Millet 惭愧! This Japanese company can make everything: piano, motorcycle, luxury yacht...

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Millet 惭愧! This Japanese company can make everything: piano, motorcycle, luxury yacht...

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Although Xiaomi does everything

has become the trend of "Millet Department Store"

but in front of this Japanese company is really pediatrics

This company focuses on cross-disciplinary 130 years

truly interpret the sentence

"The chef who does not want to be a tailor is not a good driver"

YAMAHA, presumably everyone I have heard of this brand

in our lives

seems to have its existence in all aspects

such as

you may have seen him sell various instruments

may have seen him play motorcycle

Now it seems like the car is playing

[123 ] may have bathed in his bathtub

even called his family's virtual idol

[123 ]

What? Haven't seen the Hatsune Miku?

The leek song has always heard it!

When I saw these dazzling products

I wonder if you have such a thought:

There are companies in the world that have completely duplicated names?

After all, there is absolutely no connection between these products


although there is Yamaha Group

The two brothers of the Yamaha Engine Group

seem to be independent of each other, noisy

but in fact they are still a family

together is an all-powerful hegemon [ 123]

network products, sporting goods, kitchen toiletries, engines...

except heavy industry

Yamaha does not engage

Distraction is a taboo for doing things

If a person wants to do everything well

then he can't do anything well

Yamaha is so chaotic, there will be no interest

but Yamaha says:

Distracted bad things? Don't make trouble, don't exist!

Look at your transcript!

Yamaha has a 23% share of the global musical instrument market, with an overwhelming advantage; Yamaha motorcycle market share is the world's second; Yamaha outboard market share is the world's first;

Everyone sees that almost all the industries he is involved in

have a place in the world

What is it like?

Like the

"Children of other people's family" that is fully developed by the German, intellectual, and artistic?

Can Yamaha have today's cross-border glory? This is all thanks to the boss who is not doing business

every new attempt

comes from the boss:

Since XX has been done Then, let's do XXX!

This created Yamaha

influenced the boss of the world

is called Yamagata

His life summed up, just a few words:

can not do bb

from childhood, Yamaha is a very strong child after growing up, is more about machinery Very fascinated

so his first job

was a medical device repairman

but only repairing this

could not satisfy his hands-on desire

So there is a broken one in the village

He will take the initiative to ask: Will you come?

Such enthusiasm is widely circulated among the folks

[12]3] Finally passed to the ears of Japan's Hamamatsu Vulgar Primary School

So one day, the elementary school issued an invitation:

Shan Yejun, we have something to ask

Respecting the Steps

Save a dying American organ!

Although it is not clear what the organ is , it is done!

So, it took only 3 days

Yamaha to repair the organ that had never been touched

and also understood the internal structure of the piano

[ 123] With years of experience in playing machinery

Yamaha feels that the structure of this organ is too unreasonable

is simply rubbish!

Since I can fix it, it must be able to make it!

It is better to build a better one

After 63 days of trial and error

Japan's first domestic organ was born In order to prove himself

Yamaha took the organ and went to the Tokyo Music Research Institute

to let the music teachers taste

咱This craft is right Not right

"The shape is good, but the law is not accurate, it is difficult to use"

The words of the professors are clear: Things look good, but they can't be used. When the display is ok

or eat a loss of culture

For the future to make money, Yamaha stayed in Tokyo

Zero-learning music theory and tuning method

finally after the fourth month

used a tuning fork to call up a standard reed organ [ 123] even more accurate than the British imported piano

this time, the praise of the professors

in honor of accompanying him for more than 100 days of tuning fork

Yamaha uses three tuning forks

as YAMAHABrand Logo

officially founded YAMAHA

from repair equipment to production organ

in the process of making the piano


Yamaha also often receives commission to repair other Western musical instruments

especially the business of the piano

mountain leaves to think, how to make the piano Fast?

So I waved

Yamaha's head

turned to the road of making piano

soon after

Japan An upright piano

and a grand piano were created

With the development of the times

Electronic music became popular Yamaha feels that

traditional instruments should also keep up with the pace of the times

How to mix in the industry without adding stunts

Thus, Yamaha launched

a series of highly technical products

the piano itself with the function of recording, modification, editing

just like Jackie Chan used the overlord The same

"Duang" once detonated the market

After making achievements in the piano industry

Yamaha began to expand "Since the most complicated piano can be done,

that other instruments have been done by the way."

