It's America's turn to be a fool! Korea is the first country in the world to realize 5G commercial service!

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It's America's turn to be a fool! Korea is the first country in the world to realize 5G commercial service!

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While Wen/Lazy Man

was in dispute over 5G technology between China and the United States, South Korea took the lead in becoming the first country in the world to officially launch 5G technology.

Korean mobile operators celebrated the opening of 5G network services

(Source: Korea Associated Press)

on the evening of April 3. SK Telecom, Korea Telecom, the main Korean telecommunications company, announced that the 5G commercial service for ordinary consumers would be fully launched. Consumers in Seoul and Kyoto will first enjoy 5G mobile communication service in the major cities of Korea, such as Seoul and Kyoto. 。 < p > < p > < strong > means that Korea has become the first country in the world to start a 5G civil network.

(Source: Korea Associated Press)

SK Telecom, the largest mobile operator in Korea, said on Wednesday that it would provide the 5G service with the widest coverage, fastest and safest security, and that the first commercialization of 5G network service would greatly change people's lives.

As far as the most common data transmission speed is concerned, the current speed of 5G communication in Korea is between 2.2Gbps and 2.7Gbps, and the low latency makes it better able to support AI and VR.

How much is the Korean 5G package fare?

The three major operators in Korea are now planning to launch unlimited traffic plans and fight price war to attract customers.

The minimum starting price of 5G services of the three companies is 55000 won (about 325 yuan), including 8GB data flow (LG U+including 9GB traffic); the package fare is upgraded to 75000 won (about 444 yuan), and the data flow provided by SKT and LG+is greatly increased to 150 GB; and the package price is upgraded to 95000 won (about 562 yuan). Provide data flow of 200GB and 250GB respectively...

Operator KT provides unlimited data services in packages above 80,000 won (about 473 yuan), but there are differences in roaming speed.

LG Uplus Senior Officials sent flowers to a couple, who became the first customers to buy 5G mobile services on April 3, 2019.


From the current price point of view, the cost incurred by operators to introduce 5G will eventually be passed on to consumers. The cost of 5G service is high. It is reported that Korean operators have invested at least $2.6 billion in 5G technology this year. The lowest price of the first pure 5G mobile phone in the world to be launched in Korea is about RMB 9,000, which may prevent consumers from getting into the market. However, Korean telecom operators are confident about the demand for this technology, and it is expected that more than 3 million Korean people will use 5G mobile phones by the end of this year. < p > < section > < section > < section > < section > < section > < section > < section > < section > < section > < p > < strong > See Korea want to grab the headlines? The United States is reluctant to

< p> Local time April 3, Verizon, the largest mobile operator in the United States, formally deployed 5G Ultra Wideband in Chicago and Minneapolis. It is estimated that the download speed of 5G customers in Chicago and Minneapolis is 450 Mbps, with a peak download speed. The value velocity is close to 1 Gbps and the delay is less than 30 milliseconds.

This wave of operations in the United States is one week ahead of the original plan of April 11, in order to grab the lead of Korean operators. However, this movement in the United States has long blown into the ears of South Korea, trying to grab my headlines? No way!

At 11:00 p.m. on April 3, the three major Korean operators announced the full launch of 5G service! The three telecom companies

originally planned to start 5G services on Friday, but as more and more people speculated that American mobile operator Verizon might start 5G services on Thursday, they decided to start as soon as possible.

(Source: Korea Associated Press)

Korea launched 5G commercial service two days ahead of schedule, or catch up with the United States and set a world record. In short, the headline is Korean.

Korea: must become a 5G power

Korea is indeed a leading step in 5G competition field.

2018, South Korea announced that the world's first commercial 5G network service will be officially deployed on December 1st, which initiated the 5G contest (Seat Review 264: South Korea opens the world's first commercial 5G network! How serious is it? ) This time, it took the lead in providing civil 5G network services. It can be seen that South Korea has really made great efforts on 5G, striving to be the first.

