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HUAWEI's most mysterious department: 2012 Labs

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The French Institute of mathematics and the French Institute of aesthetics are all belonging to the European Institute, and the European Institute is one of the 16 research institutes in the HUAWEI '2012 lab' program.

On June 14, Huawei announced the French mathematical studies the establishment in Huawei heat, media attention is, Huawei CEO Ren is not a step free chess to prepare for distant future contingencies?

However, just half a month ago in May 30th, the national science and Technology Innovation Conference, Ren Zhengfei just because of the speech in the "confusion" led to a more extensive discussion.

Ren Zhengfei:

"HUAWEI is still at the level of engineering mathematics, physical algorithms and other engineering science innovation level, has not really entered the basic theoretical research.

With the gradual approaching Shannon theorem, Moore's law limit, and the large flow, low delay theory has not yet been created, HUAWEI has a vast future, can not find the direction. HUAWEI has been ahead in the trek."

The two thing is like each other, but in fact, mathematics has for HUAWEI in the European market in service for many years.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg, and now has become the technology giant HUAWEI since 1999, on the basis of research into a huge, multi layout.

The name of "2012 labs" comes from the film "2012". Ren Zhengfei believes that the future of information explosion like digital floods, like HUAWEI in the future to survive and develop their own "Noah's Ark"".

In the answer to the scientists 16 questions, Ren Zhengfei also made it clear that, HUAWEI's advantage lies in mathematical logic, not in the physical interface."

2016, HUAWEI headquarters in Shenzhen City, also plans to set up a huge amount of money to build 10 Basic Research Institute, in order to make up for Shenzhen no big compound, 90% of the innovative research undertaken by the enterprise short board.

Moreover, the urgency of basic research has reached the point that must be entered.

Part 1

European Research Institute, the researchers over 800

From the attitude of Ren Zhengfei in 2012, a scientist 16 questions, Ren Zhengfei's investment in basic research is a gamble. Today, HUAWEI in the uncertainty in the best position to bet on the future does not change.

"Huawei had walked into the" no man's land ", without a guide, there is no follower and the future is still a lot of uncertainty." HUAWEI managing director, strategic Marketing President Xu Wenwei in the French Institute of mathematics, said the day of the establishment.

Mysterious "2012"

2012 laboratories, 16 Research Institute, 8 are located in the country, the other 8 are located in foreign countries, and the new establishment of the French Institute of mathematics belongs to the European institute".

The Institute was founded in 2007, headquartered in Munich, Berlin, Darmstadt, Nuremberg, and other places with research and development office, as of 2014, has more than 820 researchers. 2012 laboratory president, is in 1997 to enter the HUAWEI's Li Yingtao, he served as director of the Swedish institute.

Huawei internal, European study called "unique" Institute for reasons including: it is one of Huawei mathematics center, with 5g research team of heavyweights, and has aesthetic color and design style of the competence center and a series of advantages.

Obviously, along the edge of mathematical logic and not in the material research ideas layout, HUAWEI attaches great importance to mathematics, which is HUAWEI in Russia and France set up a research institute.

On the whole world, the two countries are the first and second mathematical strength, with a large number of "Nobel prize in mathematics" mathematician Fields prize.

In 2014, HUAWEI investment in Europe through technical cooperation is about 60 million euros. In addition, HUAWEI and more than 100 of Europe's top universities and research institutions, more than 160 European scholars and experts and more than and 120 academic institutions to establish a cooperative, while the new funding more than and 70 research projects. Only in Germany, with 19 universities and research institutions to carry out research and development of 34 projects, invested $20 million.

Huawei Russian Research Institute of independent European Research Institute, founded in 2001, and in February 2015. Institute of scale from initially established the development of three people for more than 100 people - the Russian Mathematical Research, earlier in 1999 on the establishment of.

The Russian Institute includes 7 "ability centers" to gather local talent in the field of basic algorithms.

Established in the end of 2008 Canadian Studies, is 5g core competitiveness research center, located in the four cities of Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, and Waterloo, with more than 400 researchers.

"Noah's Ark laboratory set up in Hong Kong Science Park, covering an area of more than 700 square meters, goal is to achieve" from the data to the prospect of great wisdom ", the main focus on data mining and artificial intelligence research.

In addition, the Japanese Institute of materials research, India research institute focused on software delivery.

2015, HUAWEI R & D investment was 59 billion 600 million yuan, accounting for 15.1% of sales revenue in 2015. andIn the past ten years, HUAWEI has invested more than 240 billion yuan in R & D.

Part 2

Subject: CISCO, Samsung, apple

So HUAWEI R & D, who is it on?

HUAWEI said: in the field of enterprise landmark in the field of consumption on CISCO, Samsung and apple.

As you can see, this list has not been Ericsson benchmarking

2014, HUAWEI's total revenue of $31 billion micro ultra Ericsson $29 billion 300 million revenue, becoming the communications equipment industry (operators) of the world's first.

