WeChat + Alipay to pay, both from the POS machine! POS machine can go far

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WeChat + Alipay to pay, both from the POS machine! POS machine can go far

2016-09-11 19:08:52 1944 ℃

For the third party payment companies, the change is "delicate" - party cooperation is the years of UnionPay system, the other is menacing online payment. As partners for years, UnionPay payment companies certainly hope that these lines are Alipay refused to open interface, but for the third party payment are concerned, Alipay, WeChat and China UnionPay are their partners, so as to avoid their online payment company, positive for the enemy.

They choose to make new friends, for WeChat, Alipay, the open interface supports two scan code to pay, like as UnionPay to treat the upstart network.

Anyway, in addition to the cup, almost all of this cooperation welcome: businesses save credit card fees, users get random envelopes, the third party payment company has a new partner, on the other hand, it is a "just need to market" - in the face of payment cash, credit card, network, NFC etc. the merchant also needs to have a unified payment interface.

Too many businesses to pay the entrance, reconciliation, and intelligent POS machine set a variety of payment methods, docking merchant cash register system, we can provide a unified reconciliation list for businesses, a variety of ways of payment collection details."

Alipay's rival is the cup?

If we look at the long-term perspective, we will find that the importance of financial access, profit is not high, the current situation of the line to pay the narrow industry is full of contradictions. "If we use Alipay and WeChat as the new card or card, this situation is very clear." As the third party payment companies and UnionPay card organization can such cooperation, and can also Alipay, like WeChat's new "card cooperation organization". "We are not in direct competition with Alipay, Alipay's rival is more like a cup.

Alipay can also customize credit card fees

Alipay does not comply with the 1.25% or 0.78% of this standard fees, but according to their own needs and specific business negotiations by a univalent, but obviously the price will be lower than the development and Reform Commission to develop credit card fee standard.

Like Alipay, fast money has its own wallet App, available online and scan code and other payment services, but they also have their own POS, involved in the single line. But the pure single line is not their main job, money, chairman and chief executive officer Guan Guoguang said: "the needs of users and businesses are constantly changing, single payment form has been very difficult to develop. Especially with the development of mobile Internet and the popularity of smart phones, financial services are moving to the mobile terminal rapid migration, and with the combination of business scenarios become more closely.

After WeChat paid, with Alipay will replace POS.