Millet 6 Zaibao plane surface double version of the lowest 2499 yuan?

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Millet 6 Zaibao plane surface double version of the lowest 2499 yuan?

2017-01-10 00:10:30 231 ℃

[mobile china news] Remember millet 5 when released? February 24, 2016. Now the clarion call has sounded in 2017, millet 5 next generation of products is also the time of exposure. Some time ago, we have reported to you some news about millet 6. Recently, more specific information about the machine is also disclosed by users.

Micro-blog screenshot

According to the user @C digital cat broke the news on micro-blog, millet will launch 6 versions of millet, which is flat and curved screen two. In the double screen so popular mobile phone ring, the credibility of this message is still high. Another point is credible, millet 6 will be equipped with the most powerful processor Qualcomm snapdragon 835, this is undoubtedly a configuration for the most likely has always been to "have a fever" with millet.

The user also posted a suspected millet rendering 6. According to the picture, millet 6 is very much like millet Note version of the reduced version of the, which is consistent with previous media exposure. In addition, millet 6 due to the existence of a dual version, the price will be different, flat screen version of the sale of 2499 yuan, hyperbolic screen version is sold for $2999. Since the previous series of millet phone has been 1999 yuan from the sale, plus the price of $2999 with millet Note 2 overlap, so authenticity has yet to be verified. If the real price of millet 6, you still buy it?