Lei Jun officially announced that millet 9 does not need to be snatched, direct spot sales!

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Lei Jun officially announced that millet 9 does not need to be snatched, direct spot sales!

2019-04-07 08:02:16 190 ℃

Xiaomi 9 mobile phone has been loved by consumers since its release. The design of this mobile phone is based on the current popular water drop screen design. The proportion of screen is very high. With the design of the whole machine holographic phantom fuselage, the appearance of Xiaomi 9 is still very good. It can be said that the design of this mobile phone surpasses most of the previous ones. The author also thinks it should be Xiaomi Yan. The most valuable mobile phone, Lei Jun should add chicken legs to the appearance team.

Millet 9 is the first mobile phone manufacturer in the world to mass-produce Luan 855, with a memory combination of up to 12+256GB and powerful performance. And Xiaomi 9 also carries 48 million wide-angle lenses + 12 million portrait lenses + 16 million micro-lens rear triple-shot, becoming the best mobile phone for Xiaomi to take photos. It has obtained DxO certification. Video shooting is the first in the world. It can be said that Xiaomi 9 is a real sense of the bucket flagship mobile phone.

However, because millet 9 is popular, every sale is snatched by consumers, resulting in a part of the people who did not grab the mobile phone said that millet is playing monkey.

And just yesterday, Xiaomi founder Lei Jun said that through the joint efforts of Xiaomi classmates and suppliers, Xiaomi 9 and Xiaomi 9 SE were supplied more than 1.5 million units at the end of March, and the production capacity has been up. It is estimated that the supply will be open in a short time. Thank you for all your support and understanding of our rice noodles. Millet Mall, starting at 2:00 p.m. millet 9 and millet 9 SE pre-sale, 100 yuan deposit, April 9 supplementary tail money, immediate delivery, to ensure that the students want to be able to buy. You can say that this millet 9 is also a complete spot. We only need to pay 100 yuan in advance. By the end of the payment on the 9th day, we can buy the millet 9 mobile phone and ship it immediately. We have to say that it is very conscience. Millet has made great efforts for consumers, do you think?

Summary: What do you think of the direct spot of millet 9 this time? Will you buy millet 9? Welcome to the enthusiastic discussion!