IPhone 7 engineering machine exposure ugly broken sky! Test picture is true or false?

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IPhone 7 engineering machine exposure ugly broken sky! Test picture is true or false?

2016-08-08 15:59:53 222 ℃

A few days ago, there are many fruit powder said lying awake at night in bed, the reason is because we see the spy photos of the iPhone of the latest exposure of engineering machine, and very scary run the boot screen!

I know this information, immediately went to search for a look. Curiosity killed the cat. Oh no, is killing me, and I couldn't sleep all night... (roll)

Next, let us feel that what is called "the strength of death, ugly broken sky."

The exposure of the iPhone 7 engineering machine, it is possible to boot. You absolutely can not guess, this apple is not running the iOS system forever, but Apple's beta version of the new system. You look at this painting, really very strange...

IPhone every time before the production version comes out, there will be a lot of internal engineering version of the test, and then pick out one of the best. As this is the first test models, there is no method to determine.

But as the net friends say:

"If Apple really like this, Samsung will really be lucky"

From the picture looks, simple interface is indeed with Android system are becoming more and more similar, if Apple is really not good to delve into the IOS system, that is absolutely in the strength of the die... After all powder support, in addition to faith, also left system.

Incidentally, a, in the look style peculiar operation interface, ranked second in the end of the app success attracted my attention!

Your dear Leo, immediately very enthusiastic for your search to see if there is the app, the answer is, of course, No.

In the world now look at the face, many people believe that the value of justice is justice.

From the exterior view, engineering machine spy exposure and before the iPhone 6 series almost hit the face. The screen is still 4.7 inches, still retains the honey convex lens.

To pick one of the highlights of what is probably the weight (uglyNew ()broken() ()day() ()WhenBent band antenna...

You asked me how I would describe it?

One word, ugly!

Two words? Ugly!!

Three words, spicy eyes!!!

This time I can not help but think of the recent launch of the new flagship Samsung note 7! No comparison no harm, this value is Yan after blasting engineering machine in iPhone 7 spy.

I heard Cook cry in the bathroom...

Back to the "iPhone 7" of the body, we can see, the bottom is indeed before with other spoilers, and no headphone jack, only lightning interface.

If you have to listen to the song and charging this idea, I advise you to go to sleep early, realize the dream.

Of course, all of this is good. How iPhone 7 in the end, it was the apple press conference prevail.

In a word, we still have to keep a good kidney. After all despite the iPhone or the Samsung note 7, are still quite expensive... For hot in the second half of the iPhone 7 and recent reputation excellent Samsung note 7, you want to buy who?

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