Beijing heavy rain, drops 2.1 times, Uber 2.3 times, you hit the car it

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Beijing heavy rain, drops 2.1 times, Uber 2.3 times, you hit the car it

2016-07-21 00:15:14 701 ℃

These two days, the sky has been overcast days in Beijing, in this morning, the rain finally began... According to the Beijing municipal meteorological bureau announcement, Beijing City, a number of regions have issued a yellow rainstorm warning.

The students who can work at home are very happy, but most of the students still have to go to the company. Thus, a large number of friends circle of Tucao taxi software does not hit the car. No way, under heavy rain, a variety of traffic jams, water, a lot of drivers do not want to come up with a single. Taxi software open dynamic price adjustment, in the end how much adjustment? I simply try the next (the time on the screenshot there, all the software starting point for the sun palace subway station, for the Zhongguancun subway station):

1, drops express: 2.1 times the fare, 7 minutes to the vehicle

As shown, by express temporary price adjustment 2.1 times, after deducting 17.9 yuan coupons, not car price is 71.9 yuan.

More touching is car drops, no dynamic increase, vehicle four minutes to go, prices even more than the express car also cheap, only 46.5 yuan... We usually used to sit in the train, in fact, car prices did not so expensive, and models the more upscale, why not have a try?

2, Uber: 2.3 times the fare increase

Uber peak premium of 2.3 times, from the sun to Zhongguancun, do not fight for the price of 59.98 yuan, the car price is 32.39.

3, easy to: there is no increase in the fastest 1 minutes to

Easy to this performance is very good, no dynamic increase, the vehicle the fastest to 1 minute, young car price is 48 yuan (if in charge one hundred to send one hundred, cheaper). Economy 56 yuan, comfortable 69 yuan.

4, Shenzhou car fare: dynamic 1.6 times the last 28 minutes to the vehicle

China car dynamic increases 1.6 times, after deducting the six bucks coupons, estimated price of 98 yuan, if in the charge one hundred to send one hundred, the actual estimates for $49, not too expensive (but estimates China's extremely inaccurate, usually less estimated twenty or thirty or more). Unfortunately, no car, the car will last 28 minutes.

5, cars, about the car

If don't order, Shouqi about cars and there is no way to view the fastest cars near a long time to arrive at, only the estimated $71, and now the implementation of is fully 100 back to 50, so after recharge amount to 47 yuan, not expensive.

To sum up, the express price drops the highest car drops moderate price and arrival rate OK; easy to lowest price and vehicle to achieve the fastest; China car arrived the slowest.

Above are based on a time point of the software screenshot, because the dynamic increase is real time, so there may be a drop, it may also have to upgrade.

Rainy day, bus driver, traffic jam, taxi fare software dynamic but also normal. We are also friends Tucao: he even doubled, let alone drops, Uber.

Today, you hit the car? Whether or not hit, rainy day, the road should pay attention to safety.