Yu Minhong recalls the details of being tied up: the anesthetic needle for the elephant only survived me

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Yu Minhong recalls the details of being tied up: the anesthetic needle for the elephant only survived me

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In the early days of New Oriental, the largest number of applicants was on weekends. Generally speaking, we can collect 500,000 to 1 million yuan a weekend. This number was already very large at that time! But at that time, banks were not open to public business except for personal storage business. That is to say, the tuition we collected at the weekend can't be deposited in the bank. The bank doesn't accept it at all. The money in the safe is not reassuring, because many people know the location of the safe, and at that time New Oriental rented a leaky broken house, the door can be easily broken into. So it's not appropriate to put so much money where so many people know it. So there was only one way to carry it home.

In order to solicit business, tricycle drivers put the words "New Oriental" on their roofs. The students kindly called it Mazda

at that time, I drove without any security guards or drivers. After carrying it for a period of time, nothing happened, but then I was stared at. The man who stared at me was originally a criminal, and that's a long story. The man, who had been in prison before, wanted to correct his evil ways when he came out. He opened a resort in the suburbs of Beijing. When it was summer vacation, New Oriental met the student when he rented the resort because he wanted to find places for students to attend classes and stay. After deciding to rent the resort, he asked New Oriental to pay a sum of money in advance. New Oriental agreed and paid him the money.

Result Once the summer vacation class is over, he should return 30,000 yuan to New Oriental. So the New Oriental financial officer called to ask him to return the money, but in fact he had spent it all. After repeated urging, he called me and said, "Mr. Yu, I've run out of this money and I can't pay it back, or you can make it up next year when you use my resort again, okay?" Shall we do this for the time being? I said, "It doesn't matter, it's 30,000 yuan. Let's say, we'll cooperate in the future anyway."

That's because I made him think that the New Oriental was rich. At that time, he actually had the idea of committing a crime again because of business difficulties. So he tracked me down with several people and found that I would take my tuition back every weekend. It was 1998. One Sunday evening, when they saw me driving home alone, they stopped me at my door and gave me an anesthetic injection for large animals, that is, for elephants and tigers. Then I fainted. The money I took back was also taken away by them. It's our tuition fee for two days. It's about 2 million yuan.

Beijing New Oriental School early registration desk

Then, the man took several of his classmates to see that I still breathed, and said to him: "Boss, let's do him!" He said, "Yu Minhong is still a good man. We've already taken so much money. If we can go far enough, we'll leave him alive." Later, I learned that from the beginning of the robbery, until 2005, when the Beijing Public Security Bureau solved the case, seven people were robbed, and none of the other six survived, so I survived.

Later, after the strength of the anesthetic needle had passed, they had gone, and I woke up half-awake and went to the police. Later, I was taken to the hospital and rescued. But the rest of the people who had been robbed by them could not wake up with an anesthetic needle. Because the anesthesia needle is too strong, it will stop the beating of the heart when it is put in. Later, the doctor said to me, "It's strange that you can survive with such a large dose of anesthesia!" Later, I joked: Maybe it's because I drink a lot. It's possible. A few years ago, when I went for gastrointestinal endoscopy and had to undergo general anesthesia first, the doctor gave me a dose of routine anesthesia needle and told me that it would work in two minutes. As a result, I chatted with him for ten minutes. The doctor asked, "What's the matter? You don't feel at all?" I said, "No." Later, the doctor gave me a call and increased the dose. Finally, I got general anesthesia and had a gastrointestinal endoscopy. I just know that my anti-anesthesia ability is really strong, which saves my life.

Maybe God doesn't want me to leave at once, and I hope I can do more things in the future, joke with me. Of course, some people later said that my brain became dumb, which is really not. The teacher of New Oriental joked that the first thing Mr. Yu woke up was to take the GRE vocabulary book and see if he knew the words.

Yu Minhong was in class in the early 1990s

This made me realize that the social environment is actually insecure. 后来,我就加强了自己的安保。 This incident also gave me a warning: my behavior is wrong, if I did not take the money home, these gangsters will not follow me, and will not happen later. And before this happened, Wang Qiang and Xu Xiaoping also reminded me many times. Every weekend, when Wang Qiang and Xu Xiaoping watched me carry the money home, they would remind me, "Lao Yu, with so much money, you can carry it home with a plastic bag, and not only the two of us know that it is very dangerous. You can't do that." I said: That's impossible. The bank doesn't accept it. And they said: there are always ways, such as first existing under the name of a person, or trying to rent a safe in the bank, are better than carrying money home. After the incident happened, I realized that their advice was really in place, but I didn't listen to it at that time. I also said that I had been carrying it for half a year and nothing would happen. Therefore, the advice of friends is very important, which is also a serious consequence of the limitations of my thinking. After that, the first sentence Wang Qiang and Xu Xiaoping said to me was "deserve it!" I said, "I'm all from the death line, you still say so." They said, "I told you so long ago that I shouldn't do it." Of course, only good friends can speak in this tone.

New Oriental founders group photo (from left to right is Wang Qiang, Xu Xiaoping, Yu Minhong, Du Zihua and Bao Fanyi)

In short, this matter must be solved. So I found the Bank of Beijing. The Bank of Beijing had just been established and was about to pull in business. Although Bank of Beijing did not work at the beginning of the weekend, it took over the business at a branch just opened in Zhongguancun. My request at that time was that they should come to collect money at the weekend. If this business is completed, all the financial systems of New Oriental will be transferred to the Bank of Beijing. At that time, because of the small scale of New Oriental, the total amount of business added up to 1.2 billion yuan, the big banks were not respected. But the Bank of Beijing had just been set up, and it looked good, and then it went on. Since then, the Bank of Beijing has taken away the money every weekend by driving its armed escort truck to the registration office of New Oriental. Now, they hardly need to come, because now they all pay online. But in the process, we have established a very good relationship with the Bank of Beijing. Up to now, New Oriental and Beijing Bank have a lot of business contacts.

Later, the Bank of Beijing issued additional shares. The President of the Bank of Beijing had advised me or New Oriental to invest and hold shares in the Bank of Beijing, but I gave up. This is also a good opportunity I missed. At that time, I didn't know anything about finance. I felt it was hard to collect the tuition fees and invest them in the bank. In case of losing money, I didn't invest. If I had bought tens of millions of yuan of shares in the Bank of Beijing, the market value would have been at least 23 billion yuan.

So this also shows that I am not financial minded and do not know how to invest. In a sense, I just worked like hell, and the last thing I did was work out the New Oriental. This is what I told you about the consequences of a mistake I made.

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