Secret China's most mysterious research base: HUAWEI 2012 Laboratory

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Secret China's most mysterious research base: HUAWEI 2012 Laboratory

2016-08-11 19:17:12 1870 ℃

Huawei's "2012 laboratory is Huawei's total research organization, allegedly, the name of the laboratory from Ren watching" 2012 "after the film's imagination, he thinks will information explosion be like Digital Flood in the future, Huawei to want to in the future survival and development have to construct their own" Noah's Ark ".

2012 the main research direction of the laboratory has a new generation of communications, cloud computing, audio and video analysis, data mining, machine learning, etc.. The main direction is the development direction of the next 5-10 years. HUAWEI official data show that in 2015, HUAWEI R & D investment was 59 billion 600 million yuan, accounting for 15.1% of sales revenue in 2015, nearly ten years, HUAWEI has invested more than 240 billion yuan in R & D investment.

Including 2012 of the two sectors: the Central Laboratory of hardware engineering, Hass, R & D capability center, central software institute. Today, HUAWEI focuses on rarely open, but in the 2012 laboratory has a high strategic position of the research department.

Noah's Ark Laboratory

Huawei "Noah's Ark laboratory focuses on artificial intelligence research, located in Hong Kong Science Park, laboratory director appointed by the local professor of the University of Hong Kong and hired in all regions of the world in scientific research personnel engaged in basic research work.

It consists of the following five major sectors:

Natural Language Processing and information retrieval

Focus on how to communicate with people in a seamless and natural language, and to dig out valuable information from text and social data.

Large scale data mining and machine learning

The Department is focused on the development of data mining and machine learning algorithms with high scalability and efficiency, and also includes the development of large data mining systems.

Social media and mobile intelligence

The department focused on the development of the most advanced algorithms and the use of social media, social networks and mobile data for self learning system of research and development, and from the social network data to gain a deep insight.

Human computer interaction system

The main responsibility of the Department is to help people better understand how to develop a smooth human-computer interaction system, which makes the man-machine communication becomes more natural and relaxed. At the same time, the Department is also responsible for the development of large-scale intelligent systems.

Department of machine learning theory

Through modeling and mathematical theory to study human machine learning and adaptive ability.

Scientist's name Laboratory

The "2012 laboratory's many world renowned scientist or mathematician named to the mysterious laboratory, including Shannon's laboratory, Gaussian laboratory, sheard laboratory, Gaussian laboratory, Euler's laboratory, Turing laboratory.

Shannon Lab: the laboratory based on large data throughput calculation HTC (high throughput computing research inputs submitted as early as in has in large data processing hardware and software system architecture, operating system, new programming and business application benchmarks etc. have formed a profound technology accumulation. For ICT companies intelligence industry development trend of cognitive reserve related key technologies, algorithms and related products to provide intelligent service and intelligent characteristics, in information storage, distributed computing, software defined the direction followed by the industry cutting-edge research.

Gauss LabTo create the industry's leading database management system.

Sheard LabNetwork security, terminal security, cloud virtualization security, cryptography algorithm for the main research direction of the laboratory.

Euler LaboratoryProprietary operating system research and development center.

Turing LaboratoryEmbedded processor architecture research department.

Overseas Research Institute

In addition, the 2012 laboratories in Europe, India, the United States, Russia, Canada, Japan set up 8 important overseas research institute, this year, HUAWEI will be spending huge sums of money in Shenzhen to establish 10 basic research institute. European Research Institute in the world has a very important position in the world, because it is one of the two major mathematical centers of HUAWEI, 5G research has a heavyweight team. Ren Zhengfei has concluded that HUAWEI's success in Europe thanks to the algorithm.

Huawei in Europe have two architecture of disruptive product innovation: distributed base station and singleran, singleran design principle is in a cabinet to achieve 2G, 3G, 4G three wireless communication standard fusion function, the theory can be for customers to save half of the construction cost. HUAWEI's competitors have tried to imitate, but so far there has been no substantive breakthrough, and this technology to break through the communication system behind the integration of a very complex mathematical operations. And the core research direction of the Russian and French Research Institute is mathematics, because the two countries are ranked first and second in the world of mathematical strength. And in early 2012 Lei Feng Network (search for "Lei Feng" the number of public concern) has issued a "Huawei's innovative future: Ren A." 2012 laboratory scientists 16 asked, "a text, the Ren said, Huawei's advantage lies in mathematical logic, not in the physical.

French Research Institute

This year in June 14th, HUAWEI announced the establishment of the French Institute of mathematics. Aims to explore the French elementary mathematics resources, is committed to in communication physical layer, network layer, the distributed parallel computing, data compression, storage and other basic algorithm research, long-term focus 5g strategy project and short-term products, complete distributed algorithm for global architecture design. HUAWEI also established in Paris mathematics, aesthetics, home terminals and wireless standards four R & D center. Was established the same day, when it comes to Huawei executive director Xu Wenwei, Huawei had walked into the "no man's land", without a guide, there is no followers, and there are a lot of future uncertainty.

Institute of Russian Studies

HUAWEI Research Institute of Russia, independent of the European Institute, the Institute has a great breakthrough in the 3G and 2G algorithm level. The Russian Institute includes 7 "ability centers" to gather local talent in the field of basic algorithms. The seven Competency Center are: nonlinear competence center, algorithm engineering ability center, optimization capability, channel compiled code competence center, source codec center capacity, high data analysis center capabilities, parallel programming competence center.

Canadian Institute

Established in by the end of 2008, the Canadian Studies, 5g core competitiveness research center, located in the four cities of Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, and Waterloo, with more than 400 researchers.

Institute of Japanese Studies

Japan Research Institute is mainly engaged in the research work of materials.

India Research Institute

India Institute is focused on software delivery.

The Innovator's Dilemma

"2012 lab" as the research base of HUAWEI, which not only represents the top level of research in China, but also has a great influence in the world, but Ren Zhengfei still has a deep concern about it. In May this year, Ren Huawei mentioned is actually a engineering merchant, even at the level of innovation, but it is still in the field of engineering innovation, rather than in the theory of technology innovation, Huawei should work in basic research. And in the national science and Technology Innovation Conference, Ren Zhengfei said the following remarks:

HUAWEI is still at the level of engineering mathematics, physical algorithms and other engineering science innovation level, has not really entered the basic theoretical research. With the gradual approaching Shannon theorem, Moore's law limit, and the large flow, low delay theory has not yet been created, HUAWEI has a vast future, can not find the direction. HUAWEI has been ahead in the trek.