Test feelings NOKIA 6 China's first 1699 yuan this configuration value is not worth buying?

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Test feelings NOKIA 6 China's first 1699 yuan this configuration value is not worth buying?

2017-01-10 00:10:41 327 ℃

In December last year, the original NOKIA employees formed a new company HMD Global Oy began operations, they not only made the NOKIA brand in the mobile phone and tablet computer on the 10 year tenure also reached a cooperation with Foxconn international, which provide OEM business. In short, the NOKIA brand, the operating team, as well as the foundries are hand in hand, leaving only the product has not yet come out.

In the opening of the CES, the company has finally officially released their first NOKIA mobile phone, was named NOKIA 6, and will debut in the China market. News from the current point of view, in January this year, the product will be exclusively sold by Jingdong, officially announced as 1699 yuan, HMD Global Oy is expected to reach more than one million mobile phone sales in China NOKIA.

The release of NOKIA 6 for the integration of aluminum alloy body, and iPhone 7 nano injection molding process signal. With 5.5 inches in-cell screen, resolution of 1080p specifications, the screen surface using 2.5D glass. The core part of the hardware uses a Qualcomm snapdragon 430 processor, 4GB+64GB, dual speakers built-in Dolby Atoms certification. Camera part, with a 1600W pixel camera and 800W pixel front camera. The system is directly equipped with Android 7, but I do not know whether the depth of customization.

According to the official introduction, China's mobile phone users in 2016 exceeded 550 million, while in 2017 will exceed 590 million. Select the first NOKIA 6 in China, it is because HMD Global Oy fancy China's huge mobile consumer market, and NOKIA is only the first step in 2017, will continue to release NOKIA new phone in. For this company using NOKIA brand, they attach great importance to the Chinese market, the Jingdong as a long-term partner, and look forward to their own NOKIA mobile phone sales in China can be more than one million units.

Look at this configuration, price and HMD Global Oy attitude, although a bit stupid people, more money, faster!" The feeling, but it must be said that many consumers do not want to say in the whole day NOKIA launched Android mobile phone? As a new first show, in addition to CPU NOKIA 6 or other high prices almost good. Then test the feelings of the moment, how should you do?

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