I experienced the next 5G mobile phone and asked how far 5G is from ordinary people.

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I experienced the next 5G mobile phone and asked how far 5G is from ordinary people.

2019-04-25 21:29:49 229 ℃
The topic of

has become a hot topic in recent two years. Ordinary users almost jump from 3G network to 4G network at a high speed. It's not long before 4G comes again.

We don't dwell on what 5G is. There are too many articles discussing the technology and concept of 5G. Today, we will talk about what 5G can bring to our life from the level of ordinary consumers. What's more, before the launch of 5G, we have personally experienced the next 5G network. Before we talk about 5G, we might as well turn back the clock. In 2G era, on mobile devices like mobile phones, text is the core of content, because the speed of the network at that time, it was really very difficult to support the volume of pictures. In 3G era, we can brush pictures freely on mobile devices. In 4G era, faster network speed and lower traffic prices let us. It can brush videos on mobile devices, play high frame rate games, and control smart homes.

You see, network progress is not only faster network speed, faster network speed actually refers to the most basic bottom layer, more data flow per unit time, which means more use scenarios and more innovative network technology.

Remember that when 4G first appeared, mobile phones circulated on the Internet paid enough to let operators take away your house. In a twinkling of an eye, 5G is coming. What speed 5G mobile phones can achieve now, what use 5G will have in the future, and when ordinary consumers can use 5G are all my concerns.

Domestic mobile phone manufacturers seem to be pushing 5G devices. Last weekend, China Mobile and Nokia Bell just caught up with the Shanghai International Racing Race. They set up a stand outside the race field. Through the 5G mobile phone of vivo, ordinary people can experience the 5G speed first in the actual environment.

In fact, in terms of theoretical peak rate, the peak rate of 5G may increase by 5-10 times compared with that of 4G, but at this stage to show the 5G rate is affected by many aspects, besides the efforts of mobile phone manufacturers, the network operators are equally important. The 5G experience of vivo is provided by China Mobile, which has made some traffic restrictions in the current complex testing environment. Previously, vivo has conducted 5G field tests with three major operators and their partners. The peak speed of 5G mobile phones in normal tests can reach 800+Mbps, while in vivo 5G laboratory environment, the test speed is higher than 1.5+Gbps. However, it still does not reach the upper limit. With the maturity of 5G network, the speed will be further increased.

The 5G mobile phone we got in our experience, if we don't pay special attention to the 5G logo on the signal in the corner of the screen, it is actually no different from the current 4G mobile phone in appearance. Vivo's display machine is a modified vivo NEX S with built-in platform of 555 and baseband of X50. The live vivo 5G mobile phone displayed in

can basically achieve all the application scenarios in the 4G network environment, such as high-definition video online viewing, online games, Wechat video calls and so on.

At present, most 5G mobile phones testing the network in the laboratory are often wearing very heavy shells, because it is a great challenge to integrate 5G functions into the existing mobile phones.

Firstly, four antennas should be added to the aircraft, while the current 4G function can not be abandoned, and the previous components should be retained. In addition to hardware support, complex software protocols are the biggest problem facing 5G mobile phones. In an interview with Vio 5G R&D director Qin Fei, he also talked about the complex work of optimization and testing between different protocols. Another worrying problem is the power consumption of 5G mobile phones. Vivo officials said that when we saw the 5G mobile phones on the exhibition booth, it had been displayed for three hours, only 30% of the electricity was lost. To some extent, it can also be seen that Vivo has better control of power consumption of 5G mobile phones.

For consumers, besides fast Internet speed and smoother video viewing, what is the use of 5G? In fact, from a commercial perspective, 5G has a very promising future. Although in the mobile terminal level scenarios, 5G solutions to the problem, the changes that consumers can perceive at present seem less abundant, but in fact can also optimize the use of many smartphones experience. Take

for example, in the aspect of network efficiency, 5G base station supports Massive MIMO (large-scale antenna) and is very friendly to multi-users. That is to say, in the era of 4G, we often have the situation that more than one person's network speed falls down, but in the age of 5G, there is no problem for 7080 people to use the network at high speed. In addition, more and more people use mobile phones to play competitive hand games, but most of them are online games. After 5G online, the game can actually be presented in another way, that is, cloud games. Smartphones are limited by size and power consumption. Hardware performance is certainly not comparable to game hosts or high-performance PCs in the short term. But after the emergence of 5G network, mobile phones can split their game functions and put the parts of game rendering and computing which consume a lot of functions in the cloud. Mobile phones only serve as screens and controllers, and read quickly through low-latency network. Take game data, so that you can directly greatly enhance the experience of the game on the screen of the mobile phone. It is not impossible for 3A high-quality masterpieces to be presented on mobile platform.

and the very popular VR and AR in the past few years, in the 5G network environment, can provide much better experience than in the 4G era.

As for when vivo started to lay out 5G, we can also get a general idea from the interview process. As early as 2016, vivo established 5G R&D center, which participated in the research of 5G core technology and standardization. By 2019, vivo had submitted more than 2,200 technical proposals to the 3GPP Standardization Organization.

Finally, everyone is concerned about when we can really use 5G mobile phones, or 5G traffic with reasonable fees. In fact, this is not controlled by mobile phone manufacturers. What mobile phone manufacturers can do is to introduce 5G compatible terminal devices as soon as possible. When ordinary consumers can use them, essentially, it depends on the construction and layout of operators'base stations. From the technical characteristics of 5G network, the high cost of base station layout may become the biggest barrier to the popularization of 5G mobile phones in the short term.

But vivo also said that the first mass-produced 5G mobile phone of vivo would not be too far, just in the middle of the year.

Let's look at it again in the middle of the year.