so cool! France's "Iron Man" successfully flew over the English Channel for the first time, creating a milestone in humanity in 22 minutes

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so cool! France's "Iron Man" successfully flew over the English Channel for the first time, creating a milestone in humanity in 22 minutes

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When the domestic anime "Where the Devil's Angels Comes into the World" detonated the summer file, in France, on the other side of the Eurasian continent, a French uncle likes to walk on the hot wheels. Flying over the English Channel, it took 22 minutes.

According to reports from foreign media such as The Verge and the British newspaper The Guardian, on August 4th, French inventor Franky Zapata took a ride. His single-handed Flyboard Air (flying suspension skateboard) completed this feat, creating the first human record of flying through the English Channel through a single jet, a milestone for humanity.

Therefore, the technology media does not hesitate to praise the rhetoric, and use the "Iron Man" to call Zapata. Some people have begun to think about it. It is very likely that after commuting to work, they will no longer crowd the bus and the subway. They do not need to drive and ride through crowded roads. The air flight of the whole people may become a reality.

Photo | Zapata driving Flyboard Air through the English Channel (Source: The Verge)

Two attempts to succeed, high-tech support behind the back The 40-year-old Frenchman, departing from the northern coastal city of Sangatte (Sangat), took the Flyboard Air to St Margaret's Bay in the Dover area of ​​England, and succeeded in 22 minutes. Flying over the English Channel of 35.4 km, the top speed is 177 km/h.

图|Fly map (Source: The Guardian)

It should be noted that this trip is not in one go , because Zapata's flying backpack With only 10 minutes of fuel supply, a mid-stream refueling point was set up on the English Channel, stopping midway to refuel and completing the entire flight.

This is the second time that Zapata has tried to cross the strait, the first failed experience, giving Zapata more success.

just 10 days ago, July 25On the first day, Zapata tried to fly over the English Channel using Flyboard Air. Although everything was ready at the time, a lot of flight exercises were carried out, the route planning was perfect, and the gas station was designed on the way, but before the attempt, he still said that there was only a 30% chance of success.

This is indeed the case, as the waves and wind speeds of the English Channel fluctuated greatly, causing Zapata's Flyboard Air to fall a few centimeters from the gas station in the middle of the strait, flying for the first time across the strait.

Figure | Zapata takes off (source: Le Monde)

After the failure, Zapata said he would try again. The second time he flew over the English Channel, Zapata and his team adjusted the flight routes ahead of time and used larger ships and fueling platforms to deal with the last mistakes. This time, he succeeded.

图|Safata landing scene (Source: Le Monde)

At the destination of Dover, England, Zapata is like a sky drop The gods usually land without the need for parachutes and any cushions. Later, he told the BBC reporter: "We built this machine (equipment) three years ago. Now we have crossed the strait. It is crazy. Is this a historic event, I am not the one who made the decision, Time will help me prove."

The "three years ago equipment" mentioned by Zapata is Flyboard Air. In 2016, Zapata upgraded his suspension skateboard line and launched the Flyboard Air product.

The Flyboard Air has an overall weight of approximately 20 kg and consists of three parts, the aircraft body, fuel backpack and remote control . There are six turbine engines on the aircraft, four of which are responsible for propulsion and steering underneath. The two engines on the side are responsible for controlling the attitude stability. The fuel backpack is loaded with Jet A1 aviation fuel, and the aviation fuel passes through the pipe. The turbine engine ignites a downwardly rushing gas that pushes the pilot into the sky, providing a continuous flight of up to 10 minutes; the remote control is in the hands of the pilot,To control the power of the engine on the aircraft, this is the "throttle."

图|Flyboard Air's construction (Source: Zapata official website)

In the development of the Flyboard Air system, the aircraft's balancing algorithm is the most difficult part, the Zapata team developed The special algorithm allows each engine to individually fine-tune the nozzle angle and propulsion, and to match the flight body's body movements, to achieve forward and backward and rotation. Even can fly safely when only 3 engines are working .

In theory, a fuel backpack can fly the Flyboard Air at normal speed for 10 minutes. Officials have said that the Flyboard Air can reach a height of 3,000 meters and a top speed of 150 kilometers per hour. The speed limit of the expressway, but this is only an estimated flight estimate. If there are external factors including waves, wind speed and temperature, it only supports a range of about 3 kilometers .

On May 3, 2016, Zapata manipulated the Flyboard Air and created a new Kyrgyzstan after flying 2,252 meters at a low altitude on the south coast of France. Nice World Record: The longest distance from the hoverboard.

