No physical buttons Ocean HTC concept phone made a very risky decision

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No physical buttons Ocean HTC concept phone made a very risky decision

2016-09-27 10:03:10 401 ℃

In September 20th, HTC released the Desire 10 Pro and 10 Lifestyle two new machines. With news, HTC will also release other models, the new machine will be completely abolished the physical buttons, instead of the name of Sense Touch can touch the border, but at present it is also in the early stages of conceptual design.

Ocean HTC

HTC designers may be inadvertently this device design concept related to the video uploaded to the personal web site, the current video has added a password protection. But before this, the foreign media have been released on the video and posted on the network. The video display is the biggest characteristic of Ocean HTC completely abolished the physical buttons, all with the mobile phone interaction will need Sense Touch to complete, the user can complete the phone calls and send text messages through the actions such as Google voice assistant, adjust the volume of the work also need not complete with physical buttons.

HTC Ocean

LIab TooFeR Master recently broke the news also said that HTCOcean will release three models, codenamed Ocean Master, Ocean Note and Ocean Smart, but now in addition to the name, no other news about the machine. However, we can guess according to code, Smart may be the Standard Version, while the Note is a large screen version, Mater is the high-end version.

Great God broke the exposure

Currently, the concept of Touch Sense also belongs to the early stage of the design, when the official use will look at the process of HTC. But as early as this generation of Google's two mobile phone Pixel and XL Pixel will be released in October 4th. It is understood that the Pixel XL is equipped with a 5.5 inch screen, while Pixel is 5 inches, two come preloaded with Android 7, there is news that Pixel will start Qualcomm snapdragon 821 processor, Pixel is expected to sell for $649.

Pixel Pixel and XL HTC

At present, HTC should be busy released the two models HTC Ocean, interested friends may wish to look at the mobile phone follow-up reports, but recently HTC focus must be on the two Pixel and Pixel XL mobile phone, love friends can wait for the arrival of the conference.