CEO OPPO Chen Mingyong: doing business as a man does not discredit others to raise their own

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CEO OPPO Chen Mingyong: doing business as a man does not discredit others to raise their own

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Source: Stone Business Review

Stone lead: OPPO intelligent mobile phone shipments in the first half CEO ranked fourth in the world, Chen Mingyong said: "the situation is very good, but I like the thorn in the side, about OPPO by external partners are more worried about flattery, forget the mission and the beginning of the heart". As the years before the speech emphasized the "duty as the core values". Life is not only to have wisdom, but also to have a pattern, things to think about things origin, insist on doing the right thing, the focus on the energy and resources to understand the advantages of products, benefits and user needs.

- the key point of view -

The 1 part: to do business to do business like a man, not to slander others to raise their own. Enterprises should not be affected by the external environment, adhere to the principle of the supremacy of the user interests, to provide users with the best products and services in order to win the trust of users, users and enterprises to achieve win-win.

2 roses left hand: competition, we must have the wisdom, but also to have a pattern. Peer pressure spawned wisdom, competition makes the enterprise continuous innovation; the birth of timely assistance for enterprises to make mutual pattern.

3 do not forget the early heart: focus on products and services, pull together in times of trouble focus on user needs; be good thoughts, users of the peer with a grateful heart; calm results, keep a sense of crisis, don't forget the heart, pull together in times of trouble.

- the full text -

To do business duty

Everyone should wash your hair.

With what wash? Rejoice? Head and Shoulders? Other... Rejoice not Head and Shoulders? No one would think so? Because each person's hair is different, should use different shampoo. This is the problem of turnip greens, useless good or bad, only suitable for.

If consumers need to get rid of dandruff, it is recommended to Head and Shoulders. If we do rejoice, we can boldly recommended Head and Shoulders best dandruff, and we do the best compliance, if you can smooth dandruff is not better? So we have a business to do, we can do a good job in their respective needs.

If we can not discredit Head and Shoulders dandruff, so the other side also will not give us a smooth, so we are not good, consumers will feel two brands are not good, then may buy other brands.

Of course, even if we do not slander us, slander each other, we can boldly acknowledge each other's advantages, but also bold stick to their own advantages, so at least we make consumers feel trusted, because we are not to slander others to raise their own, this is the charm of personality.

So, consumers will be more confident that we say is true, in the relevant demand, will come to us. Of course, we are afraid of losing the consumer, even if he fooled the purchase of this product, once he went back to the use is not convenient or not to meet the demand, we will feel cheated, then not only do not buy this brand, but also everywhere propaganda to deceive consumers, long before this brand died.

Once adhere to this philosophy, we will focus on selling our products to mining benefits to consumers, it will make us more consumer oriented, to better meet consumer demand for mining products, so we will locate brand more deeply, and there are more people if you have the need will be word of mouth, in this regard we think.

Buy a cell phone is the same!

So to sum up, the duty is ruled out force, to really think about what we want, what we want is a good service to consumers, to meet consumer demand, and (potentially) consumers to buy our products, we trust the brand, we earn a reasonable profit, this kind of consumers and we can have a better life, enjoy better service, this society can be sincere, healthy and harmonious development!

You share rose get fun

On the part of the story

In order to better understand this, we also find some stories to share in this study.

A, evil, anti harm themselves

The moon is beautiful and lovely, Zhang San and Li four followed, eventually married Zhang San moon. Zhang San's life hard, though rich and far, but an endless enjoyment. In the face of "peer", Lee four indignant.

One day, three selling pottery, Li Si wants to buy a three chamber, there was no promise to bring him to the next. Three Li Sishao made a special trip to come back a chamber pot, Li four Hukou too small, say to the Hukou custom. Zhang San did not complain, think this is the duty of doing business as soon as possible, made a big pot, the four Li too Hukou is too small to customize more hukou...... So again and again.

In fact, Li four did not intend to buy, he just wanted to play a trick on the three, the burning chamber pot one after another, one greater than the dozens, all is super big. Every time Zhang San burdens zoucunchuanhu, people often pointed to the ultra big chamber pot he would take: "you have a big mouth who so happened,? How can anyone buy it?" Zhang San can only tell the truth: that is the Lee four custom."

