Fujitsu Black & liquid cooling, air-cooled 150 times stronger than

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Fujitsu Black & liquid cooling, air-cooled 150 times stronger than

2016-09-27 10:02:28 1343 ℃

In the field of high performance computing, most ordinary people is concerned about the performance of the first few rows, the processor who is, but in the industry view, the measure of the high performance computer not only performance, power consumption and heat dissipation is also very important, the occupation area index. Due to the calculation of the node density is high, high performance computers often use the overall cooling scheme alone will not use PC to host such a cooling fan, high demand is also cooling. In the days before the Oracle global conference, Fujitsu unveiled a new generation of VLLC liquid circulation cooling scheme, known as the cooling efficiency is 150 times of air.

"Although PC water-cooled dazzle, but compared with server water suck

Fujitsu PC company in Japan is not so simple, high performance computer, they are also the most important Server Co in Japan, a few years ago the TOP500 title "Beijing /K" is their joint Japanese Industrial Research and development institutions, now still is a new generation of HPC in Japan to develop more powerful performance, performance is 10 times China Taihu light the reach exascale level.

"Fujitsu in Oracle conference booth

In the Oracle (Oracl) the 2016 World Congress on Fujitsu, because it is the architecture of SPARC camp, with Oracle cooperation more, is the gold sponsor, they show a new generation of VLLC (Vapor Liquid Loop Cooling, vaporization cooling circulating cooling system, known as) is 2 times the performance of the existing SPARC M10 server cooling system that is 150 times the performance of the traditional air cooling.

The common host liquid cooling water cooling medium is used, VLLC cooling Fujitsu did not mention specifically what is medium, even the water is usually treated. The server is not limited to the water cooling system, in fact, earlier this year we also reported Intel studies using mineral oil cooling medium to help improve efficiency.

Japan ASCII website reported that Fujitsu VLLC solutions, but unfortunately did not see the original picture, how much detail, could only see.

The VLLC cooling system demo

Because the cooling duct does not need to consider the problem, so the layout can be more compact, space saving.

"A new generation of Fujitsu SPARC64 processor

In addition to the VLLC cooling system, Fujitsu also announced a new generation of SPARC64 XII processor is true, the product is expected to be officially released in 2017.

Fujitsu earlier in the Forum meeting, they also show the integral cooling server.

According to the official statement, the server reduces power consumption by 30%, saving 50% of the occupied area.

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