How well do the Japanese excel in technology? Come to a small business and see it.

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How well do the Japanese excel in technology? Come to a small business and see it.

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specializes in one thing, slash life, Japanese craftsmen mostly choose the former.

< p> < strong> is bigger and stronger, and is more elaborate. Most Japanese enterprises choose the latter.

< p> has a persistent and serious character. There are many craftsmen in Japan. Because of the spirit of craftsmen, there are many old shops in Japan that have been inherited for centuries. Because of the pursuit of excellence, many Japanese enterprises are small, but their strength is not comparable to that of many large companies.

Today, Wanzi has introduced several famous Japanese small businesses to you. Maybe we can learn a lot from them.


Kobayashi, a company that grinds iPods for Apple, is Kobayashi Research, located in Yanshi City, Shinju Prefecture, Japan. It took five grinding technicians about four years to mirror the backplane of more than one million iPods, which are popular with customers around the world.

Starting Footprint: Xiao Lin was born in a rural family, as an eldest male, he began to help his family after graduation from junior high school, and took up a job at the local farmers'association when he was 18 years old. However, he is not suitable for transactional work. At that time, Yanshi popular production of stir-frying pans, rice pans, bowls, bottles and other utensils. Grinding is a job where you can start a business and make money without investing too much money. So he got a loan of 500,000 yen and the permission of the president of a local leading utensil manufacturer. He set up a factory in the corner of his home yard and started his business in 1962.

Hard research technology: In order to smooth the scratches on all metal surfaces during stamping and to make the metal surface smoother, he used tools such as "polishing wheels" from relatively rough texture and strong cutting ability models to more than 100 types such as silk-like softness. If the grinder can choose the appropriate polishing wheel and abrasive according to the research object, the technical level of the craftsman can be best reflected.

What we are doing now is that if we use softer polishing wheels in rough grinding, it will be easier to smooth the finer texture scratches on the product, and the effect will be better. For this reason, Kobayashi studied the most efficient polishing wheels and abrasives in the dark factory every night after working.

Finally, relying on its own willpower and hard study of the industrial base, Apple came to the door. It is said that Jobs was surprised after looking at it and was conquered by such skills. So Apple commissioned Kobayashi to mirror the "iPod" backplane. Xiao Lin accepted the job with great confidence. Lightweight products are notoriously lightweight, and the iPod is made of 0.5 mm stainless steel stamped. The thickness of the corner is 0.3 mm. Kobayashi chose the self-developed TB polishing cloth wheel when choosing the grinding tool. The TB polishing cloth wheel was installed on the grinding machine. The stainless steel was ground to 20 microns and processed into a mirror. During the grinding process, attention should be paid to the fact that there was no deviation and the shape of the product could not be destroyed. Xiaolin clearly knows how strict the level 800 required by Apple is because of the slight distortion of metals at high temperatures. Craftsmen also have to set aside time intervals when making them. Meanwhile, they should also try to study the shape of TB polishing cloth wheels that are directly in contact with the products while cooling them and grinding them.

Kobayashi delivered all orders within one week of ordering. And the product's grinding quality hardly needs to be returned. After that, the level of customer requirements is getting higher and higher. Finally, the mirror requirements of the "iPod" backplane are as high as the real mirror. The author has an iPod Touch 3 on the back, after tearing off the film, finally realized Apple's ultimate aesthetic performance. It can be said that the perfection of the back cover of all metal mobile phones is better than the current one. It is smooth, delicate, solid and moist. This is a work of art. The product introduced by Jobs himself must be a perfect combination of technology and art. Since then, there has been no such thing. The iPod Touch.

Writing music

Speaking of pens, we are all familiar with them, but this time we are not going to discuss the five pens of Dragon-Bird School (Marlborough, Bailikin, Parker, Water Man, Sharp) which are good, but they are not suitable for the writing of Asian square scripts. The tip of the pen is too thick, even if EF's friends feel rough. 。 Is there one suitable for writing Asian characters, especially Chinese? I believe you must have heard of Changdao Yan. This is the representative of the Japanese Writing Music Company, hand grinding.

The founder of Writing Music Pen, Mr. Hamada Jiwulang, received a pen from a friend who returned from the UK to study abroad and became interested in it. He started his business in Wushi City, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan, and began to develop the business of making pen tools. At that time, Wushi was Japan's handful of military ports. Mr. Osaka hoped that his products would be sold overseas by ship. In addition, he thought that compared with the captain and the commander of the fleet, the large number of "sailors" was more important. He hoped that everyone would unite, cross the sea and fly in the broader sky, so he named them "SAILOR".

Speaking of Changdao Yan, we have to mention that his R&D institutes, Mr. Xuanyi Changyuan and Mr. Xuanyi Changyuan, entered Writing Music at the age of 14. At that time, Writing Music Company had some skilled artisans who sharpened their skills. Some old gentlemen's fantasies constantly inspired Changyuan Xuanyi. When he was in his 30s, a craftsman taught him his sharpening skills. After that, he went through two years. After more than ten years of micro-debugging and writing, a special pen-point has been developed, that is, the long-knife grinding. After the long-knife grinding and finalizing, the master has not given up the fine-tuning of the pen-point. There are slight differences between the long-knife grinding and the pen-point of Xuanyi Changyuan in different ages.

In 2011, Yukio Nakahara retired, and his son Yukio Hara took over from the production of Changdao Yan, and made further improvements to the pen tips. In 2015, Yuanyuan Xuanyi died, but the grinding method of long knife grinding has been retained and continuously developed. It can be seen that Japan has made the best writing tools, a pen for different writing conditions, adding inverted ink film, double-layer or even reverse double-layer pen tip. But now the pen point grinding is still handmade by professional craftsmen. But such a pen will not make your words look better, people often say: a minute on the stage, 10 years off the stage, a pen will grind like this, the word must also stand up, therefore, diligent learning and early practice, the author is ready to start practicing.

p>strong>North Island Winch Manufacturing Institutep>North Island Winch Manufacturing Institute is mainly engaged in spinning, stamping and special shape forming of various sheet metal plastic processing, with only 20 employees.

is the first-class metal forming technology in Japan. They are good at special metal forming that cannot be made without cutting-edge technology, such as American planes, parts of artificial earth satellites, and top parts of Japanese H2 rockets. And it is not mechanical equipment but craftsmen's craftsmanship that makes them.

Beidao Cutter Manufacturing Institute has very strict craftsmanship requirements. In order to become a qualified craftsman in the North Island Winch Workshop, it will take about ten years to judge the forming state from the sound of metal.

Kitajima Kuihong, the full-time director of Kitajima Hanging Production Institute, also said that if you become a skilled craftsman, you can feel even the difference of 0.05 mm. At present, many enterprises are scrambling to become bigger and stronger, but they are losing ground. Some small enterprises are developing technology step by step, improving their competitiveness from the perspective of technology, and on the contrary, they have gained good benefits and popularity. Therefore, whether it is to be an enterprise or a person, being down-to-earth and earnest is the foundation. If you like our works, please continue to pay attention to Japanese Material and our Circle App, and use your little hands to add star marks to us, as well as the "good-looking" in the lower right corner of the article. The following is the way to add star signs. Thank you readers here. We need your support. Your support is the driving force of our company.