80 Cheng Wei: 4 years of $35 billion, and had more than and 30 opponents to fight!

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80 Cheng Wei: 4 years of $35 billion, and had more than and 30 opponents to fight!

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"Many times, a little careless, drops may die"

-Wei Cheng-

250 million registered users, 360 cities, 10 million calls, 5000+ employees, recently with the merger of excellent step, the drops of the valuation jumped to $35 billion.These figures, so that drops travel has a giant shadow.

CEO Cheng Wei of the company,After 80, 30.

100 thousand business, net worth billions of dollars, PK out of more than and 30 competitors, selectedForbesInfluential people under 40 years of age. He joined the global board of directors, becomingThe first Chinese person to serve as director of the U.S., this also means that China's 80 entrepreneurs are gradually into the ranks of the first line of entrepreneurs.

And these achievements, he used only 4 years

Cheng Wei has led the team to fight in the den in the blood for 4 years. Chengwei to their entrepreneurial described as "plot rich drama", "many times, a little careless. Drops may is dead," he recalled.

The 4 years in the face of difficulties and competition is also followed, but, each time must go down, with tireless repetition and patience to kill the opponent, as far as possible to survive.

From selling insurance, foot shop workers

Broke into Ali, all the way to open up

Because the college entrance examination to do three math problems, Cheng Wei was transferred to the administrative management of Beijing University of Chemical Technology. "How can the University of chemical engineering management professional." Cheng Wei's curiosity was verified, it is the first time that the chemical university administrative management professional enrollment.

University four years and no special end, in 2004, Cheng Wei graduated from the University, 21 years old.

There is no suitable job to choose from,Cheng Wei was one of the insurance of the eldest sister to go, paid 800 yuan deposit, start your life doing this are not even the salary of the job.

Frequently after eating cold-shoulder treatment, Chengwei to find their own college dean, he bought an insurance claim.

"Not that I don't help you, even the dogs in our family have insurance."."The teacher's words inspired Cheng Wei resolutely quit his job.

Next, he applied for a job as an assistant manager of a famous medical care company in a certain country. When he was happy to go to work, only to findThis famous company is a foot store.

And for a few jobs, Cheng Wei went to ali.

Starting from the basic salary of 1500 yuan, do a "export" product sales in B2B department. With the impression that the Internet company staff sit in bright and spacious office, Cheng Wei, the main work is to do foreign trade of those small factories, small trading companies explain this product how can help them expand their business.6 years, he spent 5 cities in the office of the day is not much.

Cheng Wei was in charge of the sales teamOnly 4 people, very weak. Cheng Wei spent only one year, the team achieved a national third, when the Alibaba has 9000 sales, is divided into several hundred teams.

GQ reported: in the beginning of this small team was founded, he called the team members in a small restaurant dinner, for the team to take a loud name. We are not satisfied, all sorts of gossip, then look to the new head of the young.Cheng Wei spoke four words have thought: harbourside.

800 thousand founder drops

In the edge of life and death every time, a victory

Ali 8 years, the value of the battle value is amazing. Cheng Weiyi road was promoted to Ali's youngest director, to the most young regional manager of the B2B Department of Alibaba. To the Alipay B2C division deputy general manager.

When it is their turn to start a business, Cheng Wei thought for a full 9 months, before and after the consideration of 6 entrepreneurial projects, until the last one, choose to enter the traditional taxi industry, finally resigned. On the second day, he registered a small orange technology, began to develop drops taxi APP.

Push yourself, hire passengers.

Cheng Wei "has nothing to do with it"

Won the competition is not easy, access to the driver side also encountered difficulties. Line team will 189 Beijing taxi company next to height to find it again, only Changping, a name of Yinshan company is willing to cooperate. This is a 200 cars for a small company.Cheng Wei personally into battle,Go to a Jingshan Hill taxi company, to beat the driversAbout 40 minutes.Last,Only 6.

One day, there are only 16 drivers on the software.Cheng Wei said:At least 16 drivers believe us, we can not let these 16 people down, can not let the 16 lights out. No orders, I'll find someone to take a taxi. I interviewed a person, he asked what the job is, I said a taxi. I give you 400 every day, you go around the three ring taxi, do not go to Changping, the capital is limited, the province a little flower."

On September 9, 2012, taxi drops on the line, after two months, Didi's book only ten thousand yuan, Cheng Wei successively visited dozens of investors, but found nothing."But the game has already started and there is no way to stop."Cheng Wei recalls.