After 21.4% of the growth by the end of 2015, HUAWEI's total amount of $35 billion 800 million with Ericsson's $29 billion 400 million distance.

In 2015, publication of the IEEE global patent strength ranking, in the fields of communication and Internet equipment, Huawei to 365 patent index ranking 12th, Ericsson to 1297 index ranked fourth, Alcatel lucent to 469 index ranked 11.

Similarly, in the 2015 U.S. Patent Services Agency (IFIClaims) released the 2015 annual U.S. patent licensing ranking,HUAWEI ranked forty-fourth in the number of 800(this is the second HUAWEI TOP50 list), in this list,CISCO ranked thirty-sixth in 960 place, and Ericsson to 1407 ranked twentieth.

From the quantitative perspective,

HUAWEI and it has several underlying giants have no gap.

But Ren Zhengfei is clearly aware of the number, so he is looking for a bigger giant as the "imaginary enemy" - and the enemy is one of the best ways to make progress.

Ren has revealed the Huawei to invest in basic research ideas: "(now) or actual engineering merchant Huawei, even in the level of innovation, but it is still in the field of engineering innovation, and not technical field of theory in innovation... HUAWEI more emphasis should be on the basis of research efforts." "Walk the road behind, ready to" pick up the fish shoal."

Has someone asked Ren Zhengfei, HUAWEI is how to score in Europe? Ren Zhengfei's answer is to rely on technology leadership and product leadership, one of the important factors is the important role of mathematical research in product development".

Huawei's success in Europe and other developed markets, thanks in architecture are two disruptive product innovation, a known as a distributed base station, a call singleran, the latter being Vodafone's technical experts called "very sexy technical invention. This subversive product design principle, refers to the realization of the 2G, 3G, 4G three wireless communication standard in a cabinet integration function,In theory, we can save 50% of the construction cost of customers, but also very environmentally friendly.

This is HUAWEI's competitors to imitate innovation, but so far there has not been a substantial breakthrough in a multi standard technology integration, which relies on the integration of the communication standard is very complex mathematical operations.

And HUAWEI's Russian Research Institute and the French Institute, has a significant contribution to the study of this technology.

On March 11th, Wan Gang, Minister of science and technology in the field to accept the media interview, talked about Sino Russian high-tech cooperation, he particularly stressed that he had been to HUAWEI in Russia's Institute of mathematics.

Part 3

Basic study of "deep water area" of the division of government and enterprises

Huawei announced the establishment of the French Institute of mathematics, a month after the July 14, Shenzhen mayor Xu Qin met mathematician, winner of the Fields Medal, the Wolf Prize, Harvard University Mathematical Science and Applied Research Institute, Professor Shing Tung Yau.

Xu met with Qiu Chengtong, is not just a polite reception of famous scholars, and has a clear goal.

Xu Qin at the meeting said, Shenzhen attaches great importance to the application of basic research will continue to increase investment, vigorously support application foundation research institutions in deep development and look forward to working with Yau and his team to strengthen cooperation, for the construction of the international science and technology, industrial innovation center to provide support.

Xu Qin also said that the lack of large compound in Shenzhen, hope that through the mechanism of innovation, the establishment of an open Foundation Institute, to attract the world's best team. Weekly Times reporter was informed that Shenzhen is preparing to build 10 basic research institute.


For 10 Basic Research Institute, Shenzhen city has been in the program, and a part of the research institute has been established: for example, the Basic Research Institute of mathematics, nerve, cell diagnosis and treatment.

Lu Jian Shenzhen Municipal Bureau Committee Director


In the program of Shenzhen City, not all research institute is relying on cooperation with universities, especially mathematics, Shenzhen, and HUAWEI chose the international operation of ideas. "Some (Institute) is from zero to start, such as the Institute of mathematics, the country does not have a strong scientific research units, but we can build a new." Lu Jian told times weekly reporter.

Lu Jian HUAWEI as an example, explained the government and enterprises in innovation research division of labor: math to lead the science, mathematics, natural science is strong, these are actually the government to pay the".

Huawei has mathematical research, but they are the mathematical research on the mode of communication, such as what kind of new network application in China, which requires the operation in the topology and topology profound analysis requires complex mathematical model. Government institute of mathematics, it is not only used in communication technology, for example, we use a new mathematical research to solve traffic problems".

Shenzhen why at this stage to build the Institute of mathematics?

Lu Jian explained: "this shows that Shenzhen consideration has been out of the current problems in the industry, consider to do some contribution in the national strategic level, the government has to consider the ten years away, these studies did not five years is not built into the, who introduced to spend a long time."

Shenzhen city is investing in the public investment property of basic research.


Ren Zhengfei said the government does not need to innovate, but he said, mainly technological innovation. Innovation, innovation in the field of knowledge innovation, this part of the innovation to share this part of the enterprise will not be willing to do, then in the government enterprises (to) division of labor, knowledge innovation mostly handed over to the government.

-- Lu Jian


Editor: Wu Simin