The most supportive Ericsson in the United States, 5G orders are less than half of Huawei's, the CEO sold out miserably?

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The most supportive Ericsson in the United States, 5G orders are less than half of Huawei's, the CEO sold out miserably?

2019-04-01 11:24:37 1371 ℃

As we all know, Huawei now dominates the 5G technology, accounting for 23% of the patents. So far, there are 32 5G orders worldwide, and the 5G base station has shipped 45,000, which is quite exaggerated. Not long ago, the United States tried to unite its allies to suppress, but the plan did not succeed. Britain, France and Germany in Europe have begun to cooperate with Huawei. As for the United States, which once supported Ericsson 5G very much, it hoped that the old Swedish telecommunications company could compete with Huawei. Recently, Ericsson CEO's speech was a big surprise.

Ericsson CEO Bao Yikang said in an interview on March 27, Reuters reported that "what we see is that some customers are worried about this. Of course, the number of customers we discuss and cooperate with has increased, but we haven't seen an increase in the number of contracts, and it hasn't happened yet.
The phrase

fully expresses Ericsson's helplessness. Although the United States is strong, it still can not shake Huawei's leading position. Up to now, Ericsson has received 10 5G orders, equivalent to only 1/3 of Huawei's, and these 10 orders are from the United States or allies valued by the United States, such as the five major U.S. carriers US Cellular, AT& T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, Korean operators KT, SKT, as well as Australia, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland and other countries.

Ericsson as the 5G technology of Europe itself, coupled with repeated pressure from the United States, the traditional European powers such as Britain, France and Germany still did not choose it, but chose to cooperate with Huawei, indicating that Ericsson 5G technology really lagged behind Huawei, and the National Network Security Center of the United Kingdom, after a very rigorous investigation, has come to the conclusion that Ericsson 5G technology really lags behind Huawei. The risk of using Huawei equipment in 5G network is controllable, which is enough to prove that the EU and the United States have had great differences in the treatment of Huawei.

Former Australian Prime Minister Turnbull said twice in a row that the four major 5G suppliers in the world today, except Huawei and ZTE, are Nordic Nokia and Ericsson, and none of the Five-Eye Alliance, which shows why the United States is so anxious about Huawei. In fact, Samsung is the most important company in the United States than Ericsson. Samsung is a Korean company on the surface. In fact, the majority of the shares of the Wall Street champions are behind Samsung. Samsung accounts for half of the 5G market in the United States. Samsung also announced that it will invest about 22 billion dollars in high-tech fields in the next three years. Even so, Samsung's 5G technology is still in the market. It is lagging behind Huawei for 1-2 years. According to the data, its 5G patent volume is only 1/3 of Huawei, and its orders are limited to the U.S. market. If Samsung wants to catch up with Huawei, it is more realistic to catch up with Nokia and Ericsson first.