Meizu's 16S Experience: the Heterogeneity of the Comprehensive Screen Age

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Meizu's 16S Experience: the Heterogeneity of the Comprehensive Screen Age

2019-04-25 21:29:53 240 ℃

Meizu's recent life is not good. Strictly speaking, in the past year, small manufacturers have had a bad life. First, the hammer disappeared, Jinli went bankrupt, and then Meitou stopped its mobile phone business and handed it to Xiaomi. Today, with the development of smartphones, industry oligarchs have gradually emerged, forming a pattern in which several major manufacturers dominate the smartphone market. The stronger the strong, the weaker the weak.

Now there is only one small factory on the market that does not rely on mountains, it seems that only Meizu is left. < p > < p > < p > Meizu 16S came with the mission of the flagship of Meizu in 2019. < p > < strong > < strong > < strong > < strong > < strong > < strong > more extreme symmetrical aesthetics < br > < / strong > < / strong > < / strong > < / strong > < / strong > < / strong > < / strong > < / P > < p > Handfeel has always been a part of Meizu's pride, but it is very difficult to quantify this kind of thing, even if Meizu used many analogies to describe it at the release meeting, users are also very difficult to realize it. In addition, most manufacturers do not do a bad job in the sense of this matter, back glass + metal frame design has become the industry's general standard. 拿到魅族 16s 仍然没有太多手感上的惊喜。 Instead,

is the change of Meizu's small and fresh style. Every color matching has some caution in it. The texture of carbon fibers under the black glass is similar to that of the previous 6T McLaren version. Carbon fibre lines are not obvious, they need to be close to see.

White also adds some changes in light, unlike the previously highly praised "Ruyao White" white pure. It's more eye-catching in the first sense. Before seeing the real machine, there are many leaks on the internet. To be honest, white on the picture is not good, because the frame is too narrow, resulting in the black edge is too obvious. But in fact, after the hand, the black edge does not interfere with the line of sight as imagined, the whole is still better looking.

In addition to "ordinary" black and white, phantom blue is added, but the color changes, in the light treatment, as in the white version, there will be more changes.

To say the change of appearance, the biggest change of Meizu 16S should be further on the full screen. In the evolution of

full screen, everyone is moving towards a higher proportion of screens, and this road is divided into two major directions, one is to abandon the beauty of order and let form follow function, that is, special-shaped screen. Another is to compromise functionally in pursuit of pure beauty, such as the compromise of the lift camera for a full screen.

and the last way is exactly the way that Meizu is walking, and also the ultimate direction of the overall screen-to achieve beauty on the premise of uncompromising functions. But before technology such as screen cameras arrives, the road is doomed to be impossible for both sides to achieve the ultimate. So the direction of the Meizu is right, but at the moment, some of the two sides are not flattering.

Compared with the special-shaped screen, the symmetrical design of Meizu 16S is much better in experience, such as playing games and watching videos without being disturbed by the screen. No matter where the special-shaped screen develops, there is always no way to avoid interference with daily use. The lower border of

adopts COF encapsulation technology, and its width is similar to that of millet 9 visually. But after all, there is a 2000W camera in the upper frame, which can't be made narrower. The sizes of

still has no big surprise on display, using the 1080P standard of the mainstream flagship. According to Meizu's announcement, the customized screen improves three major shortcomings of OLED: bright color, dimming mode and harmful blue light.

Meizu improves the color problem by adjusting and adjusting. It claims that the color offset is only 1.5. Blue light and Samsung co-customize the screen, while adding DC dimming to improve the eye fatigue characteristics of OLED. Specific performance how to use for a long time and through the test of the instrument can be obtained. There is no surprise in the appearance of

Meizu 16s. The biggest problem is that 16S is based on the improvement of previous generations, not change. < p > < strong > < strong > < strong > < strong > < strong > < strong > < strong > the complement of the regular rules < br > < / strong > < / strong > < / strong > < / strong > < / strong > < / strong > < / P > < p > Hardware aspect, the processor is of course "Dragon 855", there should be no performance problems. LPDDR4X and UFS 2.1 are standard matches for flagship aircraft, needless to say.

also carries the fingerprint of "Friendship Business Sixth Generation" under the screen. The actual unlocking speed is also very fast, which is equal to that of millet 9. At present, the fingerprint under the screen is very mature, it is very difficult to open the gap between the unlock and the opponent, even if there is a gap, the user is also very difficult to perceive.

Meizu this time adopted dual-camera and double-OIS scheme, the main subject is IMX 586, 4800W pixel f/1.7 sensors used by major flagships, and the other camera is 2000 W pixel f/2.6 long focal length. The charge of

is 24W fast charge and 60% half-hour charge.

This time, Meizu 16S has supplemented the short board, added NFC function, and updated MEIZU Pay to support bank card and bus card. In addition to these routine hardware upgrades, Meizu 16S also has some features that are not available at this price.

First of all, the horizontal linear motor mEngine 3.0 has a good shock feeling, which is excellent in the Android camp. Compared with the iPhone 8, the difference of my personal shock feeling is not big, and the processing of the shock details is slightly weaker than that of the iPhone.

and double loudspeakers are also rare at this price. Please look forward to our follow-up evaluation of the specific performance of 16s.


From last year's price war between Meizu 16 and millet rice 1 yuan cheaper, to this year's price increase of Meizu 16S to 3198 yuan, Meizu seems determined to be a small and beautiful manufacturer, is it really unable to compensate? Or really don't want to argue? At present, the Meizu people are in a very embarrassing situation. It is difficult to make new technology because there are no big factories in innovation. The quantity of delivery is far less than that of large factories, so the bargaining power of natural supply chain is not enough, and the price can not be pressed down. Cheap to lose money, expensive to sell without the support of the core selling point, or even lower prices than you, hardware is better than you.

and Meizu's main battlefield is online consumers, online consumers value configuration most, online information asymmetry basically does not exist, in order to live well in this battlefield, it is necessary to pay a price and pay a price. The Meizu also has no advantage in the supply of

. Small factories usually sell a batch of goods and decide on the next batch only after repayment, which is the reason why Meizu 16 was out of stock for a long time last year. Under the pinch of mobile phones such as millet 9 and iQOO, the most important thing for Meizu 16S is to solve the problem of supply first. < p > < p > < p > Meizu 16S is not a very amazing mobile phone, of course, there are few mobile phones that can make you amazing now. Like most flagship phones, it is a bucket phone. Not surprising does not mean bad, on the contrary, bucket machines are the most suitable for consumers.

In the current competitive environment, Meizu 16S may be more advantageous in marketing if it is called Meizu 17, but it is really just an S-level upgrade. <<



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