"We are ups and downs, Cheng Wei to stabilize the overall situation, so that we feel, along with the boss is absolutely reliable of. The only question is short." Drops founder Li Xiang impression of Cheng wei.

Drops was founded six months later, single day orders exceeded 1000 single.sound of dripping waterAlso completed the A round of financing, access to the Jinsha River venture capital $3 million.

Rapid growth, PK off more than and 30 competitors

Holding angel investors Wang Gang 700 thousand and 100 thousand of their own, Cheng Wei into the travel market.He led the drops of the team to participate in the history of the Internet's most brutal competition.

Kill shook his trick car won the Beijing Market

To Shanghai staking, kill the hornet

Fast acquisition, burn to carry the dead in the end

After the subsidy war, in addition to the fast and drops, the other more than and 30 opponents have disappeared.

Tencent pony brother seek cooperation

Drops in WeChat red under the outbreak

In the spring of 2013, Peng Zhijian, general manager of the investment department of the Tencent, first invited Cheng Wei to persuade. Later, Ma Huateng in Beijing to participate in the two sessions during a special trip to ask the way to eat.

After this meal, in April 2013, the company received a $15 million investment in the Tencent group.

In May 2014, after the drops stopped subsidies, began to think about the next strategy.Cheng Wei first thought of a taxi to send a red envelope this product ideas.Drops of red, lethal, the subsidies into a product, the way to enlarge the spread of social networking.

Drops fast burn Wars

Dead carry in the end, the final led merger

In the shopping and fast days, the most famous is called "seven days" of the story.

In January 2014, drops launched subsidy war, behind WeChat and Alipay "payment battle". Two weeks time, orders rose 50 times, seeing 40 servers can not hold up. Drops CTO Zhang BoxiangCheng Wei for help, Chengwei night phone Ma Huateng, Ma mobilized an elite technical force in Tencent,1000 servers were prepared overnight. In Suzhou Street branch bank building, Zhang Bo and technical team, Tencent forcesFor seven days and nights, rewriting server architecture.

"At that time, the situation is that our server hung up, the user will be rushed to the fast, the fast will hang, users come back, we will hang. The test is the first server to stabilize the server, the user will be precipitation."

"Tuesday out of the building," Zhang Bo said,All smell. A strategic engineer directly into the wife of the delivery room, another engineer's contact lenses have not been taken down." Zhang Bo can't forget all his life,The team was an illusionShouted, "earthquake", all members of bomb ran downstairs and found other people are not feeling. (GQ China report)

The intense shopping, has fostered a taxi market. Drops of passengers from 20 million to 100 million surge in the peak, when the peak of the subsidy dropsMarket shareA total of up to 98%, of which drops accounted for 6 into.The battle also led to the subsequent merger of the dominant position.

This can not breathe the war, shaping the dimension and his team no one can and the fighting force. "Appearance is his practice, he can be very soft, this is Eq. But the heart is very tough, he has the heart of a champion." Yang Jianhong said.

The biggest success is winning the heart of Liu Qing.

Liu Qing help drops merge fast, the acquisition of Uber China

Three rounds of financing $11 billion drops

In July 8, 2014, soon officially launched the one car, business car business, and the price subsidy strategy. In the car on the battlefield, fast to put into the battlefield drops.

In August 2014, the international giant Uber quietly into the Chinese market, in the face of new and old rivals, Cheng Wei needs a more cattle partner.

August 2, 2014, Liu Qing first day to work to work. Liu Qing's accession has also changed the drops of the gene.

The team evolved into real nouveau riche luxury team

How many cows are Liu Qing?

Didi Wang Gang angel investors know Cheng Weiyou "to dig Liu Qing" thoughts after the surprise.

Wang Gang said"Chengwei is not to their limits of the CEO. I have been told by him, to continue to find more cattle adding drops, but dare to dig Liu Qing is more than my imagination." "For Liu Qing to join, is an imaginative challenge."

My father is Liu Chuanzhi, he is the annual income of millions of international investment bank executives, summon wind and call for rain in the capital market. After gas drops and Liu Qing so don't match, "entirely different in our discourse system, emotional nature is unable to connect.".

Cheng Wei in order to let Liu Qing into the team, in order to jump out of the work scene, he arranged a bit executives Tibet line. Cheng Wei said: "go to a strange environment, as a team in the face of difficulties, the life to have the feel of each other."

