10Gbps Wi-Fi is coming! Qualcomm's new 802.11 ay Wi-Fi standard is approved by the FCC

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10Gbps Wi-Fi is coming! Qualcomm's new 802.11 ay Wi-Fi standard is approved by the FCC

2019-08-07 00:33:09 514 ℃

IT House July 15th News As 5G networks begin to be implemented in various regions, speed can be faster than Wi-Fi under certain conditions. However, 5G can achieve "overtaking" of the network speed, and Wi-Fi naturally has to "speed up" the speed of the network. According to the latest news, Qualcomm has obtained the new Wi-Fi standard of 802.11ay through the approval of the FCC. It is expected that the speed of the mobile phone will be greatly improved when using Wi-Fi in the future.

The latest news indicates that the latest 60GHz 802.11ay Wi-Fi standard approved by the FCC is jointly developed by Qualcomm and wireless analysis, test company Sporton, and is expected to be in the near future. After the large-scale implementation in the market. The 802.11ay standard has a top speed of 10 Gbps compared to the earlier 802.11ad standard, while the latter has a maximum speed of only 5 Gbps.

However, this technology is still based on 60Ghz conditions. At present, the 60Ghz wall penetration ability is too bad. As long as there is an obstacle between the device and the transmitter, the network speed will be affected, so it is only suitable for short-distance high-speed transmission. It is expected that major companies will add automatic switching to related devices in the future when they support this new Wi-Fi standard.

Under the existing Wi-Fi standard, the average device can only push the speed to 1 Gbps when using MIMO technology. With the continuous development of technology, 2 Gbps and 10 Gbps have begun to enter the consumer market. The new 802.11 ay Wi-Fi standard developed now is believed to play a vital role in promoting the development of 10 Gbps networks.