Guohang version of the P30 will be released on April 11, the price is basically confirmed, netizens: Goodbye!

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Guohang version of the P30 will be released on April 11, the price is basically confirmed, netizens: Goodbye!

2019-04-07 08:02:24 204 ℃

Recently, the new mobile phone market is quite busy. Major manufacturers released new phones one after another at the beginning of the year. Not coincidentally, after Huawei released the overseas version of the P30 Series in Paris on March 26, Huawei will also release the national version of the P30 Series in Shanghai on April 11. With the approaching of the conference, the information about the national version of the P30 is becoming clearer and clearer. It can be said that there are no secrets.

National Version P30 adopted a 6.1-inch water drop screen design in terms of appearance, and thanks to the obvious narrowing of the surrounding frame, the front panel screen of Huawei P30 accounted for a considerable proportion, while in terms of the back fuselage, Huawei P30 was made of curved glass, and the rear camera was arranged in a three-camera arrangement on the left, which was very similar to the style of the previous P20 Pro. It's still gorgeous and fashionable, and with the help of the fingerprint function under the screen, Huawei's integral sense of the P30 fuselage has also been improved.

In terms of main parameters, Huawei P30 carries Kirin 980 processor, standard 8G+64G storage combination, top 8G+256G storage combination. Its performance reaches the top level of Huawei mobile phone, with 40 million+16 million+8 million Leica triple cameras, and supports the functions of 3-fold light conversion and 5-fold hybrid light conversion. Its photographic power is even better, 365 mA batteries. Supporting fast charging of 22.5W, the endurance capability is still acceptable.

As for the price concerned, although there are still a few days to go before the announcement of Guohang's P30 series, Huawei stores have already exposed the prices of various versions of Huawei's P30. The price of 8G+64G version is 3988 yuan, the price of 8G+128G version is 4488 yuan, and the price of 8G+256G version is 4988 yuan. Compared with the previous Huawei's P20, Huawei's price of each version is smaller. The price of Huawei P20, 6G + 64G version, was 3788 yuan last year.

many netizens understand the P30 price of the state bank, but also have no choice but to say that the price is a little bit more expensive. More netizens Tucao than millet 9, iQOO and other Xiaolong 855 models, HUAWEI P30 has no obvious advantages, but the starting price is about 1000 yuan, the price is obviously high, or goodbye, it can be said that it is also a lot of heart, in fact, in the pen. For those who see, Huawei's price of P30 is not unreasonably high, or to see the contrast of products.

Huawei's price-performance ratio is somewhat general compared with similar models in the main line market, but compared with the regular flagship of Apple Samsung, Huawei's price of P30 still has some advantages. As for the choice of consumers and who to compare, the key is to the recognition of Huawei's high-end series, small partners, for which you are concerned. How do you see it? Do you think the price of the Guohang version of the P30 is too high? Welcome to leave a message and exchange views with each other.