From the functional needs to see the details of the drops and Uber design

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From the functional needs to see the details of the drops and Uber design

2016-09-11 19:09:06 257 ℃

APP design should first serve the function, make the function better show in front of the user, and even reduce the operation process, improve the user experience; followed by the overall vision should ensure that the "ugly", the beauty of the mean. According to this, starting from the core functions of the taxi drops and Uber travel, the design of the functional needs of its design to meet the degree of.

The core processes: call the car - car payment, in setting up small free secret payments, payment of basic background automatically become the behavior, so this paper over telling (experience almost perfect, don't have anything to say.).

Call car: drops Uber VS

Users call the operation steps: select a taxi type - set the trip point - call the car, which needs to receive the information: travel price, time. Drops and Uber page three section design as the core area, are used to display the map, but there must be a needle map on the Tencent, the accuracy and effectiveness of route planning and navigation, and even the appearance of the map are increased.

As the most bottom operating area within reach, is for conventional high frequency operation Tab, drops to travel, to travel service Uber.

First drops at present there are 8 product lines, and Uber only 3, drops can not be a column on the display of all product lines, so the auxiliary to the "collection menu", similar to the design of the top is in line with the conventional.

I do not know the amount of Uber preferred cars and premium cars, but the frequency of change to the destination of the trip is significantly higher than the frequency of the frequency of switching travel services. Uber bus service drops and the initial selection of high frequency type "express" and "people excellent step +", at the same time, each time will automatically locate the last used car service, can effectively reduce the switching frequency of the bus service. On the location of the car service and the location of the trip point, more recognition drops, single hand operation is also easier.

In the product line and travel point set at the top of the premise, drops in the car service switching experience significantly weaker than Uber, car service on the top, click on the area is too small, the probability of a large error. Uber car service switch on the bottom, a large regional gap, gesture sliding operation, operation and fault tolerance are better.

In the design of the price display, there is a psychological post of the difference: drops in the setting of a good destination, it will show the price, and Uber set the destination, to confirm the "click on the car" after the show. The reason may lie in the difference between drops and Uber product line, drops of product line is more abundant, when the user receives the price information, such as not satisfied with the switch to other travel services. While the Uber car service showed a significant step, the price of information to increase the psychological cost of the user canceled, can improve the single rate. But the user is concerned, the price is more advantageous to the front of the reference information as a choice of travel services.

In the travel time, drops and Uber information in the user on the car before the show. Perhaps the reason is as follows, one is in the driver received the passengers this time, travel time may occur because of traffic or weather changes, so it shows in the beginning of the journey, of course, I think the main reason is that the travel time of pre show, is likely to lead to users because of travel time change of transportation, because users can not reduce the travel time by bus service switching. To the user on the bus began to travel, and then show the travel time, a great increase in the user to cancel the material and psychological costs, but this is obviously not friendly to the user.

Car (pain points): drops Uber; &

The process of the car, the driver and passengers how to find each other, as I am in the process of using drops and Uber the most common pain points, at least need a phone call, or even two to three phone calls, in order to successfully get on the train. Of course, occasionally found, flustered, reproduction of the scene can see NetEase produced "my next to Baidu Sina across the grey building old driver to hit me".

Users how to find the car, the information may be used are as follows: location, location, direction of the road, the direction of the car, the car distance, body color, license plate number, models.

When the car after the driver orders, planning out the driver drops Jiejia line, distance, road conditions and the expected time, compared to the Uber only shows the time, can alleviate the anxiety of waiting for the user.

Bit by bit in the planning of the line express the direction of the express train, to facilitate the user to determine the direction of the car coming, compared to the Uber does not clearly indicate the direction of the car. At the same time Uber car ICON front and rear of the car is also less than the degree of identification, so the car through the car to determine the direction of drops or Uber.

In "looking for a car" in the process, the user is most often asked: "master what is the color of your car, license plate number is the number?" , the driver is most often asked me: "you know the direction of XX, XX to the east".

For the first problem, drops at the top of the obvious signs of the license plate number, models, car body color, Uber is only marked by the license plate number. The whole process of the car ICON can carry more information, when the driver orders, the car ICON direct color to the corresponding body color.

Second issues, drops and Uber maps are not used to indicate the direction of the southeast northwest, for me this southern people, to determine their own and the direction of the road is not a simple thing. As the usual map, to add a display of the southeast of the direction of the South East, it is easier for the south to find the North user.

In summary, the product design details drops more to meet the user needs, or at least understand Chinese users, or say I understand this China user.