What was Liu Qiangdong XX's female assistant doing in those four hours?

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What was Liu Qiangdong XX's female assistant doing in those four hours?

2019-04-25 21:29:53 219 ℃


first state a position. < p > < p > < strong > I will not boycott Jingdong, and I also advise you not to boycott Jingdong.

Although I have written many articles that do not like Liu Qiangdong, and today I will continue to write an article that Liu Qiangdong does not like very much, but in fact I am a loyal customer of Beijing East Mall, because I like Beijing East Logistics. When I shop in Jingdong Mall, I basically choose the goods of Jingdong self-management and Jingdong logistics. I trust the quality of Jingdong self-management, and the one-day arrival speed of Jingdong logistics makes me feel very comfortable. I think Liu Qiangdong would like me to continue to nag him today just because of the above advertisements. In fact, whether he wants to or not, I will continue to nag him. I don't need any coupons from him. I can't be Deng Wendi.

OK, so let's continue to talk about today's topic: Liu Qiangdong XX in those four hours, what is his female assistant doing?


Girl Liu once told the police that Liu Qiangdong tormented her for four hours in an off-campus apartment. Now let's think about it again. Whether it's four hours of torture or four hours of enjoyment, it's still a question. But whether it's torture or enjoyment, the four hours are never running. So the question arises. As Liu Qiangdong's personal assistant, where did the white skirt lady go after her boss asked her to leave? No matter where she is, there are only two places. One is waiting in situ, the other is sleeping in the place where she stays.

Why should we analyze the irrelevant details of where the female assistant is? actually wants to analyze Liu Qiangdong's wildness and shamelessness from it.

I really hate to blame others on the moral high ground, but when a person is shameless enough to lose the bottom line, then I will not hesitate to let myself be a virgin bitch.

Let's imagine what a female assistant would think if she waited in situ for four hours downstairs. Would she want her boss to talk to a girl upstairs? No, she just thinks that her boss is really old and strong.

What if Liu Qiangdong let her go?

< p> < strong> Isn't that a more naked revelation that the boss wants to have ONS with female students? Where Liu Qiangdong's female assistant is no longer important. The important thing is that no matter where she is, the fact that she follows Liu Qiangdong to the apartment for girls reveals how unscrupulous Liu Qiangdong's P is. He doesn't care about any face or influence at all.

He does not care about his face, let alone his wife Zhang Zetian's face...

Maybe Zhang Zetian is a joke in the eyes of female assistants.

Liu Qiangdong is so capricious, in front of his company, give his wife a green cap, and take so calm, so righteous and strong...

In this world, almost everyone who has the right conditions has the possibility of derailment, so I do not have to be so disgusted with Liu Qiangdong because of ONS. What I dislike is that he shows kindness and love in public every day. About P is so rampant that there is no etiquette, righteousness and shame at all...

Old Mr. Jin Yong said that "people can be romantic, not downstream". I never wanted to understand the difference between downstream and downstream, but now I understand. < p > < p > < strong > Simon Qing is the wind, Liu Qiangdong is the dirty.

I don't know if I understand it, do I?