Sole! State Bank Note7 fourth incidents from the user interviews record: violent burning accident

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Sole! State Bank Note7 fourth incidents from the user interviews record: violent burning accident

2016-09-27 10:02:55 452 ℃

Editor's note: September 26, 2016 afternoon, micro-blog issued a document back to old user @ old said his country for this version of the Note7 cell safety accident, this is the first country line version of Galaxy Note7 (safety packaging marked with a black square) accident. Because of the previous several Note7 battery accidents under the influence of various factors, the situation increasingly blurred, also let the truth become whirling. After contacting the parties to the event, that the site is complete, in the consent of the consent of the case, weLei Feng Net - love machineThe first time to carry out a live interview. (would like to see the picture of the burned Note7 please drag to the end of the article)

The following is related to the content of the conversation are the parties to the scene record, there is a sound recording.

Author (MochangyouHello, can you introduce yourself to the following simple self before the interview?

Client: my name is @ not old, you can call me back to the old, I was an avid bike fancier, digital, love to explore fresh, geeky things.

Before the incident

I: related to the purchase of documents you have reservations? Could you describe the time, place, and use of the arrival of the Note7 Galaxy in your country?

Old back: notes are in, there are orders, there are. I purchased the Jingdong, the arrival of more than 5 points in the afternoon of the 25 day, starting surplus of about 50% of the electricity, while I update the system, while downloading applications, after update mobile phone battery into green. 25 I packed up all night, to 4 at 26 am, I just have time to get a cell phone, then it has 11% of the electricity, and then I started charging.

Occur through

The old back: when it is charging (the original charger, line), I did not sleep all night, my MacBook Pro in the next synchronization, mobile phone on the table, because I very much appreciate the appearance of it, so I picked it up, and then suddenly become mobile phone drum, at the same time, a black smoke spray to me finger, some hot, I put forward mobile phone thrown out, I was sitting in the chair, I normally throw, impossible to my crotch throw, do not throw to the ground, if broke how to do, just forward throw throw in MacBook Pro, the time is probably about 6:10. At that time, I do not want the phone burned my computer, so I took a look at the phone, but hot to me, my fingers have been smoked traces, so the phone has been burned on the computer.

Author: throw out when the phone is still charging? At that time the environment is what? What was the first time you were doing when you dropped your cell phone?

Old back: at that time is still charging, joking, here (USB Micro interface) is very hot, almost melted away, and here I have a fingerprint. After it burned me out of the charging head, did not pull out here (USB Micro interface), and it is hot to my computer to automatically shut down. You may not have the manager of the lithium battery, the smoke is very large, I was scared, I can not go to move it, let it burn up on the computer, because the house is a smoke. When Samsung this event, I have reservations, I fear that it will find (door), I in order to preserve evidence, the first time to go to the bedroom took another mobile phone to take pictures, after the photo shoot, I had to find their Samsung official hotline 400.

Author: that is, when you call the phone is still burning? How long did it take you to get your head off? Do you still remember?

The old back: I should be photographed after that time is probably burning for 5 minutes or so, I feel that time has calmed down, I believe it has been burnt down, but there are some white smoke, I shiver ~ then I call the Samsung 400 hotline, I can give you the time I call look, mobile phone (another) can still be found in the call records, the phone is at 6:21.

Author: at that time the most began it (Note7) is to change the drum, smoke, and then will feel hot, then I understand that strictly speaking, it is not an explosion, it can be said to be burning? Spontaneous combustion? Can I describe it like this?

Old back: because it is a polymer lithium battery, it does not exist in BOOM, it is not so much pressure, it is soft bag. So in fact all of the Note7 there is no explosion, but we all call it so.

The author: in fact, it is not the kind of sense of BOOM, unlike other Note7 accident so exaggerated?

Old back: not not, but used to describe the spontaneous combustion is too light, it should be described by violent burning.

I: do you think this Note7 violent burning accident, there is no external factors can cause?

Old back: the room opened the air conditioning, shut the door, may be affected by the impact of the radiation of the universe, right? (with a tone of ridicule)


The old back: Here I want to Tucao Samsung the 400 hotline, I called several times was able to enter into the speech of the emergency hotline, contact Samsung, customer service said they work after someone will contact you, someone will contact the 8 points after work, a call came in close to 9 the Beijing telephone said, is to deal with this matter, want to arrange the person to ask, my address, I told him.