Drops 7 team from Xining, to Lhasa. Cheng Weigang went to Xining to have altitude sickness, sleeping in the past. They take the two cars in the halfway line, and separated, andshelter without planning. The cliff and swamp let drops management team have go through thick and thin together feeling.

One night, Cheng Weigen Liuqing about to start their own business process, said that Liu Qing of Goldman's old friends and acquaintances, took out his mobile phone to put a song "in the sky the brightest star. Liu Qing and Cheng Wei cried. She decided to resign, sent a long letter to friends and relatives, to tell their own decisions. Back to Beijing, Liu Qing became a bit COO, two characters. Liu Qing is the "beauty bosom friend" of Cheng Wei, she says:

"Talk about ten hours a day, we like to communicate in love."

The frog prince to the swan, opened a prelude to didi harbourside.

After Liu Qing joined the drops of financing:$700 million +30 billion +73 billion

The merger of drops and fast

Cheng Wei did the best in China

With the help of Liu Qing, by the end of 2014, drops of $700 million financing. Then quickly announced the $800 million financing. All people do not know how long this trip in the field of civil war will last? Drops and quick in war burn billions RMB, the market share of close to, who also cannot destroy each other. But this time Baidu Uber next to look at fiercely as a tiger does.

In drops D round of financing, the Russian investment giant DST invested $60 million. DST founder Yuri Milner said to Cheng Wei during the visit of the drops:

Uber, if you want to survive, and only one way to quickly merge.

Cheng Wei decided to listen to the recommendations of investors, and Liu Qing developed a code named Valentine's day program.

The negotiations were carried out for 22 days. In February 14, 2015, announced the merger. Dominant drops in the market share of the team, leading the new company after the merger, the rapid rise of the senior team gradually withdraw from the team.

Cheng Wei's internal mail revealed details of the merger talks:

"In January 21st, I, Liu Qing, Stephen in Shenzhen launched a secret project: Valentine's day. The goal is to finish the project before Valentine's day...... 22 days later, we did it."

The 2 year war, the incorporation of Uber Chinese

Finally drops Harbourside

Drops fast, backed by Alibaba and Tencent, the two giants, occupy most of the market share, has the ability to fight a war with Uber. At this time of the drops of fast valuation of $6 billion, while the new rival is valued at $50 billion Uber.

Behind the Uber is as combative as Cheng Wei's founder Travis krainik.

-March 2015, the people of the excellent step price 30%.

-In the first half of 2015Uber China burned nearly $1 billion 500 million.

-2015Kalanike, more than half of the time in China.

Uber China's price policy is very decisive, 30% of the price, the rapid growth of users. An important juncture in the integration of drops and quick consolidation, Uber a shot is big. Drops quickly set up a wolf totem group on the line express business deal.

July 2015, Cheng Wei in the search for a new round of financing. At that time, he had visited the headquarters of the United States of America, the imagination of the Uber to get their financing. Uber founder Travis krainik request is accepted "Uber shares accounted for 40% of investment, otherwise it will be defeated Uber". The same militant process dimension choice: war.

"Many times, a little careless, drops may die"

On both sides in China for more than a year, Uber in China has a loss of over $2 billion. Big Mac Uber as if caught in the mire of china. Investors are urged to stop Chinese Uber drops and burn wars. By working with Uber, they have common investors: BlackRock, Hillhouse capital, Tiger Fund, China life.

Drops founder Cheng Wei will join the Uber global board of directors, Uber founder TK will join the board drops travel.

Finally in China drops reigns, and Uber will continue to dominate the conquest in other parts of the world.

Years of fighting, Chengwei always vigilant.

"Drops is a 250 step speed of the car, the road is very complex in the road, there are people to hit you. Any details of the operation mistakes, any corner or even a stone, are likely to let us come to naught." (Chinese entrepreneur magazine interview)

Drops of CTO Zhang Bo said: more than three years, almost every day in the war! Bit by bit is fighting all the way to come over.

Net about car legitimate, with the merger of Uber, is not a bit of the end, perhaps a new starting point, Cheng Wei and his team has more campaign to fight.

Just all the challenges, abandonment, fear, extremely uncomfortable experience didn't him into a vulnerable person, kill him let him more powerful.

As he said himself:

"When you try to incapable of action time, God will give you open a window."

Statement: sources of people interviewed: GQ China, China Entrepreneur Magazine reported.

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