When asked about the feeling of driving Flyboard Air, Zapata said, "I open my arms because it helps me control my movements. When I open my hands, I feel the wind blows your hands. And there is nothing at your feet, it is really difficult to describe this process, you have to go through this moment to understand."

and according to The Verge's interview with Zapata in 2016, in a test In the middle, Zapata did not consider the impact of the wind speed on the life of the Flyboard Air. After falling for 5 seconds in the high altitude of 275 meters, he quickly crashed in the sea, the fuel was exhausted, and Zapata also rubbed his shoulders with death. Over.

Graph |Franky Zapata (Source:WUTC)

Whether there is a parachute on the flight skateboard if there is an accidentWhen it comes to protective measures, Zapata said that there is actually a parachute and other equipment before flying at high altitude. In the water, there is a certain buffer time. This time is enough for people to act, and the whole equipment will experience failure. , but the security can be guaranteed.

Constantly innovating and realizing the flying dream of ordinary people

The Flyboard Air used in this flight is already the second generation of Zapata.

In 2011, Zapata invented the Flyboard on the watercraft, which uses the recoil power generated by the water spray device installed in the leg to allow the rider to vacate on the water and form a certain angle of flight. Can fly to a height of about 10 meters.

图|Flyboard Aquatic Vehicle (Source: Jetpack Adventures)

There was also a manual remote control that can stably run various flight attitudes and control flight angles, making a lot of cool Hyun action. Since then, the device has become popular around the world, becoming a bridge in various extreme sports and television movies. With mass production, Flyboard is used by more people.

Zapata, founded by Zapata, has launched the flying board Flyboard and Hoverboard, and realized the dream of flying with the power of water. This is the source of the beginning of the whole dream.

However, the Flyboard is driven by water pressure, and it can't get rid of that long big water pipe. It can only be a small-scale show, and it can't fly far.

went to the second generation of Flyboard Air, and started the stove on the power principle. The propulsion power changed from water to aerodynamics, realizing the true flight.

Although Flyboard Air is cool, but its manipulation requires a lot of training, it is difficult for ordinary people to master .

In order to reduce the difficulty of control, so that its products can have a broader market, Zapata has launched an upgraded version of Flyboard Air - FlyBoard EZfly. EZfly is the abbreviation of Easy Fly, which means: easy to fly.

图|Flyboard Ezfly (Source: Newatlas)

Zapata does not brag, EZfly has two longer grips than Flyboard Air, like a balance car, feet Plus hands, greatly reducing the difficulty of operation, and flying more stable.

EZfly has made a lot of improvements in terms of security and ease of learning. The triple redundant system is used for flight control, and the automatic hover mode is also set, which greatly improves safety.

However, EZfly can also be played without getting started, and it must be trained. To drive EZfly, you need to have a three-day water training on the Flyboard and then train for about four days on EZfly's large training platform.

EZfly has a top speed of 130 km/h, which is slightly lower than Flyboard Air and can last for 12 minutes in the air, up to 3000 meters.

Due to the flexibility and particularity of EZfly, the R&D team believes that EZfly can be applied to military, emergency rescue, professional maintenance and entertainment.
Innovative products have attracted much attention

It is worth mentioning that the flying hoverboard designed by Zapata has attracted the interest of the French military.

In 2016, defense contractor Implant Sciences planned to acquire its company. Although the transaction later failed, the French military department has been supporting it. The defense and procurement agencies have awarded Zapata a grant of 1.3 million euros. Help them develop aircraft equipment. In the process of Flyboard Air flying over the English Channel, there is also the French Maritime Bureau.

图|Drive Flyboard Air Flight (Source: InsideHook)

French Defense MinisterIn an interview with French local media, Florence Parly said that Flyboard Air has a very good prospect in the military field. It can be used as a logistics platform for aircraft or as an attack platform in actual combat.

However, the Global Times quoted experts as saying that the Flyboard Air unit is not suitable for military use. The efficiency is low, the load is limited, and it is not possible to fly for a long time; in addition, the noise of such devices is relatively large, and it is difficult to achieve the effect of hidden surprises. So they generally do not change the existing operational model. But if it can reduce costs, it can be used for security patrols or counter-terrorism operations.

For our average person, the device itself can be used as commuting to and from work . Like an electric car like Tesla, it takes a while to add energy to it. Can travel smoothly. At present, low-altitude traffic is still in a blank undeveloped state, and it is handed over to the aircraft at high altitude, and it will become a paradise for Flyboard Air.

And this is also the initial heart of Zapata. He told the media that he was the most exciting thing is that


of the "completion of the initial target, until one day to present it to the world.": Lin Zhijia

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