Author: has been linked to 315, or some of the national quality supervision department?

Old back: No, because I have retained the evidence.

I: This is your Jingdong to buy, then you have the initiative to contact the Jingdong?

Old back: I take the initiative to contact the Jingdong, when I think about this thing at noon, about 11 points. Customer service commissioner of the Jingdong is particularly enthusiastic and I speak this, they said it would arrange for the Commissioner to deal with, she also said it would quickly urge Samsung to come to deal with. I also contact my lawyer friend, advice.

I: after the Internet has a user said, Samsung will force the phone to recover after the door, you directly tell the address to let them come, will not have any concerns?

The old back: I was asked my lawyer friend, but I'm afraid I robust and strong.

I: you said that Samsung asked your address, they arranged for people to come home?

Old back: when the phone call came over Beijing, said they would arrange for people to come to deal with, then I did not contact me. At 3 in the afternoon, there is a Samsung Commissioner came here.

I: at that time, Samsung Commissioner door, he is how to communicate with you?

Old back: he said the company needs to recover the phone, give me a refund, take the identification, and then... He said a good attitude, dressed in neat, polite. I'm very pleased with his attitude to communication. I also understand that I was asked to put forward beyond the scope of his authority.

I: what kind of appeal did you have?

The old back: I think Samsung as a large enterprise should shoulder its responsibility, since this type of mobile phone explosion risk, why it is still for sale, why say it is safe to me this batch or fried. So I think this phone does not sell, you should suspend sales, in this context we will talk about this phone to go Samsung's detection process, and this test must be accompanied by me. (the old back said at the time his friendly attitude, then the content of the speech is probably the meaning, because it is not possible to reproduce at 100% words) and Samsung commissioner said very embarrassed. I also feel breath some big, I want to have a compromise, hope Samsung this incident occurred, and said they began the investigation, I can survey events and Samsung together. Samsung commissioner said he had to go back to Samsung to report the situation.

I: do not give him the reason to take away the phone?

Old back: first of all, this is my private property. Secondly, Samsung in the domestic battery case, have been reported to forcibly take mobile phone behavior, public statements and the cause of the accident will be classified as mobile phone external heating and electromagnetic oven heating, I worry that this incident will affect my personal reputation.

I: you MacBook now can not normal use it?

Old back: you can boot, the keyboard has been damaged, I asked Samsung to replace. Samsung commissioner said it could help me repair, or your own repair after the Samsung claims. I do not agree, because I think the maintenance of the computer in the sale of second-hand when it is going to depreciate, I only need to change and I have this same configuration of the model on the line.

I: you and Samsung's official exchanges only to this step, the Samsung Commissioner left, Samsung official also contacted you?

Old back: no

I: do you think this phone is less than 24 hours of time on the occurrence of such an accident, how do you feel?

Old back: I feel very black humor

Questions about users

The old you admit in micro-blog CHH forum ID, there are users that you had in the forum / replies, Samsung's attitude is not too friendly, but also to buy a Taiwan Galaxy Note7, how do you see?

Old back: that's right, but it does not prevent the introduction of a high-tech company as a high-tech company should be able to compete for a big screen smart phone King throne Android system flagship phone. After reading, I look at a large number of Tucao, the contents of evaluation, that the Note 7 screen and camera supposedly seckill new iPhone. I as a senior digital fancier, toss in party, Samsung promised security version has been shipping, why can't I try? I just want to try and see how good it is.

I: some users note that you are burning data lines only one side is black, and the other side is white, how do you explain this?

Old back: the data line is black smoked too, did not burn the place, was smoked that face is black.

Back in the interview process, the old back repeatedly stressed that he did not have an external heating, which is a spontaneous combustion of the phone's violent events.

So far, Galaxy Note7 country line accident has occurred since four (which does not exclude man-made accidents may also go to the Samsung official), in the relatively positive attitude, but not always recognize the existence of hidden cell in the normal sales in Note7. Lei Feng ("Lei Feng network" public concern) hope this battery storm did not affect the normal sales of the State Bank Note7, it has been done, no matter whether it is man-made accidents or battery problems, Samsung should be the fastest, most active and most sincere, friendly attitude to to deal with the event itself, and quickly publish relevant information, for now, Samsung, the results may not be so important.

Accident Note7 pictures

The following pictures are issued to get the old back to my permission

Back at the time the old pictures, can see the blackened fingers and white smoke black smoke after

Simulated crime scene diagram