Chinese people pay attention to! IPhone 7 secret changes: to join the Intel baseband

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Chinese people pay attention to! IPhone 7 secret changes: to join the Intel baseband

2016-09-11 19:07:12 516 ℃

The new iPhone has come, if you want to start the first time, in addition to the licensed version, other versions really want to know, some important changes but the apple not mentioned at the press conference.

IPhone 7 before the release, there have been rumors that apple in the baseband choice may make the Intel into the Bureau, now it is like this, so for the Chinese people, the purchase of non licensed version will pay special attention to.

This year, iPhone 7 provides a licensed version of A1660 and A1661 two models,Do not worry they are all Netcom, you can boldly buy, its built-in baseband from Qualcomm (also support TD-SCDMA) is no doubt, after all, Intel is not yet supported CMDA network.

However, if you look at the official website of the United States Apple will find,IPhone 7 there are two types of characteristics, respectively, A1778 and A1784. They do not support the CDMA network, only at & T and T-Mobile specific sales, this is the Intel baseband.

It is reported that, iPhone 7 will be Intel XMM 7360 built-in support for TDD LTE and TD-SCDMA baseband, build, based on 28 nanometer process, compared with Qualcomm in the process to be behind a lot, like apple or to choose the operator, because operators need special customized version of the lock network, to enclose more fixed users.

According to Apple's procurement style has always been, they do not want a single large supplier,The iPhone baseband is exclusive, has now joined Intel, Qualcomm, apple is more than a bargain with Qualcomm's cards, as this order, Intel may be of the order of 20%-30%.

For the next iPhone, Apple will continue to choose the Intel baseband, will use XMM 7480 should be next year, but unfortunately it still does not support the CDMA network, but there is news that XMM 7650 will support CDMA network, which has acquired via Telecom CDMA patent assets, and intends to incorporate their future standard modem. In order to win the cooperation with apple in the future in order to share more modem.

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