9.3.3 iOS praised by users, it is said to have hidden a secret

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9.3.3 iOS praised by users, it is said to have hidden a secret

2016-07-21 00:30:03 625 ℃

A version of apple yesterday to the user push send the final version of IOS 9.3.3 update, update as a small version may also is the final version of IOS 9, IOS 9.3.3 did not bring any new features, just prior to the existence of some system errors and vulnerabilities repair, however, the large number of users to upgrade the new system after feedback, which may is since IOS 9 since the launch of the "perfect".

Because the new version also hides a secret, apple is in the new system for the device for the low performance of the device is optimized, so that the new system is more smooth and smooth.

Many users in Apple's official forum posting said update to IOS 9.3.3 are surprise found that the new system speed improved a lot, especially the application opens the speed, which also contains a large part of the iPhone 4S, 5 old user feedback (after all the old equipment perceived speed increases is more obvious in.

9.3.3 iOS to achieve any software upgrades in the repeated but often very empty promises: "performance upgrade".

In foreign social network also has a lot of users to give a high evaluation of 9.3.3 iOS, such as Twitter users @_b4mbii tweets said, 9.3.3 iOS let my phone running more smoothly." Other users are also pushing in the text with the expression symbols to praise this upgrade.