What did Lu Weibing do wrong? The director of public relations of millet issued a ticket for him personally

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What did Lu Weibing do wrong? The director of public relations of millet issued a ticket for him personally

2019-04-25 21:29:51 223 ℃

Yesterday, the domestic science and technology circle was really busy, but the most interesting thing was the conference of Lenovo + Meizu's Gaotong Yuelong 855 model. With the official release of Lenovo Z6 Pro and Meizu 16S, many people think that only one plus seven series were released in the first half of the year.

Actually not. Last night, Lu Weibing, director of Red Rice Redmi Brand, said: Stronger performance, longer endurance, better photography, higher screen ratio, Redmi 855 is worth waiting for... ,与此同时在与网友的互动中卢伟冰也表示“性价比之王,Redmi专属”。

It seems that after Lenovo and Meizu's Miaolong 855 model was released, Lu Weibing preheated it for Red Rice's Gaotong Miaolong 855 model. In fact, during this period of time, Lu Weibing has intermittently expressed a lot of information about Red Rice Dragon 855 flagship, you can find it on his microblog. In addition to the above, there are narrower chins, better experiences, and so on. Maybe it's because it hasn't reached the official pre-heating period, or maybe it's Lu Weibing who said the wrong thing. Yesterday he was fined by the director of public relations of millet. From Lu Weibing's statement,

we can basically find that the red rice Red Dragon 855 flagship was made according to the wishes of consumers. Large batteries last for a long time, high screen accounts for a high color value, good photographic effect. These are the functions that consumers value most at present, and more importantly, Lu Weibing has emphasized its cost-effectiveness more than once. We can predict that its price will surely be higher than that of millet 9. It is very likely that it will become the cheapest model of Miaolong 855 at present. As for when it will be released, it is estimated that it will be next month.

Of course, there is one more important thing in Lu Weibing's mind now, that is, to realize the global shipment of Red Rice Note 7 series as soon as possible, which is the first model expected to exceed 10 million units this year, so its significance is very great for millet. It is estimated that Lei Jun is also waiting for this moment. Now the off-line and on-line purchase of this series of aircraft has been realized in stock. It may be some time later that Lu Weibing will publicize this information.