Super trick! Ma Yun suddenly announced! Join hands with Ma Huateng!!

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Super trick! Ma Yun suddenly announced! Join hands with Ma Huateng!!

2019-04-07 08:02:33 227 ℃

Dust settled, Ma Yun joined hands with Ma Huateng's 10 billion project, and finally finalized!


recently, involving tens of billions of funds and several giants, the joint Nanjing Leading Bank Equity Investment Management Co., Ltd was officially announced on April 2.

You can feel its ambition just by looking at the giants behind it!

Co-investor, including not only FAW, Dongfeng and Chang'an, the three national-headed automobile enterprises. It also includes Tencent, Ali, Suning and other Internet giants.

Among them, the three state-owned automobile enterprises each contributed 1.6 billion yuan, with 16.39% of their shares; Suning contributed 1.7 billion yuan, with 17.42% of their shares; Tencent and Ali led the other companies jointly contributed 2.25 billion yuan, with 23.06% of their shares. The total investment of is 9.76 billion yuan.

As soon as it starts, it will be 9.76 billion yuan, which is a large number in the whole automotive field. What's more, it's only the first investment. More noteworthy is that this is a rare joint venture by Ma Yun and Ma Huateng, and they hold the most shares. It is obvious that these giants are not doing so much to win the eyeballs. According to the registration data, the joint company is not only to build cars, but also to kill the field of travel! The aim of the project is to create a new ecology of intelligent travel.

< p > < strong > 2,

< p > Yes, you did not read it wrong! Drops of real opponents, come!

If we say that Goethe, Metro, and other opponents'entry, it is only a piece of cake for drip. So, today the real Big Mac appears!

In the field of hardware, the company has three major traditional automobile enterprises, which can be self-sufficient in both manufacturing and repairing, greatly reducing the cost of using cars. In the field of software, Ali and Tencent, the two big data users owned by the company, are comparable to Ali and Tencent in terms of data processing ability and data analysis ability.

< p> < strong> in the field of operating capital, not to mention, the company has several major gold owners behind it, even so that they do not need financing!

Today's entry of this giant is undoubtedly a great news for both car owners and passengers. The more people who stir up the situation and the stronger the competitors, the more preferences and choices left to us. < p > < p > < strong > and for droplets, it's easy to hit and keep rivers and mountains. The real danger is just beginning!

< p > < strong > 3,

< p > is well known! Since the announcement of Uber, there has been a dominant situation in China's automobile travel market. Despite the fact that there are many competitors in the travel market in addition to drops, the existence of these companies has become as fictitious as drops.

In fact, since 2016, the real war of online dating cars has been over! Drip by drip with crazy money burning mode, defeated all competitors, occupying more than 85% of the market share of the entire car travel market!

< p> However, it never occurred to me that it was not easy to seize the market from rivals by burning money and subsidizing. When I thought I could enjoy the world, I was greeted with an unprecedented battle!

History is always strikingly similar!

< p> < strong > When mobile and Unicom as the core of the communication fees, can not be handed over; Tencent has become the biggest winner of the communication era!

< p> < strong > When the Department Store giants fight for the chassis and fight for your life and death, it is not surprising that Ma Yun has found another way to become the last king. When Nokia is still stubborn enough to compete for quality, Apple uses smart to explain what is the competitiveness of mobile phones!

< p> < strong> When Kodak is still closed, reluctant to own film market; the rapid rise of the digital age, let the former king, lifting stones and throwing them at his feet! Examples like

abound. In this uncertain age, you never know who your opponent is. When you think you can rest easy, it's a precarious beginning!!!

Today, the opponent in front of drops can be said to occupy an absolute advantage in ability! There is only one advantage left to drip, that is, the absolute market already occupied! However, the market for enterprises, at any time may be an unknown!

You know, Nokia mobile phone from the world to the bottom of the valley, but also just a few years; Kodak from the altar to the cliff, but also in an instant. Which of these time giants does not occupy an absolute market share?

Technology and competence are the key factors determining the market. Especially in today's rapid development of science and technology, these factors become more important.

In such an era, as Ren Zhengfei said, the best defense is attack! The best offense is to attack oneself: to upgrade self-awareness, to find their own weaknesses, to insight into the strategic trend, to seize opportunities and promote innovation! < p > < p > < strong > Today, in front of drops, it is obviously an extremely difficult road! Either innovate or face obsolescence! ____________

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