Under pressure, domestic mobile phones launched a price reduction competition.

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Under pressure, domestic mobile phones launched a price reduction competition.

2019-04-25 21:30:04 727 ℃

Huawei announced a 50% year-on-year increase in mobile phone shipments in the first quarter. Together with Huawei, competition among OPPO, vivo and millet is becoming fierce. Recently, these three mobile phone brands have launched a price reduction competition.

OV competes with millet

According to the ranking of China's smartphone market shipments published by IDC in 2018, Huawei ranks first with 105 million units, followed by OPPO and vivo shipments of 78.9 million and 76 million respectively, and millet shipments of 52 million. Huawei has gained a leading edge in the domestic smartphone market. Under the circumstances that Huawei is in the first camp, OPPO and vivo in the second camp are playing the game of grabbing the market share of millet. Since the second quarter of last year, OPPO and vivo began to launch cost-effective mobile phones to penetrate the online mobile phone market. As they continue to add codes to the online mobile phone market, the growth rate of millet's shipments in the last four quarters has been declining. By the fourth quarter of last year, millet's mobile phone shipments fell 34.9% year-on-year, while OPPO and vivo have achieved positive growth.

Since entering this year, vivo has launched the online mobile phone brand iqoo in the domestic market. iqoo competes directly with Xiaomi's Xiaomi 9 mobile phone. This has also led to the persistent hunger and thirst marketing of Xiaomi 9. In contrast, vivo's iqoo has won high praise. At present, vivo has a low-end performance-to-price ratio to the Z-line and middle-end and high-end iqoo, which has been compared with Xiaomi's. Mi has launched an all-round competition.

OPPO began to follow up rapidly when vivo had begun to compete with millet. Following the launch of the first cost-effective mobile phone K1 in the domestic market in October last year, OPPO began to promote the price-effective mobile phone brand realme in the domestic market. Realme is an online mobile phone brand launched by OPPO in India last June. It mainly promotes the mobile phone style of RMB 1000. It has made some achievements in the Indian market. Now it is likely to compete with millet in the price range of RMB 1000-2000 when it returns to the domestic market.

OV two mobile phone companies are eager to expand the online mobile phone market, which is related to the domestic smartphone market environment. The total market share of China's top four mobile phone companies and Apple has reached nearly 90%. It is very difficult to continue to win market share from small and medium-sized mobile phone companies, which forces competition among China's top four mobile phone companies. In the domestic mobile phone market, Huawei has taken the lead, while OPPO and vivo are competing. Gradually formed the pattern of pinch millet.

Home-made mobile phones launched a price reduction competition

online mobile phone market. Huawei's Internet brand glory has surpassed Xiaomi as the largest online mobile phone brand in the first quarter of 2017, and has remained since then. Compared with OPPO, vivo and Xiaomi, the glory has won with the tactics of machine and sea. From the e-commerce platform, we can see that the glory almost every 100 yuan lays out a hand. Machine, which makes it fully meet the needs of consumers at all levels. By contrast, OPPO, vivo and millet have won with high-quality tactics. Their mobile phone styles are much fewer than Huawei's, which leads to the frequent comparison of the three major mobile phone brands'mobile phone styles, and several of their cost-effective mobile phones have recently launched price reduction competitions to compete for the market. < p > < p > OPPO released in October last year, the cost-effective mobile phone K1 has dropped to 1299 yuan, and the Z3 of vivo has been reduced to 1448 yuan after calculating various discounts. In addition to the two well-known cost-effective mobile phones, in fact, there are other mobile phone styles around 1000 yuan, which shows that the two mobile phone companies have been fighting in the cost-effective mobile phone market. The deep penetration of OPPO and vivo into the performance-price ratio mobile phone market undoubtedly puts great pressure on millet, and the sharp decline of millet shipments in the domestic market in the fourth quarter of last year has put it under great pressure, so millet has to follow up the price reduction. From an e-commerce platform, we can see that the price of millet released last year has dropped to 1349 yuan compared with the price of mobile phone millet 8SE. Compared with the price of 1999 yuan released last year, the price reduction of millet is 32%. The price reduction is larger than that of OPPO and vivo than that of mobile phone. This shows that millet is under great pressure in the face of OV competition.

The domestic smartphone market has been declining for two consecutive years, and Huawei has called for more than 40% of the domestic mobile phone market. Under the pressure of Huawei, the competition among OPPO, vivo and millet will be more intense. At present, the price reduction competition launched by the last three enterprises reflects the fierce competition among them for market share.