Joe Biro B station live broadcast and was sealed: looking for a rhythm, scam viewers to brush gifts, the official are seeing spit

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Joe Biro B station live broadcast and was sealed: looking for a rhythm, scam viewers to brush gifts, the official are seeing spit

2019-08-07 00:33:14 553 ℃

Recently, the "red-yellow-purple" net red belongs to His Royal Highness, and of course, her high popularity is the result of the onlookers of the sunspots and passers-by. The real fans have already run out, and after His Royal Highness Joe Bilu was removed from the name of the fighting fish, the popularity of Weibo has reached a new height.

Recently, a new song was made. Under the influence of the face-opening incident of His Royal Highness, the ranking of the new song also quickly rose to the forefront of the list, and the most common thing that His Royal Highness is now. That is, under each Weibo, I commented on the interaction with the netizens, but she most wants to do it fairly and continue to be the anchor. This can be seen from her recent remarks.

Everyone knows that each platform is different. Fighting her to remove her name does not mean that she will say goodbye to the live broadcast forever. Therefore, His Royal Highness Joe Bilu is always looking for live broadcast. The platform, Qiao Biluo had previously threatened to "find someone to finance the self-built live broadcast platform", but eventually abandoned the idea because of lack of ability.

Recently, His Royal Highness Joe Bilu has made progress recently, and Joe Bilu has actually stared at Station B, and opened a live account at Station B. When the B station users recognize this, After Joe Perry, the public blasted the pot, and the friends rushed past Weibo. In just a few hours, the popularity once soared to the forefront of the platform, and a large number of small partners brushed out gifts. The live broadcast of His Royal Highness Joe Bilu has a feeling of a second spring.

However, under the next stupid operation, His Royal Highness Joe Bilu caused her to offend the official B station. At the beginning, His Royal Highness Joe Bilu was always thanking the audience for the reward of the gift in the live broadcast. Thanks to the gift of who and who, Xiaobian really thought that there are many passers-by to give her gifts, but also to find out that people really have a feeling for her. Only later did I know the truth.

It turns out that under the rules of His Royal Highness Joe Bilu, when the live broadcast, her agent team started to operate, that is to find some trumpet, posing as a passerby fan Crazy to give myself a gift, the result of who thought, B station is very strict with this kind of thing, fake audience to give gifts, too arrogant, directly angered B station, so the popular Joe Biro, live for a long time notIt’s been sealed, and it’s a permanent seal. It’s a great heart.

Perhaps Joe Bilu’s previous live broadcast of “seeking childcare with rhythm, deceiving passersby to brush gifts” has been tried repeatedly, thinking that it can be copied at station B, and the official does not eat. This set, and the audience does not tolerate her, after the incident, the barrage has said that "roll out of station B."

Nowadays, His Royal Highness has been removed from the Betta and B stations. The platform she can go to will permanently reduce the two. Originally, the B station may be directed at her popularity, and give her the opportunity to broadcast live, but because of her own stupid operation, angered the official, think it is also embarrassing.