Today, Drops and Drops set up a security headquarters! Staff 24 hours service!

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Today, Drops and Drops set up a security headquarters! Staff 24 hours service!

2019-04-07 08:02:42 265 ℃

As we all know, in the era of mobile internet, three small giants like TMD were born. And among them, drip is the best. After all, drip is regarded by netizens as another Internet giant company after Alibaba and Tencent.

But unfortunately, although the drops are big, they haven't made any money yet.

In 2018, there was a drop loss of 10.9 billion yuan, of which 11.3 billion yuan was invested in driver subsidy. In an open letter from Cheng Wei in September 2018, the company reported a net loss of more than 4 billion yuan in the first half of 2018, including driver peak allowances, orders and service incentives, passenger preferences and other total allowances returned in excess of 11.7 billion yuan.

Drop-drop loss is also counted, Drop-drop almost because of the previous "windmill" incidents thoroughly buried their future!

1, Cheng Weibao"Safety"!

Droplet has held the Qingming Festival Safety Emergency Support Work Deployment Meeting on April 3, and deployed the Qingming Festival Safety Travel Guarantee Plan in conjunction with the Qingming Festival Traffic Safety Early Warning of the Ministry of Public Security.

Cheng Weiren is the General Commander and Liu Qing is the deputy general commander. All departments and branch companies are required to strictly implement the measures to ensure safe production during holidays and the main responsibility of enterprises for safe production.

Cheng Wei said: "Learning from the experience of other enterprises, we can better understand our own limitations and shortcomings. We should always adhere to open learning and be humble and awe-struck before security. Each business team should conscientiously implement the sense of safety and responsibility to every detail of work, and fully promote the safety work.

2. Why should droplets be rectified?

I think this question is a little naive, try to ask, the previous drip of "downwind" incident has a great impact. Although the crime of dropping platform will not die, but the inaction of dropping platform in the process of the crime, let netizens sneer at it. Subsequently, the drip-drip windmill was offline, and has not yet been able to re-launch.

Seriously, I think the greatest value of drip platform is the windmill, because this windmill can make drip money, drivers make oil money, users save taxi money, which was a win-win situation, but now good, because so many plays, drip the most valuable windmill is gone.

Therefore, from the point of view of drip, we must solve the safety problem. Only when the safety problem is solved, drip-drip downwind can have the opportunity to re-online service!

3. What efforts have been made to secure droplets?

Starting from September 8, 2018, on the premise of encrypting and preserving data and ensuring the privacy of the Division, the whole-journey recording function has been tested in express train, privileged car and special car. From October 27, 2018, a small-scale short message alarm has been implemented. At present, the short message alarm and recording functions cover 227 cities and more than 90% of orders, respectively. In Shaanxi, all prefectures and municipalities have realized short message alarm. In terms of compliance with

, Drop-drop indicated that drivers would be encouraged and guided to apply for vehicle certificates, platform certificates and compliance in strict accordance with the requirements of traffic authorities. In terms of

products, droplets indicate that 15 versions of products have been iterated and more than 10 security functions have been upgraded online. Including audio and video recordings during the trip, one-button alarm, emergency contacts, minors travel reminders, night passengers travel, route selection and other safety functions and measures. In a word, all the work in 2019 is just safe and profitable, which really needs to be forgotten!

How do netizens evaluate droplets?

Netizens: Drop-drop customer service outsourcing can never solve the security problem, because whatever the situation, we have to report the results, killing, two days later to deal with what! This is just want to make money, do not want to stir-fry the rhythm of dishes, think about customer service outsourcing, how can he not outsource the operation center, decision-making center! If there is a problem, it depends on the character. What does Cheng Wei have?

Netizens: Drop to tolerate drivers, but also want to run well horses, and horses do not eat grass, different policies in each place, can not be a one-size-fits-all, taxis can bypass, slaughter, why drip to drive cars can not work, some places are remote and empty back, appropriate increase of money is no problem, if you can punish severely in the urban area!