People who watch mobile phones for more than eight hours a day are not idle, but poor.

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People who watch mobile phones for more than eight hours a day are not idle, but poor.

2019-04-07 08:02:36 1647 ℃


Xiaobao sent me an article -

The screen occupies the life of the poor, but the rich say no to them

The article says that the screen has become an important part of people's life. But the rich are wary of it.

Living without a cell phone for a day, not calling, not using social networks, not responding to e-mail has become an identity symbol. The ability of

to escape from the screen is becoming a new way of classifying.

I thought carefully: fog grass, as if it were true

So I tried not to use mobile phone for a whole day, and was surprised to find that

I was still very poor.


Screen used to belong to the wealthy. When personal computers entered the market in the 1980s, they were so expensive that the wealthy people could own them. At that time, having a "screen" represented an identity.

And today in 9012, ordinary people can afford mobile phones and computers as electronic consumer goods. At this time, abandoning the screen represents an identity.

However, the essence of the problem is that because rich people have money, all do not need screens, not because they do not have screens. If you're rich

, you don't need to spend any time and cost to know which one is better

than the other

and which one is better

then you're done

so ultimately

or poor. < p > < p > Only poor people understand life.


Forget who said that there are only two business models in the world

One is Save Time

and the other is Kill Time

Internet era, where data transmission speed is faster and access is more convenient.

This saves us a lot of time and cost to improve the efficiency of life and work. So Save Time is the most consistent business model with the spirit of the Internet.

But what really fascinates us is Kill Time's


circle of friends, public numbers, King's Glory, microblog, today's headlines, tremors... Every app app on your mobile phone is trying to grab more of your time.

We must admit that screen is the lowest cost entertainment way in this era

Looking at the screen can experience a walk-and-talk tour

Looking at the screen can make Lin Zhiling GAKKI become a yellow discriminator, a chaotic person, a digital person and an artist when she looks at the screen

8 hours and 7 minutes

< p > peers from higher income families, about < strong > 5 hours and 42 minutes .

There is a difference of nearly three hours

Toxic less quickly open the screen usage time in the settings, and look at their own

This problem is not the screen viewing time of different classes, but the lifestyle of different classes is different

Rich people will spend more time to experience the fun of real life

and have no money, so on. Seeing the world in the virtual world


We are being consumed by electronic consumer goods is not new

This screen held by the Internet is like a magic mirror

which can understand people's inner desires, let you only see what you want to see, and indulge in the maze of entertainment to death


< p> < p> < p> <1yrczdx>. Img/0LfcQbQBXk "/>

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, I'm not writing this article today to keep you away from the mobile phone screen

< p>

and Caitou said that most people don't need treatment, because even if they don't play with the mobile phone, they have nothing to do

boredom is the main tone of most people's lives in the world, you and I are the same.

But we need to be vigilant that the wealthy use the poor scissors of capital and information value to harvest the time and energy of the information poor and turn our lives into the fuel of their capital accumulation.

American Futurist Toffler put forward the concept of "digital divide" as early as 1990: in the information age, different people have different abilities to use information technology, and social differences arise therefrom. At this time last year, there was a news that volunteers went to mountainous middle schools to teach and collected a lot of books and stationery.

When he left, he received a note from a child: We don't want these books, we want a mobile phone that can play games.

Are there any problems with children wanting a mobile phone with King's Glory? I don't think there is

in modern society. Of course, people have the freedom to choose Kill Time

, but you have to admit that the freedom of

has a price

the price is probably the class divide that is hard to bridge.