Since then, every four Li phase which went to the girl, the matchmaker qiuqin, people like to avoid a rebuff like misery. Later, Li Si, a lifelong bachelor, but he always did not understand: why is it so their life as people, even a wife are not working?

Why do we understand why Li Si can not get a wife? How should we treat our peers?

Two, words such as a mirror, according to their own

Su Dongpo and Foyin meditation in the forest, with a quiet day shift.

But Su Dongpo said: "you like sitting buddha." Su Dongpo's heart of joy, but see the brown robes up through the ground, the Buddha said: "people sitting, like a pile of cow dung." But smile. Su Dongpo thought this time let Foyin eat a note of lose money, secretly proud, couldn't help tell, not su Xiaomei said: "brother you lose, but you look like to imagine the Buddha, to see what your heart Foyin?"

This is really a gentleman to see no bad, the villain see all evil. The hearts of the Buddha, spit out a dung, have heart, spit it out.

Everyone on the "do not speak ill of peers, do not have to lower the opponent," there is no new insight? Can you speak ill of your peers?

Three, forget the duty, back to the cat

The cat falls in love with the master, asking God to turn himself into a beautiful woman. The owner later fell in love with her and marry her.

One day God put a mouse in his bedroom. Beautiful to see the mouse forget the identity, to catch up with the mouse and want to eat it.

Cupid was very disappointed, and decided to turn her back to the cat.

Why? Asked the cat.

The most important thing in life is dutiful, you forgot; so you can always do a cat.

Cupid made her return to the cat. Such an outcome is caused by her own hand, because she is not satisfied with this: even become looks gorgeous, still can not change the vulgar manners.

You will forget your duty? What is our duty?

Four, peer pressure, let me ahead

Reproduction of the African savannah antelope herd orange east bank than the West Bank, the running speed is not the same, every minute faster than those on the West 13 meters.

For these differences, they remain perplexed despite much thought, because these antelope living environment and is the same.

One year, a zoologist at the animal protection association's help, in the things on both sides of the catch 10 antelope, sent them to the other side. The west coast to the east coast of 10 shipped only 7 only to be eaten by the wolf, and on the east coast to the west coast. 10 alive.

The zoologist then understand, on the east coast of the antelope strong, because a wolf near them, the West Bank of the antelope is weak, it is because of the lack of the natural enemies.

We often encounter peer pressure. Don't be depressed, or even hate them. We want to be grateful, it is they let us see the gap and insufficient, struggling to move forward!

Five, help each other, that is heaven

Someone wants to know the difference between heaven and hell, he first came to the hell, hell who is eating porridge, but a hungry Aoaozhijiao, emaciation with sallow complexion, they spoon a metre long, although Sheng fall over each other to his mouth but the porridge, spoon than the hand length, is not to eat. "Hell is hell!" This person wants to.

Then he went to heaven, and the heaven man was eating his porridge! The strange thing is that the use of the heaven is also a meter long spoon, the difference is that they feed each other!

This is our OPPO to treat the pattern and wisdom of the peer! You share rose get fun! To help others is to help yourself!

Do not forget the early heart pull together in times of trouble

Work together and do better.

Of course, this is not a call to clutter and most dangerous places... We have passed the age of love dreaming, grandeur as calm...

In our daily work, we only need to start from now, from the little things, everything will be better and better.

One, do the following 5 points:

The 1 part is our customer service, customer service peers also help us, we should be grateful for them;

2 do not have any idea of attacking peers;

The 3 colleagues around the bad thoughts or behavior, remember to remind him to duty immediately, do not do beauty and Foyin, Dongpo and cat;

4 heart must be fine: not only to go to work, but also to work, not only in reality, there is the Internet, can not have the idea of attacking peers;

5 every day to reflect on their own which places do not do well.

Two, especially marketing related colleagues, to adhere to the following 3 points:

1 things to think about the origin of things, insist on doing the right thing: even if faced with a big pressure and provocation, do not account for cheap, do not attack counterparts;

2 accept and have the courage to admit the advantages of peers, respect for market diversification. How to the problem in the customer perspective: rejoice and Head and Shoulders, carrots and green vegetables, martini. Mobile phone industry at the same time coexist in a number of brands as well;

3 of the energy and resources focused on promoting understanding of their own product advantages, benefits and consumer demand in order to better their own products, better put the right products to the right customer, better maintain fair, good, positive market environment, so that they can truly be everlasting enterprises.