Samsung orders will China executives collective knees have been according to head (Photos)

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Samsung orders will China executives collective knees have been according to head (Photos)

2016-10-31 01:17:00 2817 ℃
Recently, micro-blog users broke the news, in the Shijiazhuang Office of the Samsung autumn dinner order,North China regional Samsung executives and employees to the dealer..

To kneel reason, many netizens interpreted as Samsung hopes to apologize to the dealer in this way. Samsung is in the afternoon to respond to the media, not to kneel to apologize, butMotivated by the dealer's order..

In addition, there are friends broke the news that Samsung had often in the way of loyalty to the test of the dealer. Samsung executives at the banquet to take off his shoes to pour the major dealers on behalf of loyalty to it. This way is also known as the "shoe wine".
In order scene, Samsung executives have shoes "beat" above the stage, there are a number of glasses containing liquid. But according to friends broke the news, Samsung did not live at the scene asked the dealer to drink "shoes".
"Kneel" in Korean culture is the "gift" is a respect, said the other. The Samsung Note 7 dealers in the "door" incident after the explosion is still under a large number of orders, indeed, Samsung executives for moving Guixie China dealers; part Chinese executives therefore kneel.
However, SamSung China as a foreign enterprise engaged in the operation of China, should take into account the cultural differences in China, respect for Chinese employees. In advocating a "gold" man knees, "on the day, kneel, kneel kneeling among parents" country, leading to the dealer executives kneel down to pray for the order, apparently too humble.

Samsung official said that in this incident, South Korea's Samsung executives and executives Chinese moved out to kneel, kneel down and also because of the move. But the photos at the scene of the incident but kneel.A suspected Samsung executives with hand holding down two people around the scene of the head of the staff, I do not know whether this action is also motivated by the performance of.

Is used for voluntary kneel face of sincerity, but obviously detrimental to the dignity of workers forced to kneel. According to the "head" approach, I do not know how much will Samsung employees.

Samsung forced employees to kneel incident was exposed, the China employees in Samsung Chinese every post diligently, silently, will bear the external disdain.

They were full of expectations put on the Samsung card, receiving from relatives and friends envious eyes. But now, Samsung employees working in multinational giants, in the hearts of the once proud heart, but Samsung executives on the stage that the downward pressure to crush the hand press.
March 7, 1995, Zhuhai Rui Jin Electronics Company's Chinese employees, in a valuable ten minutes to take the time to take a nap. Visiting the plant Korean female boss Kim Zhenxian growled and told all of the China workers down, only one person chose to adhere to stand.

His name is Sun Tianshuai, choice in this event "in the" kneel threw the card throwing away, leaving only a "fire is not kneel, I am Chinese! "

Zhuhai Labor Bureau subsequently involved in the investigation of the matter, the South Korean boss eventually low head: to apologize to all employees, settle the salary and pay compensation.

Samsung kneel incident also sparked the central mission of administrative micro-blog attention

Samsung Note 7 "explosion door" development so far, its impact, dramatic has been beyond the past many major events in the field of mobile phones. As a large multinational companies, Samsung is also hoping to restore the situation through a variety of means. However, the dealer to kneel down, is bad.

In the mobile phone industry pay more and more attention to the channel today, Samsung in order to dealers in the dinner is not contrary to expectation. However, on this way is the controversy.

Indeed, the dealer can make some dealers kneel to restore confidence, maintain the order quantity. But Samsung executives rate employees to dealers kneel down when ever the dealer orders also should be guided by the market, and the market is required by consumers to pay.
While Samsung employees to the dealer to kneel, while Samsung has yet to Note 7 quality issues to make an apology to consumers. Samsung Note 7 "explosion door", Samsung first explosion due to external heating, even after the recall, the recall and the reason is also "apology Note7 burning loss events give you bring consumer unease and problems, rather than admit that the quality of the product itself.

Samsung to the dealer to kneel, seemingly full of sincerity, it is in order to transfer the pressure. Dealers maintain order quantity can greatly alleviate the pressure and the risk of Samsung, but the unmarketable products need to be borne by the dealer.

As a multinational, Samsung can not do not know the importance of cultural differences in the company's management. But in the past twenty years after the Sun Tianshuai incident, Samsung is still in such a way to manage the Chinese staff. In the future, Samsung China employees on what people face?

For businesses, kneel down means the right is not the solution to the problem. Kneeling before, should want to know where their problems, identify the reasons and recognize the responsibility. China give consumers a conscientious apology than kneel to the dealer meeting in order to really come over.