Huawei's new P30pro plane fell into the water and it was ruined. Official: Dust-proof and water-proof are not suitable for everyday life.

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Huawei's new P30pro plane fell into the water and it was ruined. Official: Dust-proof and water-proof are not suitable for everyday life.

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When Huawei's P30pro

user Wu quickly picked up after the new mobile phone with IP68 waterproproof function Huawei P30pro



can be turned off automatically after five minutes,<

, it is not uncommon to claim that products conform to IP68 dust-proof and waterproof specifications. Mr. Wu bought such a P30pro mobile phone in Huawei Mall. "Excellent craftsmanship makes all-round IP68 dust-proof and water-proof fuse fuselage", as the official propaganda shows. (IP level is the protection level against foreign body intrusion in electrical equipment shell, IP68 is one of the most advanced dust and waterproof specifications.)

However, he has some troubles these days, because this new mobile phone with advanced waterproof function falls into the toilet and picks up quickly and then "strikes".

"When the mobile phone fell into the toilet, I picked it up and wiped it the first time. After five minutes, the mobile phone could not be turned off automatically. The camera had water vapor. I realized that the mobile phone was soaked." Mr. Wu said that it happened on April 18 when he was cleaning the toilet in and his mobile phone accidentally fell into the water from his pocket. "The water was clean because it was almost washed out."

This Huawei P30Pro mobile phone was purchased by Mr. Wu at a cost of 5,988 yuan on April 11, and its use time is still very short. When the mobile phone was out of use, he immediately sent it to Huawei's official after-sales store nearby. At the same time, he inquired about the introduction of IP68's dust-proof and waterproof function on the official website.

Huawei's official website shows that IPXX refers to the level standard of product safety protection, which defines the protection capability of equipment against water and solid foreign bodies. After IP, the first two-digit number is to prevent access to dangerous components and solid foreign bodies into the protection level, the range is 0-6, from low to high respectively for the protection from large particles of foreign bodies to dust; the second is to prevent water from entering the protection level, the range is 0-8, from low to high respectively for the protection from vertical water droplets to bottom pressure.

The definition of IP68's protection grade on the official website also mentions: "It means that the shell will not be harmful if it is temporarily immersed in 1.5m deep water for 30 minutes at room temperature and pressure. "

Official Store:

Negotiations will be held between the two sides

Although it is not expected that the immersion of the mobile phone for 30 minutes will not be affected, but his new mobile phone will be damaged when it is immersed in water, and Mr. Wu cannot accept it. He thinks: the waterproof performance of his mobile phone is not good, there are problems in the quality. On the day of

, Mr. Wu took his mobile phone to Shuhan Road Shop, Huawei Customer Service Center in Jinniu District, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, to find out for himself. "When repairing, it says that the screen of the mobile phone is burnt out, has not been repaired after being replaced, and it also says that the motherboard is burnt out, and that the motherboard needs to be replaced." Mr. Wu told Red Star News that had spent 1,506 yuan on the screen and now I don't know how much it would cost to replace the motherboard.

"After sale, I said that its waterproofing is only for life splashing. I have investigated that IP68 is the highest level of waterproofing, which is an obvious quality problem. Mr. Wu said that he did not agree with the idea of replacing the motherboard after sale. His current appeal is to replace the machine and ask for a refund of the screen cost of 1506 yuan.


Maintenance slip

<24, Hongxing News contacted Shuhan Road Store of Huawei Customer Service Center and verified the matter to the staff. Staff members said that all processes are carried out in accordance with the company's normal procedures, the rest is not convenient to disclose too much. At present, Mr. Wu has complained about the situation to the Taurus District Market and Quality Supervision and Administration. On the 26th, at 10:30 a.m., the two sides will work together to resolve the matter under the witness of relevant departments.

Official Customer Service:

IP68 waterproofing can only be obtained under experimental conditions

Later, Red Star News consulted Huawei Official Customer Service Hotline as a user. Staff said: Huawei P30pro's dust and water-proof function has reached IP68, but IP68 level of dust and water-proof is obtained under certain experimental conditions, so it can not be applied to daily life. The experimental conditions given by the other party are as follows:

Put the mobile phone in the clear water without flow, the water depth is about 1.5 meters, the experiment time is about 30 minutes, the water temperature and the temperature of the product are kept within a range, and the mobile phone can be kept intact.

But there is one condition: before entering the water, the headphone holes and speaker holes of the mobile phone need to be blocked with special waterproof glue, so as to support the waterproof function.

"This mobile phone is not a professional waterproof mobile phone. For example, if you drop the mobile phone into the water, it will be soaked or infused. This is not covered by the warranty. This is experimental data, conditional, like our daily use in general will not do these operations.
In addition, Red Star News also found a parameter description of the IP68 level on the P30pro mobile phone in Huawei Mall, explaining the waterproofing conditions of IP68 in detail, i.e.

(1) no flowing clear water, water depth of 1.5 meters;

(2) 30 minutes of test time;

(3) the difference between water temperature and product temperature is not more than 5 degrees Celsius.

Meanwhile, it is also mentioned that this mobile phone is not a professional waterproof mobile phone. It can prevent splash, water and dust in normal use. It has been tested under controlled laboratory conditions, and its effect reaches IP68 level under GB/T 4208-2017 (domestic)/IEC 60529 (overseas).

In the telephone, the staff also added that: a drop of water on the mobile phone generally does not affect, but if the entire mobile phone falls into the water, there may be varying degrees of damage, so users are not recommended to take a bath, swimming with the mobile phone. At the same time, IP68 is not permanently effective, protection will be affected by daily wear and tear. When users want to do similar experiments in normal times, they suggest blocking the hole on the mobile phone, but if they do not block the water into the liquid, they are not within the scope of warranty.

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