Alipay and WeChat tied up the bank card. What should we do if we lost the cell phone? Keep these three steps in mind!

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Alipay and WeChat tied up the bank card. What should we do if we lost the cell phone? Keep these three steps in mind!

2019-04-07 08:02:25 205 ℃

Alipay and WeChat tied up the bank card. What did they do if they lost their phones? Keep these three steps in mind!

We all know that the use of mobile phones to pay for consumption has become our main way of consumption, no need to carry cash or bank cards to go out, very convenient. Although I don't worry about the wallet being stolen, I still worry about what to do if the mobile phone is lost. The bank card is bound in the mobile phone. Is that a lot of money lost by the mobile phone and the property capital gone with it? In fact, we should not worry too much about the loss of mobile phones. We can try to remedy the loss of our property as much as possible. Although the mobile phone may not necessarily come back, we still need to make sure that the money in the cell phone is secure. Then Alipay and WeChat are bound to the bank card. What do they do if they lose their phones? Xiaobian advises you to keep these three steps in mind to avoid losses.

the first step: WeChat and Alipay login on another cell phone, but in general, mobile phone login requires SMS verification code, WeChat is better to do a little bit, we can set up a voice verification at the very beginning, so that the WeChat number can be boarded on the fastest time, and the previous one will be changed. Wechat password, if we do not use such authentication method, and there is no mobile phone number, we can choose a verification method as soon as possible according to the prompt of Wechat to log in and change the password. Alipay generally has a brush face login is also relatively good, if not, we can choose to deliberately misregister the password, after a few times, Alipay will be directly locked, at this time, people who get our cell phone can not login to our Alipay, later we take the identity card related information to untie the freeze.

Step 2 Operation: Call first to report the loss of their mobile card, generally if you find that you have changed the password, many illegal elements can directly change the password through your mobile phone number, then he can also log in and transfer our funds, and also have the password of our related software. It's also possible to do other illegal things. So at this time, after the first step, we need to make up and report the loss of our mobile phone number immediately, so that the previous card can not be used properly, and can not receive text messages and so on. Of course, if we don't have time to go to the business hall to report the loss and make up for it, we can report the loss directly by telephone, as long as we provide the relevant ID card information, it is very convenient.

Step 3 Operation: Go to the bank to report the loss of bank card, why do you need to operate this step to change the password to register the loss of mobile phone number? Of course, there are reasons. Although many mobile phones are used by WeChat and Alipay, there are many users who use the NFC function. The NFC function directly transfers the machine money to the scan code. If we join together with merchants, the funds of our bank will not be there, so this step is still necessary. The household feels that there is nothing wrong with it, and this step can be omitted.

The above three steps are all what we need to do immediately after losing our mobile phone, and try our best to reduce the loss of property inside our mobile phone. Speaking of this, Xiaobian also has to remind you not to cancel some higher security settings in order to use conveniently. For example, when you click on the payment interface, you need to input the password first, such as using free password to pay for small payment, etc. All in all, these are to make our funds exist safer, so don't be afraid of trouble in peacetime, or to set up. Put it up, at least when we lose our mobile phone, we can get more time, you say right?