The 4 most important women in Ma Yun's life, the last one is the absolute goddess!

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The 4 most important women in Ma Yun's life, the last one is the absolute goddess!

2016-08-08 15:56:27 243 ℃

People say that behind a successful man there must be a woman behind him, and how many of the men behind a successful man have to support his wife? Wang Jianlin has lin ning, Zhuang Yueming has Li Jiacheng and Zhou triumph, then Ma has a few?

. Zhang Ying met while studying at Hangzhou Normal University senior Ma, and after graduation, two people get married, always support Ma's career, but also one of the founders of the Alibaba, served as general manager of Alibaba, Alibaba has been accompanied by Ma to do the market value of over 230 billion yuan of Alibaba, YAHOO, Taobao, and include Alipay, Ali software after leaving behind, become Ma a full-time wife.

. In 1999 to join the Alibaba, is one of the greatest hero is also founder Ali, Alipay, Alipay CEO as Leiqi Peng since 2010, she has been committed to build the Alipay as the world's leading payment platform. Now Peng Lei served as Ant King CEO. The payment service market is already comparable to a Baidu's presence.

Tong Wenhong. In 2000, Alibaba the first job is a front company, after successively served as group administration, customer service, human resources and other management work, step by step do Alibaba senior vice president, now for any rookie chief operating officer,, senior vice president of Alibaba, Alibaba's growth made significant contribution, compared to the other partners, Tong Wen Hong the most legendary.

Li Ying. Meixian District, Meizhou, Guangdong, 1997 -2000: Bachelor of Science in computer science, economics and electronic engineering and computer science master. So many high degree she took only 3 years, from 17 years of age to enter the University, just turned 20 years old.

She was in McKinsey, Ikanos, UT and KPCB top companies and held senior positions, MA in order to make it work for yourself, personally to Silicon Valley invited her, at present, Li Ying as Ma initiated the establishment of RMB Private Equity Fund Yunfeng fund managing director.