Ha-ha! Do not know these, you still dare to say to understand computer advocate board?

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Ha-ha! Do not know these, you still dare to say to understand computer advocate board?

2016-09-27 10:00:37 314 ℃

Purchase of the consumer to understand the refusal to be fooled

Once upon a time, in the DIY players in the circle, one of the main board, or understand the point circuit and component knowledge, work design, it will be considered a rookie. But with the development of hardware technology, only to know the bottom of knowledge has become outdated, but the focus of consumer concern products also gradually from the "durable" and "price" evolved to "good" and "personalized". This period the author describes the new functions of these boards, has become a good motherboard standard, if you do not know these, you can not say that they know the motherboard yo! Take a look at it.

--Dual PCI-E 3 slot, more than used to insert graphics cards

ASUS B150 PRO GAMING/AURA motherboard PCI-E 3 standard double slot cards and SSD double compatible

In fact, very long ago, a lot of high-end main board to provide a double PCI-E full length slot (or three PCI-E full slot), then it is generally used to set up SLI or fighting platform, to provide a more powerful graphics performance. Of course, the number of PCI-E full length slot on the motherboard can also support multi graphics platform, but there are other features in addition to.

For example, the market's top B150 motherboard in ASUS B150 PRO GAMING/AURA, its onboard dual PCI-E 3 full length slot can support multiple graphics, can also support PCI-E 3 × 4 SSD, but the most single card slot motherboard to do. Because the general single graphics card board in addition to the graphics card slot only provided × PCI-E; 1 of the expansion slot, if you want to use PCI-E 3 × 4 of the SSD can not use the independent video card. So, if you want to enjoy both strong and 3.0× alone and PCI-E; 4 of the SSD, it can only choose the same as the ASUS PRO GAMING/AURA B150 with a dual PCI-E 3 full length of the motherboard slot.

10 phase power supply is not only for "horsepower", but also for durability

Motherboard manufacturers fight between the work, crazy heap, is not a rare thing, even more people have also been launched to support the 1500W processor power supply motherboard, where to find such a high power consumption of the processor to use ah...... Later, this regardless of the actual needs of users, without increasing the cost of brain mad stacking approach has also been ridiculed by game player.

How to see now the main board of the multi - phase power supply design? Do you still have no brain? Apparently not so simple. ASUS B150 PRO GAMING/AURA as an example, as not to overclock the main point of the B150 motherboard, actually used the 10 phase digital power supply, will not be too exaggerated? In fact, the multi phase power supply design than we have seen before the traditional multi phase power supply design is more intelligent. Equipped with intelligent dynamic adjustment technology, the system will be based on the actual need to automatically allocate the number of power supply circuit (ASUS's motherboard can also be matched with the suit3 AI software to adjust). When the processor is high, the system automatically starts more power supply circuit to supply enough power. When the processor is low load or standby, the redundant power supply circuit is closed to save the power consumption of the circuit itself. In addition, the intelligent phase modulation technology can also automatically for each phase power supply circuit of load balancing, so that each phase circuit will not cause loss of work for a long time too fast, so as to prolong the service life of the motherboard.

Thus, the 10 phase power supply is not necessarily no brain reactor, on the contrary, the design is also quite intelligent, not only provides a strong enough power output, but also significantly enhance the stability of the entire system and the use of life. This and you see the multi - phase power supply board, is not some of the same?

--SATA has OUT, the hard drive to fast also have to M.2

M.2 SSD recently cut prices, M.2 on the motherboard will soon become standard

Can not be denied, SATA 6Gbps hard disk interface is now the mainstream standard board. However, for the pursuit of high-speed disk performance of the players, even the SATA interface SSD, it is far from meeting the application needs. So, now a lot of high-end boards are beginning to be equipped with a higher bandwidth U.2, M.2, SATA-E interface, with the SSD performance of these interfaces to be several times stronger than the SATA interface. However, U.2 and SATA-E storage devices are too expensive, only the M.2 interface SSD most prominent. Recently 600P Intel series SSD M.2 (PCI-E 3 standard) big price, 512GB model price of less than a thousand dollars, while reading speed over 1700MB/s, really very attractive. From this point of view, the future of M.2 interface on the motherboard will soon become standard, many manufacturers in the motherboard has lead this trend.

