Android big memory does not have any eggs, only to raise bad software developers

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Android big memory does not have any eggs, only to raise bad software developers

2016-07-21 00:25:05 634 ℃

The development of smart phone is really too fast, just a few years beyond the older PC, especially in the limelight more than! Currently the processor has been piled up into the ten core, although the performance is not as good as PC, but they also have the advantage of low power consumption! In short, all aspects of the development of mobile phones are beyond the PC.

Arrows on smart mobile phone had to say is a memory, in particular, Android's flagship phone is now the highest memory reached 6GB, while SamsungHas been in production for the 8GB ram particles, which means that as soon as the standard 8GB Android mobile phone, the development of future mobile phone memory is want to all dare not to think, and on the PC, many business platform in the sale of 5000 price laptops are 4GB of memory! So big memory for Android mobile phone really useful?

Arrows in fact, Android mobile phone memory brought about the rapid development of practical situation is not how the ideal, in the vast majority of cases, whether 3gb, 4GB and 6GB of ram available phone memory capacity may less than 2GB and a larger amount of memory to improve performance of smartphone is micro almost the micro and daily use we very difficult to feel memory expanded benefits.

Arrows in fact, lead to the largest is the Android system itself, the memory management mechanism is too poor, many through the home button or use the return key to exit the app does not completely closed, just from the front desk transferred to the presence of background, still will occupy memory resources. On the other hand is all software rogue, Android's app is no rules, when we launch an app, the app may secretly in the background trigger associated with other app start, is also known as family bucket!

Finally: a short period of time also do not see the problem, but persists in Android phones everything into memory, which raise bad Android software developers, which means they can be unscrupulous developed occupy higher memory app, or more rogue! And contrast here Apple memory are generally low, but fluency is the Android thrown away, every software of IOS to audit to shelves, and apple to each app set memory usage caps, the game may have to be higher. If the software has more memory than Apple's rules, you know! And Android is open source ah, say not to listen to is savage, no one tube no one asked, as long as it is APP casually!

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