American 18-year-olds claim $1 billion from Apple. Is Face Recognition System Reliable?

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American 18-year-olds claim $1 billion from Apple. Is Face Recognition System Reliable?

2019-04-25 21:30:03 796 ℃

Recently, Apple's Face Recognition System has been put on the shelf again.

An 18-year-old boy from New York, USA, sued Apple and claimed 1 billion US dollars only for Apple's face recognition system.

Ousmane Bah, an 18-year-old from New York State, was sitting at home watching TV last November when he was suddenly caught by federal police who broke into his home.

is suspected of theft in an Apple store.

According to Osman, one of the charges was that he was actually attending a high school graduation party in Manhattan when he stole in a Boston retail store.

and the photograph on the arrest warrant issued by the police was obviously not himself.

But it made him feel embarrassed and afraid to report that Apple had caught him without investigating clearly, and it brought him heavy pressure and burden.

So the 18-year-old took Apple and Security Industry Specialists to court in a fit of pique.


(Source: Pear Video)

In the lawsuit, Osman said that he had lost an internship license without a photo and might have been stolen by a real thieves. Then he took this certificate to the Apple Store to steal his identity information and was mistakenly linked. Tied to the burglar.

This also means that every time a burglar walks into the Apple Store, his face is registered as Osman Bar. After Boston's Apple Store was stolen for $1,200, thieves went to stores in New Jersey, Delaware and Manhattan, and Osman was considered the culprit.

(source: Yahoo news)

Therefore, even though I am totally different from a burglar, I am still wrongly caught.

So far, the charges against Ottoman in several other states, except New Jersey, have all been dropped.

The indictment also states that Face Recognition used in Apple stores is an "Orwellian" personal monitoring of consumers, which consumers are unaware of.
Apple and security companies have not responded to this.

/p> Speaking of face recognition, this technology has brought great changes to our lives in today's society, and its role has been irreplaceable in many aspects.

Many railway stations in China only need to scan tickets and ID cards, and then brush a face at the terminal of the system to complete the validation. The whole process only takes 5 seconds.

(source: microblog)

eat out, buy vegetables, buy milk tea, can be solved by brushing the face.







<<< br>

>> even before the concert The"cattle"that paid for tickets lost their breeding ground.

(source: yahoo)

Jacky Cheung's singing concert "repeatedly made extraordinary achievements", and five fugitives were caught by face recognition.



In this era, as if everything is going to face recognition, we must recognize that the emergence of this technology is to promote the development of society.

But at the same time, face recognition technology has been carrying the disputes of morality and ethics since its birth. < br>

< p> because this technology is based on deep learning of human face, first of all, there must be a certain number of face databases for the machine to continue learning, in order to make it achieve the desired results in practical applications.

Therefore, collecting a large amount of user's facial information is an essential process.

For example, the partners of Metro Show have collected more than 1 billion photos and set up an amazing number of celebrity photo galleries.

although they said that the company collected the features of the photos, not the photos themselves. But this behavior of calling photos without user's permission has infringed user's privacy.
Researchers at Stanford University demonstrated that 81% of the accuracy of the algorithm was able to identify homosexual and heterosexual male students when they presented their faces to face recognition machines with pictures of a homosexual male student and a heterosexual male student.

If this is put in many countries where homosexuality is still considered a crime, the consequences can be imagined.

(Image Source: Sina)

In addition to moral problems, facial recognition technology still has many defects and shortcomings.

For example, the attendance machine commonly used by every company can be identified as the same person only by the face information 60% coincidence .

The Independent also reported that face recognition technology is not as efficient and accurate as claimed by the outside world. A new data from

shows that the face recognition software used by British Metropolitan Police did not match correctly in 98% of the cases. At the Geek Pwn 2017 International Security Geek Competition,

, after graduating from Zhejiang University, the female hacker "tyy" showed you how to crack the access control system with any face in two and a half minutes, which showed us the loopholes in the face recognition equipment.



Like the evolution of human civilization, technology often brings us not all the results we want to see at the beginning. Overall, this technology has become the trend of the future development of science and technology. As long as there are strict laws to protect our privacy, face recognition will bring a lot of convenience to life. <<<