Norway will fully shut down FM broadcast network poll: will not be too radical?

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Norway will fully shut down FM broadcast network poll: will not be too radical?

2017-01-06 10:33:29 180 ℃
Abstract:Beijing morning news on January 6th, Norway next week will become the world's first cancellation of FM broadcast network, in order to fully transition to digital technology. The decision is risky and has caused a lot of controversy. Critics believe that the move is too radical, because many people have been through the radio to get emergency notification. Not only that, but there are 2 million cars in Norway without a digital radio receiver. According to a survey conducted last month by the Norway daily "Dagbladet", as many as 66% of Norwegians oppose closing the FM radio, only 17% of them support the decision, and the rest of the people are wavering.

But the Norway parliament decided last month to push ahead with the plan, mainly because the digital network could hold more radio channels.

Switzerland also plans to deploy similar technologies in 2020, and the UK and Denmark are also considering the decision. If Norway can successfully convert to digital broadcasting, it can encourage these countries to further promote the corresponding plan.

FM network technology is emerged in 1950s, plans to shut down as early as January 11th from the northern city of Norway (Bodoe) started baird. By the end of this year, all of the country's FM broadcasts in Norway will be closed to digital broadcasting. Experts said that for many fjords and mountains of Norway, digital broadcasting can reduce the interference, provide more clear voice.