Lenovo Z6 Pro mobile marketing is really a broken leg: 18W mobile phone standard 27W quick charge

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Lenovo Z6 Pro mobile marketing is really a broken leg: 18W mobile phone standard 27W quick charge

2019-04-25 21:29:49 216 ℃

Two days ago, Lenovo launched the Z6 Pro mobile phone at its spring conference. This is their second Miaolong 855 processor mobile phone. It has a 6.39-inch AMOLED screen, 4000 mAh battery, 27W "fast charge", screen fingerprint, super video AI four-camera, PC-level liquid cooling and heat dissipation, and its hardware configuration is also flagship level. Lenovo Z6 Pro 6+128GB version only costs 2899 yuan, 100 yuan cheaper than millet 9, and 8+128GB only costs 2999 yuan, 300 yuan cheaper than millet 9. This price is more ruthless than millet, so it is still attractive. But never underestimate Lenovo's "coquettish" mobile marketing. Lenovo has played a lot of tricks on Z5 series mobile phones last year. It was unexpected that Z6 Pro has broken its legs. Z6 Pro does not support 27W fast charging. The mobile phone itself is 18W fast charging, and Lenovo has labeled 27W fast charging.... The mobile phone company with such reverse marketing is really the first one in the past and present.

I was also fooled on the day of publication. Lenovo is promoting 4000mAh battery and 27W fast charging on both the official website and the e-commerce platform. But if you look carefully, Lenovo has been talking about 27W fast charging on 27W fast charging. Before you know the situation, most people will think that 27W fast charging is naturally marked with 27W fast charging mobile phone.

Unfortunately, people still underestimate Lenovo's marketing text. Now, looking back at the official website, Lenovo has said from the beginning that it is 27W fast-charging rather than 27W fast-charging, because the Z6 Pro mobile phone itself supports 18W fast-charging, not 27W fast-charging.

On this point, the information released by Vrokovu_lock on Weibo has been confirmed by Lenovo Customer Service. The Z6 Pro mobile phone itself is 18W fast charging, but the standard charging head supports 27W fast charging. In the past, in order to save money, mobile phone manufacturers tended to shrink on the fast charging head. Even if the mobile phone itself supports the fast charging technology, the standard charging head may be very resistant. The most famous one is Apple's 5V/1A fast charging head. Huawei, Xiaomi and other companies have done so under some low-end mobile phones. The standard charging head is not in place quickly and needs to be bought extra.

Now Lenovo's approach is the other way around. Mobile phones only support 18W fast charging, but label 27W fast charging. In fact, consumers take advantage of Lenovo's price. Don't think of telling Lenovo to cheat consumers. Lenovo has been promising 27W fast charging instead of 27W fast charging from the official website to the e-commerce platform, which shows that this is not an oversight but a decision from the beginning. That's it. This kind of reverse marketing is really admirable.