Half of the country when WeChat paid Alipay sit tight and inconspicuous, why can now emulate Alipay

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Half of the country when WeChat paid Alipay sit tight and inconspicuous, why can now emulate Alipay

2016-11-02 10:56:08 1834 ℃

Speaking of the most widely used mobile payment application to the number of Alipay and WeChat. In fact, the payment market share data from Analysys statistics third party learned that Alipay and caifutong (Tencent's first three party payment: payment, including WeChat Q paid) has been occupying nearly 90% of the domestic market share. Said the domestic mobile payment application to Ma and Ma Huateng lead to.Speaking of Alipay is at home since the end of the earliest independent third party payment platform. After Ma Yun founded Alipay in 2003 taobao.com also came into being. At that time the rise of the domestic e-commerce, in addition to Taobao settled merchants, online shopping consumers have begun to use Alipay online shopping order settlement. In addition to the back in addition to the basis of payment and settlement functions, the public utilities (water and electricity gas, etc.) payment function on the line, the balance of value-added services (Yu Ebao)...... It can be said that soon Alipay sit tight in the mobile payment market half of the country.

Alipay by more and more people to accept and use. A long period of time, and even can be said that there is no domestic rival. Until 2014, WeChat paid (Wechat Payment) released in 2014, but Alipay is not too small.As early as WeChat paid before the Tencent to do e-commerce (pat Network) there is an online payment platform for money paid through (Tenpay). Its core business is to help the two sides complete the payment and collection of transactions on the internet. After the Tencent business play burst, pat fast and easy to Jingdong, for a period of time, caifutong almost have to be sacrificed. However, the good news is that the Tencent has Zhang Xiaolong WeChat, in the original financial payment on the basis of technology, WeChat paid on the line.

Have to say, as China's social networking king of Tencent Inc. Has a huge amount of user groups, soon WeChat paid up. WeChat pay the rapid development of the momentum of the hand Q payment is also on the line.To 2015, money paid through the Chinese third party mobile payment market share of 17.4%. Although said to have 72.9% market share of Alipay is far worse, but just one year can do such results to the general.

And although Alipay is far worse, but does not mean that there is no possibility. From businesses access WeChat to pay 20 thousand yuan deposit to cancel the lower threshold, and then to the various subsidies to consumers to businesses, concerned with the national 1 billion 300 million people show playing on a return to WeChat shake a red collar. WeChat pays a large number of users.To the first quarter of 2016, money paid through third party mobile payment market accounted for 23.03%, while Alipay has decreased.

By the second quarter of 2016, money paid through third party mobile payment market accounted for 32.10% than has improved, while Alipay continues to decrease.

Currently in the third quarter of 2016, the relevant data is not yet statistics. TenPay, Alipay is increasing is not to say. However, the past two years, WeChat payments continue to erode the domestic mobile payment market. In Alipay does not say the threat at least encountered a strong opponent. Who is called Ma Yunteng user group huge? Many people have no way.

You love to use Alipay or WeChat to pay, Q payment?

The Li Minmin.

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