3 years

山叶I played guitar, trumpet, drums, etc.

all over

I like what you want

[ 123]

by the electronic music of Dongfeng

Yamaha smoothly pushed the market to

electric piano, electric guitar field basically Western musical instruments

that can be found in the bandWithout them

on the road of electronic music

Yamaha has actually encountered many problems

For example, the price of components for making electronic musical instruments is too high

If you do hard, you must lose money

You have to solve the problem

think about it, Yamaha think

Or do it yourself, the food and clothing are reliable Just like this

Yamaha mastered the corresponding digital signal technology

By the way, the router also came out

[123 ]

At this point, from the instrument to the post-production

Yamaha all-inclusive

to ensure the user's one-stop service experience In addition, by chance [ 123] Yamaha realized that

simulation vocal synthesis

is the ultimate development direction of electronic music

So, Yamaha went around

] Finally found and invested in a project called


relying on this project

is to understand the most basic "Varimer"

introduced a sounding software called Vocaloid

[ 123] It is with it that there is a red-hot Hatsune Miku and Luo Tianyi

saying that you are welcome

anime otakus see Yamaha


ought to be a head to worship, shouting father-in-law

At this point, as long as it is in the field of electricity and sound

Yamaha is the absolute king

It is also here

Yamaha's "No Business" has just begun

when making piano

[ 123]Yamaha has a good hand to do woodworking

Yamaha feels good is a craft, wavePity

then began to make furniture and houses across the line

I did not expect

this move was discovered by the Japanese government

The government felt that this carpentry could indeed

so during the Second World War

they were transferred to the aircraft propeller test when the propeller was completely ok

[123 ] is that the engine is old and faulty

allegedly dismissed

simply to build their own engine

in the same or not

The excellent spirit to be done

Yamaha's engine

became the quality assurance of the time

Due to the downturn of the musical instrument market after World War II Yamaha

with engine technology entered the motorcycle industry

YA-1 came into being

in various motorcycles After the car race was topped out

Yamaha's engine was completely ignited in the circle

The big brother of the automobile industry came to the cigarette

Do you want to make money together?

So, the AE86 in the initial D is available

There is no pressure on the ground

Can you swim in the water? try it?

People have money, and the waist is also hard

One shot is a big business - engage in luxury yachts

in the process of shipbuilding

Yamaha found another good thing:


and then got the manufacturing process of FRP

, of course, to use it after mastering a technology What are you doing?

The slide seems to be a fun thing

It would be better to be a water slide

Affected by this

Yamaha amusement park, swimming pool, bathtub...

and the water-stained things

were all drummed out by Yamaha


Can you still be crazy? ? Of course!

Because the boss likes golf

but the golf course is too big, it is too tired to walk


A traveling golf car debut

Do a whole set of ideas

implement each generation of Yamaha [ 123]

Golf series supplies, one can not be less!

Golf clubs are of course also among them

Since the clubs have been made, other sporting goods are not as good as?

So, tennis rackets, bows, skis... All the

we saw did not escape the claws of Yamaha

Legend has it that in Yamaha

there is a company's highest ideal:

listening to Yamaha, playing Yamaha

sitting in Yamaha, riding Yamaha

is playing with Yamaha, living in Yamaha

Now, it seems that only "live" is not realized

Is this a problem? Not

Yamaha employees who are used to "creating miracles"

never give up any craft

before building a house

However, the foundation is still

relying on the legacy of the predecessors they have bravely built the house skill tree

and finally created the Yamaha Resort...

[ 123]

At this point, the four major visions of eating, drinking, and playing

have been fully realized

one person Yamaha, allLaughing Haha

The tears envy of the director

Today, the world is admiring Yamaha's brain hole

also admire them

"Done line, one line,

line, line"

brilliant achievements [123 ] This "no business" and "three-hearted" enterprise is not as self-styled as most companies

but like an imaginative child

full of curiosity, courage Exploring

such a mentality

created Yamaha's vitality

People never think

The next step will be to go

and the creed of "everything is going to do everything"

let them "play big" while

can also "play Good"

hope that we are also like Yamaha

always keep the pursuit of innovation

challenge to the unknown

Do everything in his power to do everything

In time

, the next article

Is writing you