Users of Shunfeng Express Service are careful not to be insured by its pricing service routine.

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Users of Shunfeng Express Service are careful not to be insured by its pricing service routine.

2019-04-25 21:29:58 869 ℃

More than 24 hours after signing and receiving the insurance indemnity application is inadmissible

after complaint

< strong> < strong> < p> after complaint

Shunfeng Express Transport requests to provide video evidence
to prove that it is not self-damaged goods

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worth nearly 20,000 yuan was damaged by


< p> < strong> Several times, they were told that Shunfeng only provided maintenance

< strong> < p > < strong > no compensation
< p > < section > < section > < section > < section > < section < 1 < section > because of exceeding the acceptance period of insured compensation
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refused compensation for more than 24 hours after signing a complaint was asked to provide video evidence
on April 17. Mr. Hou of Beijing ordered an assembled computer in Suzhou and sent it to Beijing by express mail to his friends. Because computers are specially assembled for work, the total price is nearly 20,000 yuan. Mr. Hou has insured the price for the computer. The premium is 100 yuan, plus the freight, Mr. Hou has paid a total of 504 yuan.




On the afternoon of April 23, the reporter of China Consumer Daily dialed 95338 as a consumer. When asking whether there was a period of acceptance of the insurance price, the customer service said that "the insurance compensation can be applied for within 24 hours after the signing and receiving of the insurance price. That's what the whole system stipulates."




顺丰速运是否有“签收后24小时内受理保价赔偿”的规定,并是否向消费者作有效告知 ? On April 23, a reporter from China Consumer Daily searched the official website of Shunfeng Express for relevant information on the insurance price, but did not find any relevant tips on accepting the insurance compensation within 24 hours after signing.


_Shunfeng Express official website screenshot

China Consumer Daily reporter tried to place an online order, after filling in the relevant information, an automatically checked-out "I agree with the terms of the Electronic Transport Bill Contract".

Shunfeng Express official website screenshot

reporters clicked on to find that Article 3 "Compensation clause" 1.2 indicates that if you have chosen to insure and paid the insured price, Shunfeng will compensate you according to the proportion of the insured value and actual loss, and the maximum loss of the consignment does not exceed the declared value of your consignment time guarantee price. 。 Article 3.2 indicates: declared value: Since Shunfeng cannot evaluate the actual value of the consignment, when the value of the consignment exceeds 1000 yuan, you should faithfully declare it to Shunfeng at the time of sending it; if you do not declare and insure the price, it is deemed not to exceed 1000 yuan.

>screenshot of Shunfeng Express Official Website

The reporter of China Consumer Daily also inquired through Shunfeng Express Official Website and consulted online customer service without any relevant information.





p>p>>> < strong > Lawyers claim that there is no legal basis < / strong > < / P > < p > < strong > and that there is no binding force < / strong > < / P > < p > China Consumer Daily reporter found that as early as 2017, some netizens said that they had passed the insurance period for various reasons and were refused compensation by Shunfeng.



Hou said that Shunfeng Express passenger service contacted him and said that he could repair computers, which was not satisfactory to Mr. Hou. "I have insured the price, but why is it broken and repaired without compensation?"

On April 24, in response to Mr. Hou's complaint, a customer service of Shunfeng Express told China Consumer Daily that the complaint had been accepted, but the specific situation was not clear. Before the publication of

, Ms. Ge, Public Affairs Department of Shunfeng Express, told China Consumer Daily that at present, the company does not stipulate that it will no longer accept premium compensation more than 24 hours after signing and receiving, but only hopes that consumers can give timely feedback when they find problems in receiving the goods. Ms. Ge said that the company had agreed with Mr. Hou to test the computer together on April 26. "How much should be compensated at that time?" Huang Wende, a lawyer of Henan British Law Firm, told China Consumer Daily that, according to the principle of good faith in contracts, valuable articles with high insured prices for consumers should be signed by the shipper himself unless the shipper entrusts others to do so. Therefore, it should be considered that Shunfeng Company has not fulfilled its obligation to deliver the goods. Shunfeng Company has not completed its obligation to deliver the goods in the process of delivery. In case of damage, compensation shall be made in accordance with the price guarantee rules signed by both parties.

"In the above-mentioned cases, Shunfeng Express Company proposed that the insured compensation can be applied for within 24 hours after signing, which is not binding on the shipper because there is no prior agreement between the two parties and there is no legal basis." Huang Wende said that as a carrier, Shunfeng has the obligation to deliver the goods safely after accepting the insured price. Only by providing evidence that the goods were delivered in good condition, can it be exempted from the liability for insured price compensation. <<<