ASUS this one PRO GAMING/AURA B150 board on the board with the M.2 interface, and it also supports 3.0× PCI-E; 2 standard and SATA standard, the freedom to choose SSD higher. When using PCI-E 3 × 2 SSD, the bandwidth can be as high as 16Gbps, almost 3 times the 6Gbps SATA, the game and the load speed of the application can be significantly improved.

Just play the color out of date, but now playing lights is chic

Before the main board to fight the value of the fight is a variety of PCB, heat sink color, but play much is not new. It is now popular to play after all through the side lights, chassis is very popular, the motherboard has the lamp, the visual effect of the natural host more cool.

However, playing the lamp if you only play a simple monochromatic light has no meaning. Really want to play personalized lighting, but also have to be equipped with RGB lights on the main board. For example, the ASUS PRO GAMING/AURA B150 board contains 16 million 800 thousand color RGB lights, you can adjust the light color and special effects. Of course, if only this is not cool, this board is good it can light and temperature, and even music data processor ROG graphics card linkage. For example, you can use it to monitor the processor temperature, can also be used as music neon lamps with it - this is the true faith play lamp, lamp.

--Soft power is superior to the motherboard can be considered good

Hardware design is good, high value is a good basic quality of the motherboard, but to be perfect, the hard work is stronger. Here to say the soft, is to allow the board to function more powerful supporting software. ASUS motherboard in software is quite good, but a lot of game player in use when ignore it, let us look at the ASUS B150 PRO GAMING/AURA software in this board's strength.

Test platform

Processor: i7 6700K Core

Memory: Kingston HyperX DDR4 2133 Fury 2 8GB×

Graphics: ASUS GTX970-DCMOC-4GD5

Motherboard: ASUS PRO GAMING/AURA B150

Hard disk: Kingston HyperX Predator 480GB

Power supply: Huntkey MVPLAND K650

Operating system: Windows 10 64bit Professional Edition


Only software, you can make the hard disk read and write speed more than 10GB/s, so that the upgrade is beyond imagination. Use RAMCache B150 this and PRO GAMING/AURA ASUS supporting software to complete the task can not be completed". RAMCache working principle is very simple, is to use the system physical memory to do the hard disk read and write cache, so as to achieve a substantial increase in the performance of the disk. As a result, the B150 PRO GAMING/AURA motherboard plus free ASUS RAMCache (if it is other motherboard using third similar software, still have to spend tens of dollars to buy), get the disk performance level 100 thousand yuan high-end SSD, which in the past on the motherboard, it is difficult to imagine.


ASUS motherboard can also use another software called RAMDisk, which is different from RAMCache, it is not used as the memory cache, but directly into analog hard disk, faster amazing.

Using RAMDisk ASUS software to simulate a 5GB hard drive, and then DiskMark Crystal test, the continuous reading speed of more than 4K, 12GB/s read speed is also more than 2GB/s. Did not expect it, the main board supporting software can be so powerful, did not play it, you really can not say that they understand the motherboard.

--Extended reading:


Reference price: 899 yuan

B150 PRO GAMING/AURA uses 10 phase digital power supply, with intelligent phase modulation technology, can realize the dynamic distribution of load, cooling and energy saving, prolong life, improve the system power supply circuit stability.

PRO GAMING/AURA B150 with 4 memory slots and dual 3.0× PCI-E; 16 full-length graphics card slot, board M.2 interface, support 3.0/SATA PCI-E specifications M.2 interface SSD. In addition, it also board contains a high end motherboard independent audio unit, Type 3.1 (A+Type C USB), as well as SPDIF digital audio output.

ASUS B150 PRO GAMING/AURA onboard the 16 million 800 thousand color RGB lights, can interact with the ROG device can be set independently for various light colors and effects in the software, but also for linkage with audio, data processor temperature, suitable for use through the side box game player.

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