, we may see some titles of party, vulgar and Yellow-Related content. At this time, casual reporting is the best response to such content.
In the past, when we complained about an article, we would go to the complaint page and select the corresponding complaint reasons to speed up the processing of the platform.
But in Weixin 7.0.4 for Android beta version, click on the complaint and Weixin will prompt you that the application will take a screenshot of the page and the user can choose to agree or disagree.
This should be a solution given by Wechat to improve the efficiency of handling user complaints.
website authorized interface updates
third-party website, service access Wechat authorization interface has also been updated, more clearly informing users what information third-party applications use.

Wechat Contact Icon Update
In the address book, Wechat 7.0.4 for Android beta version also has a small update.
When the original user searched for a friend by letter, the interface would not have feedback. Is that the letter? Did you press your finger right? Users can only know from the display page. But in the new version, the letters clicked by users will have a green circle background, which is equivalent to adding a feedback button for user operation.
left is the official screenshot of Weixin 7.0.3, no prompt content, right is Weixin 7.0.4 for Android internal screenshot, adding green circles.
Weixin's updated version of the internal version compared with the previous version, the font size has also been adjusted. As shown in the address book interface above, the letter size at the far right has changed significantly, becoming smaller than before.
widget interface revision:
on-line at the beginning of Weixin 7.0.4 for Android internal beta version, many users found a large revision of the widget interface. Click on "Discovery" - "Small Program" and the user can see the "Everybody is using" display page.
but readers who downloaded the beta version only in the afternoon of March 30 may not be able to see the update. The widget interface is the same as before. It consists of three parts: the nearest widget, my widget and the latest use. Previously, users who found the interface modification of the applet could not see the "everybody is using" applet.
In the initial beta version of the widget, "Everybody is using" is a function similar to "More friends are playing". Above the applet will display the words that XX friends have seen and X friends are using. The label is further refined, even including the reminders that X friends saw in the morning and X friends visited.
For applications used by more than 10 friends, "Everyone is using" only shows the name and introduction of the widget. However, there are not so many small programs for the number of users. Instead, "Everyone is using them" will further display detailed information, such as specific stores, restaurants, movies and so on.
Although the function of "everybody is in use" has now become the function of "internal testing users", we can also see some further planning of social communication of small programs. Wechat should also upgrade and optimize this function in the future, and we will continue to report on it. The above is our new discovery in Weixin 7.0.4 for Android beta version. If you also find new features in Weixin beta version, please leave a message to share with us.
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