(Source: Korea Associated Press)

According to the Minister of Information and Communications Technology of Korea, will make Korea a 5G power . As a developed country, Korea has been deeply cultivated in telecommunications industry and science and technology for many years. With its leading technology and small territory, it is easier to deploy 5G than China and the United States. According to the prediction of KT Institute of Economic Management, if 5G can operate successfully in Korea, it will create 47.8 trillion won economic effect for Korea by 2030, and greatly promote the development speed of Korea in the fourth industrial revolution.

In recent years, China, the United States and South Korea have been in the first echelon of 5G competition. Despite Korea's popularity on 5G, the 5G competition between China and the United States has become the focus of the world. < p > < section > < section > < section > < section > < section > < section > < section > < section > < section > < p > < strong > China and the United States lead the 5G race, followed by South Korea?

South Korea has worked so hard. To what extent has China and the United States developed?

Just one day before the announcement of the opening of 5G commercial services in Korea, the American Association for Wireless Communications and Internet (CTIA) released a research report on April 2: ranks first in the competition for the introduction of 5G, a new generation of communication standard.

(source: CTIA)

According to reference information, the survey on 5G global competition converted the 5G experiment of private enterprises and the introduction progress, radio distribution and government strategy into numerical values, and compared the "5G coping level" of various countries.

The report considers that the United States has led South Korea in 5G preparation in the past year, rising from third place in 2018 to first place side by side with China, with 19 points. Then there were 18 points in Korea and 17 points in Japan. (It is estimated that the report will be released two days later and the ranking will change ~)

(source: CTIA)

The report believes that although China is leading the 5G competition globally, the United States has caught up. The U.S. wireless industry has invested heavily in 5G networks, the government has reformed its infrastructure policy and provided more spectrum for wireless operators, thus greatly improving the U.S. ranking.

This report may soothe America's impatience in the 5G competition. Over the past year, the United States has frantically solicited allies to suppress and crowd out Chinese enterprises and 5G technology. Although there are still a few countries following the United States to suppress China's 5G, with the gradual collapse of the Five-Eye Alliance, Germany is not afraid of the threat of the United States and recognizes China's 5G, which means that the U.S. plot to suppress China's 5G technology has not succeeded.

The United States is so crazy to suppress China, but only to create a "preemptive" advantage and occupy the 5G highland.

The first-mover advantage is very important to any new technology, especially the 5G Gong and drum, the opening Gong of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

"1G to 4G is for personal communication, 5G is for mobile Internet and industrial Internet." In addition to its impact on personal life, 5G brings about the development of related industries, which is why countries pay so much attention to 5G technology. It can be said that 5G is the basis of advanced innovation and application. Intelligent cities, network manufacturing and even integrated combat capability of the army need 5G.

is projected to be 5G commercial deployment in the United States, South Korea and the United Kingdom by the end of 2019

(Source: CTIA)

Then, who is the stronger 5G technology in China and the United States?

In fact, as stated in this report, all countries are at the initial stage of 5G, and China and the United States have advantages in 5G technology.

The United States is in the lead in core technologies such as chips, availability of 5G high-frequency and low-frequency bands, investment and government initiatives. China has significant advantages in infrastructure construction and availability of 5G medium frequency band.

The United States is leading in 5G high frequency and low frequency bands

China has a certain advantage in 5G medium frequency band availability

(source: CTIA)

Although Korea and the United States have taken the lead in 5G commercial services, China is also in close preparation for many Gongmi City. The city carried out 5G test.

Bureau forecast: in the 5G infrastructure construction + Internet of things + artificial intelligence + automatic driving vehicle +VR application, it is certain that China will be in the leading position, which will have a great impact on the upgrading of manufacturing industry + knowledge updating of talents and the re shuffling of Internet companies. The

5G competition is just beginning. Who is stronger in 5G field? Maybe time will give us the answer. In addition, 5G mobile phone is coming soon. Are you ready?